Dolphins announce Jonathan Martin’s out, promote Ryan Spadola from practice squad

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Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin won’t be rejoining the team for Thursday night’s game against the Bengals.

Martin has reportedly “gone AWOL” after an incident at the team’s facility this week and was originally listed as doubtful for the matchup with Cincinnati, but the team announced on Thursday afternoon that he’s out. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise given what apparently went down and it means Tyson Clabo will return to the starting lineup at right tackle.

The Dolphins also promoted wide receiver Ryan Spadola from the practice squad on Thursday. Spadola takes the roster spot left open by Brandon Gibson’s season-ending knee injury.

Spadola made the Jets as an undrafted free agent this summer and played in three games this season before being waived.

13 responses to “Dolphins announce Jonathan Martin’s out, promote Ryan Spadola from practice squad

  1. Anything’s possible… but… the Bengals D-Line might get 6 sacks tonight.

    They should have played this game last night (Damage Night).

    Tannehill could become the next David Carr.

    7 games and Tannehill has already been sacked 32 times.

  2. …..and it means Tyson Clabo will return to the starting lineup at right tackle.

    Oh yippeee, I know Ryan Tannehill is happy about possibly absorbing 15 more hits tonight.

  3. Tannehill could have 5 pro-bowlers in front of him and he would still get sacked too much. Until he understand how to change protection schemes and get rid of the football on time he’ll never be anything but a below average QB who gets hit a lot and turns the ball over too much.

  4. Could it be that coaches have lost control of team? If so, they will soon self-destruct. Philbin has already blasted a coach out in front of the team. The next sign will be finger pointing.

  5. Martin’s teammates may have traumatized him so bad, he’ll never come back. Not allowing him to sit with them in the lunchroom may have brought up a childhood memory that hurt Martin. Now the Dolphins are stuck.

  6. I guess they are doing such a great job playing football that they have time and energy to act like kids in the 1st grade. Perhaps they should be learning the play book. Bill

  7. I’m sure announcing to the team (especially RT)that Clabo is starting would be like announcing to the passengers on a cruise ship that Captain Edward John Smith is making a surprise appearance.

  8. Like a little boy he runs home to mommy…give me a break. Rough tuff football player that can’t take a joke from the other guys? Act like a man!

  9. I didn’t realize Martin was unstable. Hope he gets the right help.

    If Tannehill does that “GO=Pass, GO-GO=Run stuff on the Bengals’ front seven, he will not last through the game. The coaches don’t seem to think it is an issue but I guarantee that is one of the main reasons there have been so many sacks and stuffed running plays. It is much easier to play defense if you know it is either a run or a pass before the QB even touches the ball. One GO=ignore play action and get after the QB while the secondary tightens coverage. Two GOs=ignore the receivers. Safeties and LBs crash the line and clog up any running lanes. It is amazing the Dolphins have been able to score at all considering they have had that stupid tendency on EVERY offensive snap this year.

    It sounds like it couldn’t possibly be true for every snap but it has been all year. Don’t believe me? Pay attention if you happen to watch the game and you will see it plain as day. (Unless they miraculously change it, but they haven’t so far) I can look at the formation/personnel grouping and turn my back to the TV when they snap the ball and then tell you what play they ran at least 75% of the time. If I can do it, the guys getting paid to play defense can do it too.

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