Roddy White still out of Falcons practice

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The Falcons haven’t ruled wide receiver Roddy White out for Week Nine’s game against the Panthers, but it’s looking like they’ll wind up doing it for the third straight week eventually.

Vaughn McClure of reports that White missed practice on Thursday, the second straight day he’s missed this week and it’s closing in on a month since he’s been on a football field at all. It’s hard to believe that the Falcons would put White on the field this weekend if he did make it back to practice on Friday.

Not that there’s any sign that White will be back on Friday. The veteran wideout already played the first few weeks of the season on a severely sprained ankle and there’s not much reason to do the same with his injured hamstring now that the Falcons are 2-5 with their chances of a turnaround hindered by several other injuries on the roster.

Harry Douglas will continue to be the man at wideout for the Falcons and his performance in the last two games without White and Julio Jones has been one of the few bright spots for the Falcons this season.

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  1. All Mike Smith’s fault. A high ankle sprain is a very serious injury. Roddy was clearly injured week 1. He was a shell of himself. Yet Mike Smith insisted on playing him despite the fact that Harry Douglas clearly was the better choice at the time.

    So Roddy doesn’t practice because of that high ankle sprain and no surprise he suffers a hamstring injury because he goes from not practicing at all to trying to play at full speed in games. Blank and Dimitroff needs to really consider moving on from Mike Smith

  2. When Brady throws to his 3rd and 4th best receivers it’s a great performance by Brady. When Matt Ryan throws to his 3rd best receiver it’s a great performance by Harry Douglas. But Ryan is just made by his elite receivers, right?

  3. Hey Atlanta “fans”, how does it feel that Aaron Brooks has the same number of playoff wins as $20 million Melty Ice?

    Sean Payton & Drew Brees…12-3 vs the Falcants. Hope you enjoyed your fluke last season.

  4. Ryan made Michael Jenkins look good too back in the day. He can make average receivers look good.

    Douglas might have 1000 yards at the end of the season and he didnt even start a game till last week.

  5. Saints fan. Enjoy the golden era of New Orleans football….it will NEVER be this good again….you’ll be looking back at 2009 like us Braves fans do 1995….

  6. Don’t forget ex-Brownie Brian Robiskie is on the bench waiting for his breakout season. The draft pundits said dude was solid.

  7. Haha…let us know when the golden era of Falcons football happens. Also, was there really a “golden era” for the Braves? All they did was luck up one year after many, many years of choking.

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