PFT Live: Beginning of the end for Brady?

Ross Tucker joins Mike Florio to discuss the declining production from Tom Brady and how Aaron Rodgers has succeeded despite playing with a depleted receiving corps. Plus, the two talk about the current states of the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles.

1 responses to “PFT Live: Beginning of the end for Brady?

  1. Brady’s production decrease this year is a direct function of (1) Aaron Hernandez going sociopath on the world (2) Gronk not being on the field until only recently (3) Welker gone to the Donks (4) Amendola not being able to line up on Sundays and (5) a slew of super-young and unproven rooks and free agents in their stead.

    In addition, the Pats’ interior OL has had some real protection problems – especially from Connolly.

    All that, and Brady’s throwing hand looks like Al Capone took a baseball bat to it.

    Brady is solid – let’s not confuse what the real issues are here.

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