Redskins install Arena League-sized goalposts for Forbath


Getting Redskins owner Dan Snyder to spend money has never been a problem.

This time, it might actually help.

After kicker Kai Forbath asked, the Redskins had a pair of regulation goalposts on their practice fields replaced with a narrower set of Arena League goalposts.

So now, instead of practicing at an 18-foot, 6-inch target, Forbath is looking at something just 9 feet wide.

“It just makes you focus more,” Forbath said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “It’s a small margin of error to get it through there, and it just makes it that much easier when you go back to the big ones. I warm up on those, and then go back to the big ones when we kick field goals with the team.”

He said he’s seen them before in stops with Dallas and Tampa Bay, and that the Redskins had tried portable goalposts before to simulate the size difference.

Forbath missed just once for the Redskins last year, and is 4-of-6 on field goals this season, so it’s not as if he needs remedial work, or is in danger of kicking at that size target for a living.

20 responses to “Redskins install Arena League-sized goalposts for Forbath

  1. What if the Arena League become offended, wants to hold highly-publicized meetings, scolds Goodell and demands that Snyder return the pint-size goalposts to his nearest arena?
    Then what?

  2. I’ll save logicalvoices some trouble-

    “Genius move by a genius owner, a genius coach and a genius player. This means we’ll win the next 8 straight Super Bowls instead of just the next 6”.

    eyes rolling

  3. That makes a lot of sense. I’m surprised it isn’t SOP for most teams. I know I would want my kicker to do that. Stuff like wind or long distance would be less of an issue for a guy that consistently nails the middle of a small target.

  4. the patriots have this at gillette stadium on the practice field , since 2002 , i thought all the teams would do this , but alot of teams just dont get it. thats why you only have to worry about 5-6 teams in your conference every year , all the other teams beat them selves

  5. This is a great idea. The Wizards should have smaller baskets installed in their practice facility too. Maybe the Nationals should start using softballs in practice. These Washington folks are so smart!

  6. Am I the only one that doesn’t really see how this makes much of a difference? So he’ll miss more in practice, big deal?

    Aren’t you pretty much aiming for the middle every time anyway?

    I don’t get it.

  7. The Skins PR department should follow suit and require all press releases and public statements by Snyder to be close to the middle, instead of seeking to be as close to the edge as possible.

    However, he continues to insist on wider than normal standards for his pricing plans.

  8. Sounds like a plan. Now they’ll score at least three points when the Chargers roll up 42 on them!

  9. Aim small, miss small. If he’s zeroed in on the middle of a 9′ wide target it’ll be much easier to hit one twice as wide. Makes perfect sense. Of course there are other factors, but it would surprise me most teams don’t have some sort of practice like this.

  10. Arena League goalposts. Because putting a bar across the top of the real goalposts & suspending weighted lines from it to create a target of any width you want would be too easy. Heck, that could even go on the plane for road games & you can’t have that.

  11. It’s Washington. You’re supposed to be on the Far Right or Far Left. Those down the middle are a rare breed.

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