Dolphins hear the boos after fourth-and-1 missed field goal


Dolphins fans have not been happy recently with the coaching staff’s play calling. The first quarter on Thursday night did nothing to change that.

After Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake stripped the ball from Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to set Miami up in great field position, the Dolphins’ offense managed nine yards on the next three plays and faced fourth-and-1. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin could have made an aggressive move and gone for it, but instead he sent the field goal team onto the field, and the fans in Miami booed.

Then Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis missed a 34-yard field goal, and the fans in Miami really booed.

Coaches are risk-averse on fourth downs because they know they’ll be criticized if they go for it and don’t make it. But coaches will also be criticized when they play it safe and don’t come away with any points. Philbin deserves the criticism he’ll get for that call.

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  1. The statistical odds are often in favor of going for it on 4th and short in many, many times that NFL coaches routinely kick instead. But these coaches don’t understand probability and game theory. Not sure why you would want a stupid person to be a Head Coach when you can have a smart person instead. It shores up the odds quite a bit.

  2. Yea, sad so many seats empty. I hope they were bought and were no-shows. When the Colts left Baltimore, I rooted for Miami because of Shula and actually followed the Steelers, small once steel making town as was Baltimore. I’m in Vero Beach after 30 years in the Air Force moving every two years on average. Don’t want to see Florida teams leaving, especially Tampa and Jax because they are in the NFC, Ravens in AFC, so I can root for them until SB, which is a stretch for a while. Always loved Miami. Long story short, fill the seats because one or two Fl teams could be moving. It’s heart wrenching as a fan. I’m extremely proud of the a Ravens, owner and leadership and don’t think it will ever happen again in Baltimore–great fans.

  3. Actually I’m sure the odds of kicking a chip show FG are more favourable than going for it on 4th and short. And it makes more sense to get the more favourable 3 points. Going for it implies that you will only be satisfied by a TD. Sure you could run a QB sneak and get the new set of downs. What happens though if on the next drive you end up on 4th and 7. Do you then go for it again or just settle for the FG? That’s not to mention the probability of the defense stopping you on 4th and short or the probability of the defense causing a turnover on the new set of downs.

  4. Although I would like to say that I’m happy that our own Lions coach Jim Schwartz when for it on 4th and short near the goalline in the last game. Usually he screws those calls up, but this time he got it right. When you are right on the edge there it’s so obvious to appreciate the value of 2 and 1/3 times the point level of a FG packaged with the bonus value of perfect field position if you lose the gamble. It doesn’t get any simpler than that and yet so many coaches can’t figure that one out even, let alone when the ball is more than an inch away from a goalline and then they totally freak out and just kick it.

    If any NFL team should happen to find they are looking for an upgrade to their Strategy Department, I happen to be a Master of Game Theory, but that’s pretty worthless unless you like higher percentage probabilities of winning football games. Maybe one day there will be an opening somewhere! LOL

  5. Well then those Miami fans are dumb. This is real football, not madden. How can you blame the coaching staff when the kicker misses a 34yrd field goal? It’s the first quarter and 0-0. All 32 teams are sending their kicker out in that situation.

  6. LOL…and after I go off on them, they go 94yds for the TD with a great mix of run/pass.

    Did they read PFT during the game?

  7. Didn’t the Bengals beat the Packers on a 4th and inches play earlier this year?

    And the Packer’s Offense/QB/HBs/Oline are all better than whatever Miami has on offense.

  8. Well, at least Miami fans don’t hand money over to an aloof owners who don’t know what is going on with his team and a GM is is utterly clueless.

    They gave up a long time ago. No cubby fan there that go go go as the team continue to lose lose lose year in and out. Miamians don’t play that. They don’t see the effort. Criticize all you want. I’m surprised anybody went to the game.

    At least when Miami wins a rare championship they don’t turn a single car over and set it on fire and act stupid like I saw last night.

  9. First tackle misses shows how bad or tired this Defense is on a Thursday…stick a fork in them inweek 9…same old Fins…show up get paid, oh well.

  10. NFL coaches are so dumb. You should go for it almost every time 4th and 2 or less. Simple math dummies.

  11. Rule of thumb for ALL coaches, in the first quarter of a scoreless game——grab the LEAD! 2 point safety, 3 point field goal, 6-7-8 point touchdown—–because if its the winning margin at the end, its irrelevant. The miss is on the kicker, and with a good hold, a professional should make that kick, or look for some redemption that game, or it could be his last for some time.

  12. The Dolphins really do not have much of a fan base..maybe the smallest in NFL.

    Seems like people there cannot get over Dan Marino, even though he won nothing.

    Could this be the team going to London???

    Think about it….their stadium only packed…w opposing team fans like NE, NY, Phila, etc

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