Vick’s hamstring injury not as bad as the first time


When Eagles quarterback Mike Vick said he heard his hamstring pop on Sunday against the Giants, the presumption became that he was injured worse than he did the first time he strained the hamstring, three Sundays earlier against the Giants.

Per a league source, the second injury actually isn’t as bad as the first one.

Still, it’s clear that Vick was brought back from his initial injury too quickly, making it less likely we’ll see him until he is completely healed.

The question then becomes whether we’ll see Vick at all.  With his contract expiring after the season and Vick proving yet again that he can’t be relied upon to play in all 16 games, it’s unlikely Vick will be back in 2014.  If he won’t be back in 2014, there’s a point where it makes no sense to play him in 2013.

If the Eagles slide out of contention in the NFC East, the Eagles could decide to see what they have in Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, in order to best determine which (if either) will be on the team next season.

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  1. StrategyExpert says: “Why not trade him if it makes no sense to play him?”

    ..Day late and a dollar short.

    Trade deadline has come and gone. They either release him or keep him. I say they should release him and let someone else take a flier on his remaining contract. Michael Vick to the Jaguars?

  2. Stop me if you already heard this one:

    Michael Vick and RG3 walk into a bar…..

    I forget the rest but I know it ends with Vick pulling a hamstring and RG3 blowing out a knee.

  3. thesmartest1 says:
    Oct 30, 2013 1:23 PM
    Just IR him already. When you have 3 QB’s you have none

    Lol, it’s also true that when you have NO QB you have NONE.

  4. So Philly has a 33 yr old QB whose on his way out

    Giants have a 32 yr old QB whose on his way out

    Cowboys have a 33 yr old QB whose on his way out

    AND the Redskins have a 23 yr old QB with an ACL injury early in his career…

    The whole division needs to upgrade their QB situation

  5. You are seriously giving up on RGIII now? Eli has won two SuperBowls, and has an awful O-line. Romo has played fine this year. Really it’s just the Eagles.

  6. Go-Hawks!:

    Indeed. I’m speculating about what the thought process would have been before the deadline hit, as well as the overall thought process as to why they entered the season with him. It’s all connected to the greater story of what is the global thought of what does this team plan to accomplish in the 2013 with Vick as part of it? I’m confused as to what the heck they are thinking.

    So a last second trade could have been for a very low price to try and get rid of that contract. Depending on what the interest is if he’s released will shed some light on what his potential trade value would have been by waiting until the last second, if any.

    Just still trying to wrap my head around what the Eagles are trying to do with this team for the short and long term, because neither make any sense to me.

  7. Zamo… In what universe does Romo’s six-year, $108 million contract extension with $55 million in guarantees and a $25 million signing bonus signal that he is “on his way out”.

    Most American’s have seen the writing on the wall with regard to Tony Romo, and I’d agree that he SHOULD be on his way out. But Jerry Jones does not see it that way.

    Also, Eli Manning is having an off year. He’ll stop throwing interceptions in the next few games and keep his job for several years.

    And RG3’s knees just can’t take the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great athlete. But his body just can’t take the punishment of the job. He’ll never make it to his big payday.

    In conclusion, I agree. The whole division SHOULD upgrade their QB situation. ..But, they won’t.

  8. thestrategyexpert says: Oct 30, 2013 2:24 PM

    “Just still trying to wrap my head around what the Eagles are trying to do with this team for the short and long term, because neither make any sense to me”
    Chip Kelly thought he’d revolutionize the NFL by bringing the college offense into it. Well Chip has failed and failed big time.

    Chipper has about 21 coaches on his team yet he makes all decisions and offensive play calling is his realm.

    This guy needs to realize he’s playing against professionals and not 18-22 yr old PAC 12 college kids that will never get a sniff at the NFL.

  9. Oh great, so the Eagles still have a quarterback controversy?

    Get real NFL Network, ESPN and the ilk, the Beagles don’t have a quarterback controversy; they don’t have a starting quarterback.

  10. Everyone knew Vick was injury prone, but how could anyone have guessed that Vick would be hurt after simply….running. You would think that with Chip’s fast-paces offense, everyone on the team would have had done plenty of running this offseason. Vick couldn’t even survive running 10 yards UNTOUCHED!

  11. insanelomein2:

    Agreed. I blame the GM though for having Chip here in the first place. And I blame the owner for having brought the GM here that did a lousy job setting up the team for his lousy coach.

  12. StrategyExpert:

    I looked up Howie Roseman, the Eagles GM, went to the Eagles wikipedia page and was directed to Howie Roseman’s wikipedia page. It is titled “Old man that doesn’t know anything about football”.

    I wouldn’t attempt to find a whole lot of logic in what the Eagles have done at QB with Chip Kelly as coach. To this point, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Frankly, I think they’d have been better off with Matt Barkley starting raw and with a different veteran QB to backup at the beginning of the season.

    But Vick DOES have something left in the tank, albeit very little, so perhaps there is logic to the thinking that I just don’t see.

  13. Go-Hawks!:

    Yes you are correct again, but thinking about these questions is basically nothing more than a fun and simple football logic puzzle that I do when I’m not on the phone and looking for a break. Just child’s play stuff to pass the time.

    And I do like Vick a lot actually, but not at his price. So Vick as he is and for this team at this juncture does not compute for me as to how he can help me win a SB. I’d rather have the extra material and the cash in the owner’s pockets for that can give me a little tiny extra push towards not letting the next SB pass this team by if they aren’t going to take things seriously for this year’s SB.

    I just play to win and I reject all 32 teams’ strategies of deciding that they were 100% perfect and set for both their short and long term plans such that NO trades of any kind could have possibly put ANY of these franchises into a better position for either.

    I guess the solution to this Mastery Level puzzle is that ALL 32 teams are playing purely for the medium-term.


  14. There is absolutely no logical reason to start Vick and there never was. I’m an Eagles fan and I know that we are nowhere near Super Bowl level. Even if you believe Vick is the better option at QB, why play him when there is no chance at a Super Bowl? Play Foles or Barkley to see what they can do. If they are horrible, draft a QB in the first round. If they are just OK, then still draft a QB and they can become the back up for whoever we get in the draft. I curse the day that Vick became an Eagle. Set us back years. I have nothing against the guy personally too. He seems to have turned his life around and that’s good for him.

  15. Couple things first off Eli will be fine if someone will block and someone can run but then again the line can not block or open a hole for the back to run thru

    Now on to Mr. Vick he is fine now he does not have to play the Giants again if he stayed in the first game the Giants would have won check his stats prior to getting hurt.

    Perhaps vick is done of course in my mind he never started so what is done doing?

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