Terrell Thomas wins NFC defensive player of week


For the second time in three weeks, a guy who suffered three torn ACLs has been named NFC defensive player of the week.

Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas won it this week, following in the recent footsteps of his mentor Thomas Davis of the Panthers.

Thomas played every snap last week, with 11 tackles and a sack/forced fumble that stole a scoring opportunity from the Eagles deep in the Giants’ territory.

Like Davis, the fact he’s playing at all is impressive, and that he’s playing so well makes it a bonus.

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  1. So happy for T2. He was a rising star a few years ago until his b2b ACL tears (1st was in college), and to see him not only playing, but playing well is amazing. Great guy too.

  2. I love T2 and have been impressed with his steady comeback this season, but if any defender from this game should have won NFC DPOW, it should have been Rolle, he was flat out balling all game long.

    Also, Justin Tuck, who has been brutally bad the last 2 years should get an honorable mention, he had a few TFLs and was a huge part of keeping McCoy in check all game.

  3. As Terrell continues to improve from all the time off, it looks more and more like he and Prince are the starting CBs next season, with the Giants saying “thanks for the memories” to Corey.

  4. Um…there were probably three guys in the Sea/Stl game that played better. Not the least of which was Quinn who had 3 sacks, 5 quarterback hits, and 4 out of his 5 tackles were for a loss.

    Long had 3 sacks, 3 quarterback hits, and all 4 of his tackles was for a loss.

    Irvin had 10 tackles (9 solo), 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit, 1 pass defensed, and an interception.

    I’ll take any of these over Thomas.

  5. i have been really rooting for TT even though im not a NYG fan. guy looked like a perennial pro bowler before he went down with his first ACL. Came back strongly (and briefly) before the second. makes me happy to see he has continued to fight back and is on the field making plays.

  6. Stunned that Sean Lee did not get this award.

    Even though Dallas lost, Lee, a MLB, had two INTs (one returned for almost 80 yds), two other passes defensed, and 10 tackles, 7 unassisted.

    Is the NFL saying that 1 sack is better than 2 INTs and 2 Passes defensed? I wouldn’t think so

  7. Probably saying that a strip sack in the red zone that helped preserve a defensive shutout in a division game that the team ultimately won is better than flashy plays in a losing effort. Particularly if the guy making those plays had 3 ACL surgeries and yet can still play at a high level.

    Making plays to win the game will always be better, since victories count a lot more than stats.

  8. Rolle could have won it too. He was all over the place on Sunday. Good game for the Giants D for second week in a row. Nice to see they have not given up on Coughlin and/or the season. GO BLUE!

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