Sheridan says criticism of Schiano isn’t warranted

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has taken plenty of punches this year, silently accepting most of the blows.  On Thursday, one of his top lieutenants finally fired back.

Via, defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan defended Schiano against criticism that seemed to reach critical mass last week, via a column published by the league’s official website — an operation that is partially owned by the owners of the Buccaneers.

It definitely is not warranted,” Sheridan said during his weekly press conference regarding the ongoing criticism of Schiano.   “And it may be hard for people on the outside who don’t know Greg because of some of the criticism he apparently is receiving and I don’t follow that, it definitely isn’t warranted.

“I’ve worked for a lot of quality people in this profession, long before I ever came to the NFL and I’ve certainly worked for quality people in the National Football League. I would put Greg up against anybody I’ve worked for in regards to a guy of single-mindedness and purpose toward doing the job he’s been asked to do and doing it with complete and total integrity.  In our profession, if we get criticized for that, then he should be criticized.

“All he’s ever done since I’ve been here is be the first guy in the building and the last guy to leave.  [He] focuses his entire energy and concentration on what he can do on a daily basis to help the Bucs win and he’s done it with complete unadulterated integrity.  If in our profession we get criticized for that, then that’s the way it is.  But without expounding on that any more that’s my response and I appreciate you giving me a chance to say that.”

It all sounds good, and it’s sort of expected.  Indeed, if Schiano’s key employees weren’t defending him against mounting complaints, it eventually would seem that they agree with the attacks.

Besides, Sheridan’s experiences consist of working for plenty of guys like Schiano.  With other NFL teams, Sheridan worked for reputed taskmaster Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells pupil Tony Sparano.  Sheridan previously spent 20 years working for college coaches like Bo Schembechler, Nick Saban, and Lloyd Carr.
Regardless of whether it’s Schiano or Saban or Coughlin or anyone else, a my-way-or-the-highway style isn’t sustainable when wins aren’t happening.

Really, no style is sustainable when wins aren’t happening.  But the enemies cultivated by an abrasive demeanor become far more motivated to see an actual or perceived tyrant get run out of town.

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  1. All anyone is asking of the man, Bill, is a chance to be the first guy in the building for once. Or the last guy to leave. Even the night security guys are getting upset.

  2. Sheridan is way off base.

    I would agree with him if I saw Schiano going on TV blaming the GM for not giving him the players he needs to win. But I didn’t hear any of that, so sounds to me like he vouched for what he had to work with.

    And if he doesn’t run the table for the remainder of the season, then he has FAILED.

    So I guess on a technical level Sheridan is correct. But that designation of correctness will disappear completely after 2 more losses and the Bucs become mathematically eliminated.

  3. I hope when Sheridan is referring to working for/with “quality people” he is not including himself. He was a garbage DC for the Giants after taking over for Spags and has done no better with the Bucs. The Glazers should cut their losses and clean house of all these “Schiano Men”.

  4. Interesting story: Low character Miami Dolphins offensive lineman richie incognito’s dad wrote a letter/story on a Nebraska fan board in 2003.

    In the story… he describes the recruiting process of his son and tells an interesting bit about a certain school. Here is a quote:

    “I will not condemn any program but I will state a fact, a true fact. There are a lot of schools out there that are going to all out lie. They will tell you anything you want to hear, just to get you son to play football for their program.

    One particular school comes to mind, I won’t name it but it is in the state of Florida and you can’t go much more south in the state because you run out of land. Their line coach was in love with my son, we received hand written letters everyday. When the contact period started we got calls whenever he was allowed to call. Needed my son bad, he said, was going to build the line around him, he said, came from t he NY area so he had an in with us, he thought. I wanted to know the stability of the coaching staff, his response was,” We all love it here, great place, plenty of sun year round, no one has any inclination of ever leaving here. Before the ink was dry on my sons letter of intent to Nebraska, the head coach was gone and the line coach that was never leaving was the head coach at Rutgers. Nuff said. Well I have more.”

    Just who was that line coach for that south Florida team???

  5. The only news in this is that Schiano hasn’t lost his other coaches yet- they’re still with him. I take it this means the new head coach will be coming from outside the organization. I’m ready for Lovie Smith.

  6. “Sheridan says criticism of Schiano isn’t warranted”

    Yeah, and my Mom thinks I’m damned handsome

  7. The problem I have with this is the absolute refusal to respect the words of people within the organization. We see their comments sometimes, but they are always followed by words intended to discredit. The above article is a perfect example.

  8. Sheridan has no credibility after challenging fans who disagreed with his strategy to meet him at 5 am — then blew them off.

    Worse, Sheridan doesn’t get that working longer is not working harder, losing is losing. And losers get fired.

  9. keep schiano! there are so many bad bosses, jerks, wall street cheaters, politicians, you name it who act the same why -that seeing their kind be exposed and embarrassed is better than having them out of the way. I wont waste time watching the bucs but enjoy seeing them lose by a bigger margin each week. I hated it when raheem was our coach because he was a decent human being. I take pleasure to see this guy get his just due. plus this guy wont bring in tebow. you are paid to win the game. tebow wins. schiano doesn’t.

  10. If he’s first in, last out, that’s work ethic. His work ethic has never been in question. Its how he goes about his work that matters. If players don’t buy what he sells, he could work 24/7 & it won’t change anything.
    If he still has his job after this season, he needs to learn what Tom Coughlin learned a while back. Treat the adults you work with like adults & not teenagers breaking curfew. Bees to honey, my man.

  11. This guy deserves every bit of criticizem he gets. He’s a sorry excuse for a coach. he has turned that whole team against himself and handled the Freeman situation win ZERO class. He needs to be fired!!

  12. I haven’t coached football in years and have NEVER coached at the nfl level. But when I saw that the bucs were playing zone on desean jackson and not bumpi g him on the line if scrimmage with Revis….. all I will say is u could have taken over mid game in calling the D and the bucs would have had a much better chance to win. And I’ll put my name out there to prove it. Dare me for the next game.

  13. Does Sheridan realize that the media is at the front of this. Now that Tebow is gone, they needed to turn their vile towards someone. Not sure why they picked him. Maybe he isn’t giving the media what they want, so they picked on him. Let’s see what happens with Freeman the rest of the year. You know the guy that the media gave a free pass to as he lost as much as the rest of the team did. I for one am routing for the Schino!

  14. .

    A man’s personality is his personality despite the wishes of bloggers and talk show hosts.

    Chuck Noll, Bill Belichick, and Greg Schiano are the same type. They’re not going to get new personalities to suit media types whose credentials are unknown.

    Chuck Noll’s record :

    Year 1. 1-13
    Year 2. 5-9

    Chuck Noll then won more Super Bowls than any other coach in NFL history.


  15. Sounds like Bill Sheridan is gonna be named the interim coach. He’s just letting Schiano no that it’s not personal.

    If the get crushed by the Seahawks, Schiano will be flying back, commercial …alone.

  16. This quack ruined the Giants defense after Spags left……even got fired mid-season.

    His opinion holds no value.

  17. I agree with Sheridan. I love how the players are still laughing it up with the local media. It looks like they feel this losing streak is all on the coaches and that they aren’t responsible for playing like crap every week. How convenient.

  18. Sheridan shouldn’t be talking when he takes the #1 cover guy in the NFL and put him in zone… This is also the same guy who took a top 10 defense in 2008 and turned them into the worst defense in 2009 when he was with the Giants. His defense also set a franchise record in points allowed in 2009. He like Schiano are both on their way out on Tampa. This guy has been around the NFL, and apparently still hasn’t learned how to put his players in favorable match ups.. You can work for the best coaches and learn nothing, I think Sheridan is a good example of that.

  19. I hope Schiano stays for at least another year. True the home team isn’t winning but the media is so bound and determined to make sure he gets fired that I would like him to stay on.
    The local media here in Tampa ran Dungy out of town, ran Gruden out of town and now they are trying the same thing with the coach we have with now.
    The draft position for next year will be great but that’s not to say our GM won’t F that up. He has so many times before.
    The team surely needs some scheme changes and Greg better bring those in. That is exactly what caused the demise of Dungy over his offense.

  20. The nerve of fans to criticize a guy who is 0-7, over matched, team in mutiny, and does things like tell his players to go after the knees of opponents on kneel down plays. Tell it to somebody else loser.

  21. Wow one of Schiano’s staff who will likely lose his job along with Schiano defending him in an attempt to save both their jobs.

    What a shocker.

  22. As a local fan, I’m not really shocked at the unprofessionalism and morally unethic behavior at Bucs camp. It has really been the same way ever since Mr. Glazer became to old and had all his children take over the team. Ever since then, it has been like grade school. The Glazer kids may be trying to change that culture now, but Schiano is an extreme douche and the damage has been done. The fans, media, players, former Superbowl MVP Dexter Jackson and former players have taken notice. I’m not sure anyone would want to support the Buccaneers anymore now.

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