Broncos’ Vickerson wants NFL to fine quarterbacks for flopping

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Broncos defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson picked up a costly penalty in his team’s loss to the Colts when he bumped into Andrew Luck, who appeared to flop to the ground intentionally to get the referee to flag Vickerson for roughing the passer. Vickerson thinks Luck is the one who should have been penalized.

Vickerson told the Associated Press he wants the NFL to start fining quarterbacks who flop to try to draw flags, saying that football should follow the lead of basketball, where players can be disciplined for flopping.

All the quarterbacks in the world are the chosen ones,” Vickerson said. “The NFL should have the same rules they have in the NBA about flopping.”

Vickerson’s penalty for bumping Luck came in the same week that Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III said he tries to bait defensive players into personal fouls, then backtracked when that became a subject of controversy. But NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino says the league’s officials don’t flag quarterbacks for flopping.

“We officiate, does the contact violate a rule?” Blandino said. “But not if a player is trying to buy a foul. We know basketball has a foul for flopping. We don’t.”

Vickerson thinks they should.

56 responses to “Broncos’ Vickerson wants NFL to fine quarterbacks for flopping

  1. I thought that this qualified as unsportsmanlike conduct. The easy fix is to put it into that category of penalty.

  2. In full speed I thought Luck might have been flopping, but when they showed Vickerson jumping around and bumping his big fat 324 pound belly into him I can kinda see how Luck might have been knocked over.

  3. I learned in community college that this is called having an “external locus of control.” Vickerson, you can blame someone else, but it doesn’t change how stupidly you played in that game. He cost his team dearly in that game more than once.

    I wonder what Vickerson thinks should happen to players that punch other players’ previously injured knees during a game?

    This guy’s an idiot.

  4. I can’t say for sure Luck “Flopped”.

    If a 350 LB guy bumps into you and just stands ther e occupying the space you formerly were standing in even partially chances are that by the laws of physics something has to happen to your mass.

    In this case it was displaced onto the ground, and Vickerson earned his team a costly penalty. According to science it was his fault. Deal with it.

  5. Or you don’t just take you’re heavy D lineman’s bulk and continue to jog into the QB well after he’s thrown the ball in order to let him know that you got close and maybe next time you’ll beat the throw…

    He just beat you at your own game. Man up, admit it and carry on. It’s that simple.

  6. Yes… Let’s have a penalty, and a replay review
    of EVERY single play.

    And have our feelings hurt about team names, etc.

    Enough already.

  7. Uh, Mr. Vickerson must not hae watched the same replay as the rest of the NFL world.
    I’ve seen it several times.
    As has been noted in other comments here, he bumped Luck with his HUGE belly and Luck lost his balance falling forward. It was not a “flop”
    I don’t think Vick should’ve been fined though, the penalty flag was enough IMO.

  8. The notion of”faking it” is so socceresque.
    Disgusting, in my opinion, that these muscular trained athletes fake it.
    The NFL should take actions to nip it in the bud.
    Nip it. Nip it in the bud Blandino.

  9. There was no good reason why he should have bumped him at all. Just trying to be big and bad. This guy is a real Donkey.

  10. We DO NOT want the NFL to be anything like soccer. If punters QBs or any other player flops they should throw a flag. That includes WRs who do nothing but bitch about holding! PLAY THE GAME AND SHUT UP!!

  11. Hmm. I thought NFL players didn’t flop? Atleast that’s what those who bash flopping in the NBA tell me.

  12. Just allow the coaches to challenge the play and if the QB indeed flopped, give an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to the offense.

  13. I agree with Vickerson on this, but i also agree that Vickerson has been playing like a dope these past two weeks, getting stupid, needless penalties.

  14. I guess Vickerson tried to rationalise his behaviour using the external locus of control. He should use the internal locus of control, himself.

  15. sounds like some of the donks are still a little sore around the (o) after the Colts got done with them.

    and the idea of calling for a flopping penalty is ridiculous. Especially considering how the donks current QB does the greatest flop of all every January.

  16. And now it starts………..
    ~ Tight Ends are now wanting the NFL to penalize SS for too hard of a hit…..
    ~ Cornerbacks now want the NFL to penalize WR’s for intentionally misdirecting CB…..
    ~ Running backs want the NFL to penalize defensive lineman for not letting them thru the holes….
    ~ Tackles want the NFL to penalize the rush linebackers for getting by them too quickly….
    This USED to be FOOTBALL!

  17. With Peyton Manning being the leader of this idiots team and known for letting a team mate know when they pull a bone head move, it won’t be long before this fool gets called out on national TV because after all he is PFM.

  18. Luck didn’t flop. He’s looking at the pass he overthrew and in the process of putting his hands on his head – the universal QB signal for “I screwed up”. He isn’t looking behind him at all. He whips his head around half way through his fall to see what the hell just happened. I’m a Colts fan, but I wouldn’t have a problem admitting he flopped for two reasons: 1) Vickerson is an idiot that punched an injured player in the knee – screw him. And 2) If he flopped, he’s even more talented than I thought – that’s ridiculous anticipation skills. No delay in his response even though he wasn’t even looking!

    The likely scenario is he was hit in the back by an idiot that weighs 80-90 pounds more than him when he didn’t see or expect it. Vickerson should have been suspended for what he did too Satele. He should be cut for being an idiot. I’m going to laugh my ass off when this I disciplined POS hurts the broncos in the playoffs with another stupid / dirty play. POS!

  19. lightcleric

    I’d be more trusting if Andrew Luck wasn’t impossible to take down. Everyone raves about his ability to break tackles and how big and strong he is. A belly bump wouldn’t knock him over.

  20. “I’ve never flopped!”
    – manning, Brady, luck, rg3, Rodgers and every kicker/punter in the nfl

  21. vickerson hits people late. he should worry more about that, because he is only hurting his own team with his stupid penalties and then whining like a big baby about it. first luck, then rg3 the next week. stop with the late hits. broncos fan.

  22. If Luck were looking I would say maybe…but he was blindsided. Vickerson is a cheap shot artist…also stomping on Satele’s leg. And he has the nerve to complain??? Child please..

  23. Typical Donkey moron…look at the replay. This idiot clearly shoves his fat chest into the back of Luck intentionally…nothing to argue about here.

  24. Regardless, Vickerson has cost Denver far too many penalty yards, and was benched. He needs to own his mistakes and stop being such a punk. Luckily, there is enough depth on the line! As a Denver fan, I’d rather not see all of those gift yards from a guy that apparently can’t keep his head.

  25. Vickerson didn’t have to bump Luck, did he? No.

    So he’s a hypocrite trying to say Luck is getting away with something when he could have avoided contact altogether.

    Stop whining!

  26. Let me preface this by saying Vick had no business bumping Luck like that even though he way over dramatized the fall… BUT I agree with Vick on this one. QB flops should be penalized. I’d say loss of down or a spot foul sounds fair. Heck, we could dip into the NHL rulebook and make the offending QB sit out for 2 minutes…

  27. Vickerson, man you can’t do much more to lose your credibility than that clip? If you think that was flopping, put that chest into some non-athlete’s back and see if don’t arrested…

    Actually this is so funny…

  28. I don’t think QBs should get a penalty for flopping, but I do think the refs should just keep the flag in their pocket and not flag the defense. If refs did this more often, perhaps receivers, and QBs would stop over reacting and whining for a flag after any little contact.

  29. I saw both these games and Vickerson was at fault. His actions in both games were cheap shots and he’s the one who needs to be heavily fined or suspended by the Bronco’s the next time he does it.

    In the first game Luck had let the ball go Vickerson got up off the ground then runs into Luck on purpose trying to get a cheap shot on Luck hoping I guess to injury him and give the Bronco’s an advantage.

    In the Washington game RGIII had thrown the ball and was watching the pass to see if it was completed and Vickerson again walked up behind him and ran him over trying to injury him.

    Vickersons low brow actions hurt his team and do nothing but bring penalties and disrespect on the Bronco’s

  30. cmgww says:
    Oct 31, 2013 8:30 PM
    If Luck were looking I would say maybe…but he was blindsided. Vickerson is a cheap shot artist…also stomping on Satele’s leg. And he has the nerve to complain??? Child please..
    He does this crap all the time, he really is a cheap shot artist.

    Who’s more to blame though, him, or the coaches keep putting him out there?

  31. I don’t know about flagging a QB for this, it could be hard to tell in some cases. Upon review post game however, the floppers should get a fine from the league for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game… That and they should have to wear a shirt that says “wuss” in practice all week.

  32. “We officiate, does the contact violate a rule?” Blandino said. “But not if a player is trying to buy a foul. We know basketball has a foul for flopping. We don’t.”

    This is just assinine. The NFL DOES have a rule for flopping. Any punter who tries to draw a foul for roughing the kicker can be hit with a unsportsmanlike penalty.

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