Carroll doesn’t want to see taunting penalty change


The NFL could change taunting penalties to wipe out touchdowns scored after taunting happens before the goal line is crossed.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes that would cross the line.

“I think that’s a terrible thing to do,” Carroll told reporters on Wednesday, via comments distributed by the team.  “I think it puts too much pressure on the officials to change a game like that. The actions that the league took in this case were warranted exactly, but I think that would be a terrible thing for an official.  I think it’s terrible in college football to put it on a back judge to have to figure out whether they should take the touchdown away in a game.”

On Monday night, Seattle receiver Golden Tate drew a flag for an extended episode of taunting during an 80-yard touchdown catch-and-run.

“Throw the flag, do the normal thing, and then take care of business afterwards,” Carroll said.  “Taking a look at that situation, just to say it again, that’s not the way we want to present who we are and we’re all about.  It was a mistake that Golden Tate has totally taken accountability for and all of that.  I just wish it wouldn’t have happened for a lot of reasons. The statement that he made, and that we make about it, I hope is clear.  There is no place for that in football, we don’t need that at all, and that’s not part of this game at all.”

But the best way to take it out of the game is to take away the result of the play on which the taunting occurred.  The current rules haven’t eliminated taunting; otherwise, Tate wouldn’t have taunted the Rams on Monday night.

33 responses to “Carroll doesn’t want to see taunting penalty change

  1. Carroll doesn’t want to see taunting penalty change…because if they do he’s liable to get one being himself.

  2. Pete’s right. To take away points because of a player’s dumb non-football play personality flaw is ridiculous. We already see enough “judgment” calls effect games as it is.

  3. Yeah Pete, why should a penalty during a play negate the results of the play? Are they not supposed to call holding on a play because it would be a terrible thing for them to take away a touchdown?

    A penalty is a penalty. If it happens during the play, how is it a dead ball foul?

  4. Even if the rule is changed there will still be taunting penalties called. It will never be eliminated. If the NFL wants to do more to lower the amount of taunting, start hitting player’s pocketbooks, but don’t change the outcomes of games.

  5. It’s a reflection of Pete Carroll. Not just with his NFL players. It happened quite frequently at USC too.

  6. So lets meet in the middle- TD stands but as a result of the taunt no PAT will be attempted. Enough to not skew games but still gets the point across: don’t be an a-hole or your team will pay for it.

  7. For those who feel the officials already have too much influence in the outcome of the game, this rule will just make it that much worse. It’s another case of good intentions, but bad idea.

  8. If I was a coach (like pete carroll) with a bunch of low character taunters … I wouldn’t want to see the rule changed either.

  9. To further that thought … this is purely an individual act of classlessness. Have the league slap the player with a fine just as with an illegal hit. I see no good reason to penalize an entire team and manipulate the score over it.

  10. It is a game. Leave the result of the play. Penalize, fine whatever after. Behave like you have been there before. Give ball to ref. walk slowly back to sideline with smile on face and do it again.

  11. Two years ago, Desean Jackson caught a 40 yard pass against the Giants and went out of bounds and flipped the ball to a Giants coach. He got a taunting penalty. Normally, it would have just been enforced after the play but because the Giants had a penalty earlier in the play, the officials called both penalties offsetting and replayed the down, nullifying the catch. So there is some precedent for using a taunting penalty to take away a big offensive play (If Desean scored a TD, they would have taken it away).

  12. Problem is that 15 yards on the kickoff isn’t enough of a deterrent. How about 15 yards tacked onto the extra point attempt?

  13. 15yds on the ensuing kick-off is hardly a penalty. Eject the player and place the ball on the 1yd line.

  14. The players are, in theory, adults. Along with the replay method, this is another example of how the NFL should follow CFB.

  15. Just make it half the distance to the goal line from point the kickoff is returned to.

    1. A bad return or touchback leaves a team with poor field postion;

    2. A good return or TD still hurts.

  16. Only classless morons act like they haven’t been there before. I’m against taking away TDs, but they should be penalized more severely than they are now.

  17. Karma has a way of sneaking up on the idiots! There’s no need for a new rule. We’ve all seen plays were someone started showboating a little too early and was made to pay for it — and we all love it when that happens!

    If you don’t want an offensive player to wave the ball at you as he’s scoring then don’t let him score.

    Having said all of that, I absolutely hate all the touchdown dances and sack dances/posturing. It especially drives me batty when a player does that stuff while his team is getting beaten badly.

  18. These poor guys playing a kids game and getting checks bigger than most of us will ever see…and they’re getting taunted! Oh fussy pants! We don’t want anyone getting angry about not doing well.

    I have an idea…lets really enforce taunting by making all the players take off their helmets and pads, put a mumuu on each of them and make them sing kids’ songs for all three hours. That way nobody gets their feelings hurt! 🙂

  19. I agree with Carroll. Taking a TD away for taunting isn’t the same as taking one away for offensive PI or holding. The taunting did not cause a TD to be scored or give the offensive team an unfair advantage like the other fouls that take away a score. Asking the fans to suspend reality and pretend it wasn’t a TD is bad fro the integrity of the game, much more so than a guy acting like an ass on the way into the end zone. It would give credence to those who would say the games are fixed. The 15 yards is more than enough, we didn’t even bother with that until about 10 years ago and the game got along fine.

  20. There is no reasonable distinction between trash talk and taunting. They are both cut from the same bolt of cloth. Does anyone think that Janoris Jenkins and his crew didn’t do their share of chirping at Seahawks receivers in this game? Is it okay for a defender to line up across from an opponent and say “Who did you blow to get on that roster? You’re the worst piece of crap player I’ve ever seen,” but not okay to wave bye-bye on your way to the end zone?

    This whole business is just silly. It’s absurd to take away a score for a transgression that had zero impact on the play and offered no competitive advantage. It should be a dead ball foul in college as well. That’s far too much subjectivity in the hands of the officials.

  21. It’s football for crying out loud I’d like to see the finger and a spike in the face every now and then

  22. Tate’s just copying his team leaders and took it too far. The Hawks never stop talking and it gets away from them. It won’t be the last one either. The bummer is, the other teams will take care of it on the field. That’s why you need to penalize it heavily, or there WILL be retribution. This is a team sport. Guys like Tate want to make it all about themselves. Get theTD, call over your team and celebrate with them. They’re the ones blocking, decoying, and throwing the ball so you can score. That play was just stupid. Every leader must set culture himself. This as much about Carroll as Tate.

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