Packers give Scott Tolzien a raise to keep him around


When quarterbacks started dropping like flies recently, teams had to take steps if they had a guy on the practice squad they wanted to keep.

The Saints promoted theirs (Ryan Griffin) from the practice squad to the 53-man roster, while the Packers just gave theirs a raise.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers bumped practice squad quarterback Scott Tolzien’s salary from $6,000 a week to more than $32,000 a week, or right at the league minimum for second-year players.

The Packers have done that before, bumping the pay of practice squad guys to keep them around, and the move indicates they want to make sure they keep Tolzien around for camp next year.

“There’s great people,” Tolzien said recently of the Packers. “It has been an easy transition. It’s a great working environment. It’s always business first, but guys get in their laughs, too.”

Laughing all the way to the bank helps as well.

9 responses to “Packers give Scott Tolzien a raise to keep him around

  1. Deep down, everyone knows the Packers are the classiest organization in pro football. That explains their years of success, widespread fan base, and ability to overcome adversity. The Packers just do everything right.

    Why would anyone want to play anywhere else?

  2. Here’s a guy who was signed just before the first game of the season so the Packers didn’t even see him in a pre season game. And yet, stuck on the practice squad, he’s got more upside than the 3 QB’s on the Vikings 53 man roster. Let that thought sink in.

  3. @4thqtrsaint: the pay bump basically pays him as if he’s on the active roster already. So an offer to sign Tolzien off the Packers PS would likely require him to be paid more than the minimum. That’s probably unlikely for a guy who hasn’t ever taken a snap in the regular season. Looks like he’s the new McCarthy Project.

  4. Good point, whatjusthapped, re: Minnesota comparison. But we need to cut them some slack if they didn’t realize Tolzien was worth taking a look at. They may not have access to Wikipedia, where they could have found out:

    Tolzien, a finalist for the 2010 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award along with Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Christian Ponder, and Ricky Stanzi won the award while also claiming the Wisconsin record for completion percentage in a season … 74.3%, first in the nation. Ranked 4th nationally in passer rating.

    After a disappointing effort against MSU in which the Badgers dropped several passes, they finished at 11-1. Against a top 5 defense, Tolzien completed 13 of 16 in an upset of then top-ranked Ohio State. Against Iowa, Tolzien led the Badgers down the field for the game-winning touchdown with Wisconsin’s running game stifled by Iowa’s defense. In his final home start, against Northwestern, Tolzien was nearly flawless, completing 15 of 19 for 230 yards with 4 TD passes.

  5. nothing against Tolzien but is he better then Vince Young? I still don’t understand why we cut Young when he was more productive then any if our backups.

  6. One aspect of evaluating a #3 QB for GBay must be his ability to run plays in practice from opponents’ playbooks. Tolzien is a very heady guy, so he would be my pick for #3 over Vince Young, with someone better (more game-ready) than either Young or Tolzien in the #2 role.

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