Shanahan on Haynesworth: I don’t get along with lazy players

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The war of words between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth continues, two and a half years after Shanahan sent Haynesworth packing.

Shanahan hit back at Haynesworth today when asked about Haynesworth ripping him in a radio interview on Wednesday. Haynesworth said he regretted ever signing with Washington and that he believes Robert Griffin III will someday learn that Shanahan can’t be trusted, but Shanahan said the issue he had with Haynesworth was simple: Haynesworth was lazy, and Shanahan doesn’t like lazy players.

“The only people I haven’t gotten along with as a coach is someone who is lazy,” Shanahan said when asked about his strained relationship with Haynesworth.

Shanahan and Haynesworth never saw eye to eye, due in large part to Haynesworth showing up out of shape to his first training camp with Shanahan as his coach, in 2010. Shanahan has a conditioning test that he requires all players to pass, Haynesworth repeatedly failed it, and the two of them clashed from then on. At the start of training camp in 2011, Shanahan traded Haynesworth to New England. He lasted four months there before he was released and finished the season with the Buccaneers.

Since the Bucs cut him in 2012, Haynesworth hasn’t drawn much interest from other NFL teams. Perhaps because the rest of the league agrees with Shanahan’s view that Haynesworth is lazy.