Fred Davis admits to sleeping in meetings, wants out


Prior to the trade deadline, the Redskins were aggressively shopping tight end Fred Davis.

That might be, in part, because of his aggressive resistance to staying awake.

Davis admitted to Jim Corbett of USA Today that he has caught a few winks during team meetings.

I’ve never slept through a whole meeting, but I’ve nodded off,” Davis said. “I mean everyone nods off. It’s dark in there. You nod off. You wake up — go get something to drink and go back.

“I’ve done that.”

Putting young men (some of whom might not have gone straight to bed the night before) in a dark room and talking to them about the intricacies of scheme is not exactly the best way to keep attention. But it’s also their job.

Of course, Davis’ willingness to nap might also be explained by being somewhat less than motivated. He’s fallen off the face of the Earth this year, with just three catches, and has been replaced by rookie Jordan Reed.

That’s a steep fall for a guy who was given the franchise tag in 2012, and promptly tore his Achilles.

But he thinks he has plenty to offer, which is why he wishes he were on another team.

“Definitely,” he said. “If I was on another team, you’d see what I can do. . . .

“It’s frustrating not to be out there because I know there are plays I could make. I just want to play. I like it here. I was drafted here. But at the same time, I want to play. If I can’t play here, then, I’d rather play somewhere else.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he talked to Davis and “let him know that I expected him to practice at a certain level and have his mind ready to play.”

And having that mind awake and alert might also help.

28 responses to “Fred Davis admits to sleeping in meetings, wants out

  1. Maybe… if fred davis wasn’t hanging out in clubs all night with D.C. madam Makini Chaka and her “employees”…. he wouldn’t be falling asleep at work.

    fred davis is a loser.

  2. Young men who are more concerned with having an ongoing relationship with the chronic than in learning to do their jobs to the best of their ability often times get look for employment elsewhere.

    FYI Fred, the NFL isn’t the only employer that drug tests its employees. It just happens to be one of the ones that pays the best.

  3. Fred Davis wants out

    It’s the D’Skins . . . everyone wants out.

  4. didnt he just resign with them this past offseason? i wanted the browns to pick this guy up.

  5. He had the opportunity to sign long term deals with the Jets, Bills and many more but he decided to go back to Washington and now he wants out? very confusing..

  6. Maybe the person who handles the paychecks should fall asleep and forget to process his the next time. Or maybe the person who books all the players travel arrangements should nod off and forget to handle Fred’s. Or maybe the doctor should catch a few winks the next time he’s stapling up his achilles. Do your job fool.

  7. “Putting young men (some of whom might not have gone straight to bed the night before) in a dark room and talking to them about the intricacies of scheme is not exactly the best way to keep attention.
    So the team is guilty for putting him in a position to fail by not taking into consideration what he did the night before?

  8. this guy is a bum , as a bum could be.

    his team is still in contention
    he is letting a rookie dog him
    and he has no heart to improve himself.

    guess those PED’s really made him an NFL player,,, not his talent or heart…

    HAIL HAIL HAIL that you buncha clowns..
    throw them jerseys back in the closet for another 20+ years you band wagon (not even front running) know-nothings.

  9. This isn’t the first time this has been reported. Same rumors were being reported a few years ago while he was putting up good numbers in DC. Now everyone has a problem with it?

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous because we don’t have enough weapons as it is. The offense stinks and you want to get rid of a good tight end with great speed and hands instead of utilizing him like the Patriots were able to utilize 2 tight ends?! Man, FIRE Shanahan and his damn son and lets get a coach in here that knows how to put together an offense and lead a team to a championship! This is petty and it’s obvious that the offensive coordinator is terrible, because the play calling is atrocious! Also, build the damn line, we need a GOOD LINE!

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