PFT on NBCSN: Darren McFadden, Week Nine storylines

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The Raiders have a chance to improve to .500 with a home win over the Eagles this Sunday, a mark they haven’t seen all that often since running back Darren McFadden joined the team as a first-round pick in 2008.

On Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, McFadden will join the program to share his thoughts about how this season has progressed and where he thinks the team can go from here. The play of quarterback Terrelle Pryor will be a significant driver of that direction, so we’ll also see what McFadden thinks of the first-year starter during his visit to the show.

Week Nine starts in Miami on Thursday night, so it will also be a time to go through the major storylines we’ll be following during this weekend’s games. Potential upsets, injuries that will impact outcomes and much more will be up for discussion during the program.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

10 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Darren McFadden, Week Nine storylines

  1. Raiders have the possibility of making the playoffs, especially now that we have 4+ games vs losing reccord teams, and a O-line that is recovering week after week. A win vs philly will help a lot a lot.
    The raiders have to be part of the AFC West in the playoffs, take the final spot from the chargers.
    It’s our time to shine now!

  2. lets get real, after Reggie got some dynamite a blew up the entire organization, and put over 60 million in dead money this year, anybody who even said they had a chance of being 500 was drinking some kool aid, and smoking some good stuff. Low and behold this team is legit. All reality should have beat the skins. Should of beat Indy. Denver in Denver was a loss, and they hung with KC at KC until the 3rd string o-line got injured, and we had to play guys from the practice squad.

    All reality , Watson is back on the field now , and Vehldeer got good news from the dr., so we are getting healthy. Bottom line we are competitive every week, and I attribute that to the “d” and Terrelle’s ability to avoid a sack, behind what might have been the most winged dinged o-line that ever existed.

    All good, and looking forward to signing UFA
    C -Alex Mack this off season, and moveing wiz back to guard.

  3. The most cap space in Football next year and a GM who will draft and sign FA players because they can actually play football. Not what their 40 time is. That light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a freight train coming our way any more. Beat Philly…….

  4. I love you Raider fans. The Raiders are almost at .500 for the first time since the Gannon days and you act like there is more than just a mathematical possibility of making the playoffs. I understand Raiders fans have had nothing to be excited about except the very short time between the draft and week 1 every year but inevitably reality sets back in and you pray the team will at least be in last at the end of the year so you can be happy about your team between the draft and week1 again. Unfortunately the Raiders happen to be one of the worst drafting teams in League. Let me enlighten you guys as to what a fan base should hope and expect as far as what a team should be to call legit. First the only time of year were .500 and legit should be in the same conversation is in week 2 not week 9. Next just because your quarter back can run doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the fact the he is a horrible passer. Tim Tebow is a better Qb than Pryor will ever be and that’s saying something. Third is when your place kicker is the team mvp year in and out it might be time to rethink your personnel. Lastly commit to the rebuild. If all three of your personnel groups suck than have a three year plan and rebuild each unit each year. The Raiders are not like KC last year and 1 player and a coach away from having a complete team. The Raiders are playing beyond there skill level every week and they still have zero chance of going anywhere if the pull off a miracle and make the playoff. Its time to gut the entire team from front office to the water boy. Commit to a rebuild and especially hire the best draft/personnel quardinater that money can buy and look toward to a solid 2017 season

  5. As a Raider fan and realist, they have already won as many games as my prediction for the season.

    Definitely a pleasant surprise to see them playing so well with the worst cap situation in the NFL, and so many injuries to key players. The defense is doing a great job with a bunch of guys that are definitely not household names. The offense will come around, but Pryor has been better than many expected. Now we just need to get some O-lineman healthy again. The injuries along the line were just brutal.

  6. Raiders have potential, Pryor needs more growth and Oakland needs line and receiver help, but if Pryor keeps improving, then they have a bright future.

  7. Just want to point out the Raiders have had 2 seasons of 8-8 since the Gannon days. Plus this regime, while not having a great draft record yet, have put together a team with a top 10 defense while starting 10 different players from last year, and building a decent team with at least 30% of their cap space not playing for them. So the powers that be seem to have some ability to evaluate talent. While it may not be a return to the glory days, or even the Gannon days now, it’s a start and a start with a solid foundation.

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