John Sullivan wants Christian Ponder to start at quarterback


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is holding off on making a decision about a starting quarterback, but the team’s starting center has shared his opinion about which hands he’d like nestled between his thighs this Sunday against the Cowboys.

Center John Sullivan acknowledges that he doesn’t have a vote in the decision-making process, but said that he would cast it for Christian Ponder if he did. He went with performance-based reasons for his choice rather than nail-trimming habits to explain why he’d stick with Ponder over Josh Freeman.

“[Ponder] prepared really hard and he went out there and laid it all on the line,” Sullivan said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “You know, you see that last run that he made when things were getting out of reach [a 19-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter against the Packers on Sunday] and he’s still out there fighting until the end. I mean, that’s not my decision. But I’d love to see him stay back there, of course.”

Frazier may not take Sullivan’s thoughts into account and Freeman probably is less than thrilled to hear them, but letting the center choose the quarterback seems to be as reasonable a method as anything else the Vikings have tried this season.

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  1. I’m sincere. I hope Minnesota fans are okay. And if you want, you can become Packer fans and make your lives better right away. Warriors!

  2. Frazier may not take Sullivan’s thoughts into account and Freeman probably is less than thrilled to hear them, but letting the center choose the quarterback seems to be as reasonable a method as anything else the Vikings have tried this season.

    Really hard to argue with that.

  3. I have been a Ponder apologist for years and have backed him for our team. However, in a player’s 3rd season, you should not be panicking and missing the reads that Ponder does. His pre-snap reads are non-existant, safe to say, his career may be soon as well.

    I believe he works hard at it. But at the end of the day, results matter, not intention.

  4. Just what a 1-6 football team needs, dissention in the locker room. What if Freeman starts and gets sacked on pressure up the middle? Does he accuse Sullivan of tanking it? What about Cassel, if he starts, does he feel like Sullivan has his back?

    But the sad truth is that the Vikings have much bigger problems on defense. Every QB in the league wants to play the Vikings now so they can pad their stats. Romo is relieved that after last week’s loss, the football gods have scheduled the Vikings next.

  5. And this is why you don’t bring in Josh Freeman in the first place.

    1 – He’s not an improvement from either of the 2 QB’s you had already. (No….no, he’s not).

    2 – It will drive reporters to dig at players for comments and sooner or later they will start spewing about who they think should be the starter. (I predicted this the day JF arrived in MN)

    3 – Now you have players, likely on both sides of the ball, who are second guessing the GM and coach’s decisions….and that’s NEVER good. Watch what happens after this weekend’s stinker.

    4 – You Ponder haters are all want him to turn into the next top tier QB, but he won’t get that way without playing. Manning, Favre, and even Montana stunk a good bit in their first few years, and he has the reps with the receivers. Freeman will struggle thru the whole year because he doesn’t know his guys like Ponder does.

  6. This organization needs a complete house cleaning, starting with Spielman. The guy has hit on some 1st rounders, but that team has no depth and their impact players are aging with no real replacements. Not to mention they have three quarterbacks that wouldn’t start anywhere.

    As far as the coaching…does anyone on this team improve from year to year?

    As much as I hate the Vikings, it really isn’t as fun when they are not competitive in the division. The Vikings football I’ve watched this year is some of the worst professional ball I have ever watched.

  7. I’m a long-time Vikings fan and I wanted Ponder to be The Guy. Even I have to reluctantly admit that he doesn’t appear to be the answer.
    Sullivan probably wants Ponder in at QB because he knows that it will be 3-and-out and he can rest on the bench for 40 of the 60 game minutes and the defense, such as it is, will take the heat for the loss.

  8. There is no knight in shining armor that is going to come to your rescue next year and turn it around. Its going to take some time.. and a new coaching staff and probably front office.

  9. Whether the putrid play of the Vikes interior O-Line is on Old Johnny Boy is up for debate. One would think he should be working on something he is paid to do, and control. Forget the QB Johnny, do your job better.

  10. Christian ponder should be the Minnesota Vikings quarterback for the rest of the season, and I’ll tell you why first you look at who is on the roster at quarterback, Josh Freeman just not comfortable in the system the Vikings run, he’s been there only about a month no need to start him, Matt Cassel solid,veteran,Backup enough said. Christian Ponder drafted by the team knows the playbook only quarterback on the team with a 4 game win streak ( actually he had 2, 4 game win streaks a year ago) all the Vikings need is a win streak or losing streak how ever you feel about this year….. Win lose or draw I’m a Vikings fan All Day

  11. Ponder is extremely bright. You bet your ass he understands he is playing for his life. If Freeman wins out and does well, Ponder is backup material and trade bait next season and he knows that.

    I say Freeman didn’t come there to bench sit. He was doing that in Tampa. I’m sure when he met with Frazier the discussion centered around, I’m no bench warmer.

    I have Freeman starting unless he sucks in practice too.

  12. Here is the problem. Ponder can’t pass. The Vikes have burner recievers that he can’t get the ball to.
    Ponder must rely on AP to get the yards. When AP is just average the team needs a passer that he ain’t.

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