Report: Dolphins are concerned about relationship between Martin, teammates


At a time when Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has cautioned folks to not believe everything they read, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has given us something else to read.  And to believe.  Or not.

Per Salguero, the Dolphins are “concerned” about the “relationship past and future” between Martin and his teammates.  More specifically, the teammates gave Martin the nickname “Big Weirdo” last year.

A second-round pick in 2012, Martin won’t play tonight, due to an unspecified illness.  He reportedly went AWOL this week, slamming down a tray of food after being given grief by teammates in the cafeteria.

He reportedly will be out indefinitely.

42 responses to “Report: Dolphins are concerned about relationship between Martin, teammates

  1. So what is Salguero or the Dolphins not telling us? Surely they have a clue as to why the teammates called him that name.

    They are holding back one critical piece of information or supposition that explains where the root of this issue grew from.

  2. A toxic work environment can make a dream job seem like a nightmare. Would have to suck if your coworkers made fun of you to your face every day

  3. I think dood is on the verge of coming out of the closet. Better he do that now or end up like his Stanford alumnus Kwame Harris.

  4. You know, this could easily be a case of mental illness or personality disorder where the guy is just different.

    Why persecute him? SMH

  5. illwillthemick:

    The teammates called him a stupid name. Hard to blame the person on the receiving end of bullying attacks. Maybe Martin has a problem himself, but maybe not, but surely his teammates do if they can’t find a way to get through life without calling people “weirdos” as well as whatever other abuses they might be victimizing Mr. Martin with.

  6. The rift started when Martin said, “hey, we’re supposed to protect our quarterback!!” The rest of our oline laughed because they didn’t know what he was talking about.

  7. I don’t care what profession you are in, you get stuck with a nickname like “Big Weirdo” your first year there, you might as well find a new place of employment. You will NEVER live that down.

  8. Ok what is with all the reporting of Clabo stepping in at LT? The reported on the sideline even said that too.

    But guess who is playing LT? McKinnie, because Clabo is playing RT!

    Fine the reporters! Don’t report stuff that ain’t true, say you heard that Clabo might play but don’t say it if you aren’t in a position to vouch for it!

  9. It is embarrassing as human beings no one reached out to help him. If you break a leg they know what to do. If you have a broken spirit they walk away.

    Mental health is a disease. It is not a personality quirk

  10. I just looked, still has Martin as the starting LT on the depth chart. So what’s the deal, is Clabo the RT like he is on the DC, or is he not replacing Martin’s position that is represented on the DC?

  11. If it’s supposed to be a professional work environment this a great opportunity to make an example of a few jackasses. (Unless the players are stars of course – reality check). Might be time for the big man to be shipped to Seattle.

  12. Well I guess I better answer my questions now since they were rhetorical and don’t need a bunch of comments on it, but basically the point is that the Dolphins website is lame, they don’t even have McKinnie’s name listed on the DC at all. So when people report on stuff it makes the reporters appear wrong, which is flak that they don’t deserve for the team representing their roster inaccurately.

    Why have a website and roster and depth chart if you can’t even get all of the players’ names on it to begin with? That’s the only point I was trying to make, so moving on. I just have a pet peeve for inaccurate team website info.

  13. People have become way too thin skinned in America. I’ve worked in many situations where people bust each other’s balls. If all they were calling him all he had to do was laugh back in their faces and make a joke about them.

    Talk about the wussification of the USA pretty sad when a tough guy pro football player can’t take being called a few names.

  14. Maybe this guy has roid issues. Over time they screw with your mind and make things seem like they aren’t. Lets order a full set of tests to find out, is this guy a genuine weirdo or make believe.

  15. Bullying is bad. And when it happens on any level of a job be it NFL player for office worker it needs to be dealt with swiftly. if they knew he was nicknamed the big weirdo last year then someone should have done something then.

  16. The team should be concentrating on their win-loss record instead of piling on Martin for whatever perceived nonsense that makes him a “wierdo”.. You guys are supposed to be Pros!

  17. I’m TOTALLY sure harrisonhits32, guy on the internet, would totally call Martin’s names. Or not need a change of drawers if Martin did the same to him.

    Everyone rags on each other but if you’re not a scumbag you quickly realize when somebody is taking it seriously and lay off them. Every workplace has a guy like that, you just be nice to them and let them be. It’s called compassion.

  18. In the old days this type of conflict would be be resolved in the locker room or the parking lot with a couple of guys with black eyes or loose teeth and then it is done.

    Now it’s going to get real ugly with a couple guys sending out some bitter tweets about each other. Frightning isn’t it?

  19. Who else would cheer on Martin if he decided to give his idiot teammates a proper beatdown? I hate bullies. Hide behind lockers and pick them off one at a time if you need to.

  20. If you are more intelligent than many of your co-workers, you are considered weird or eccentric. It’s a lot better than being a dumb, boring, cookie-cutter jock.

  21. @harrisonhits2

    Right, it’s the ‘thin-skinned’ people’s faults. How dare they refuse to constantly put up with unnecessary harassment from ignorant people?

    Oh, but wait, he’s a ‘tough guy pro football player’. I forgot that although they look like people, they actually only share the anatomy, not any of the thoughts and feelings that humans have.

    It’s not the victims that are the problem, it’s people like you. Those who think they can do/say whatever. How about looking at it from someone else’s viewpoint before you say something?

    There’s a line that’s crossed. There’s joking between friends, but when it reaches a certain point, it’s not fun anymore. Like when those people aren’t your friends, or it’s meant in a mean spirited way, or it persists even when they know you hate it.

    How would you like to be made fun of and ostracized every single day? Someone like you would say you could handle it, since you’re tough. Right. You won’t have to, since your kind are the ones doing the bullying.

    The worst thing about these situations, are that the people (AKA the garbage) doing the bullying go on with their worthless lives, while the bullied (who are much higher quality people) have to suffer.

    I’ve never been bullied before either, so some ‘just another thin-skinned American’ isn’t going to work. I actually have the decency/capability to actually think of other people. Shocking, I know, you should try it sometime.

    The ‘wussification of the USA’… Child, please. It’s about time people stop having to put up with others’ BS, just because those people are ignorant.

  22. Curious to see how this develops. Maybe it was something as simple as him slamming the tray down ’cause the food tasted like my ex wife cooked it.

  23. This is something that had to be common knowledge if it’s being done so openly, and the coaching staff just sits back and does nothing? No wonder the stands were more than half empty.

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