Steelers say they’re not unhappy with guy they just benched


One might be tempted to think that when a head coach benches an unproductive first-round pick, there might be some degree of dissatisfaction with his play.

But Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler said the benching of Jarvis Jones wasn’t like that at all.

We are not dissatisfied with him,” Butler said, via Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It is nothing like that. He is going to be a good player for us. Right now we are going to do what we can to win ballgames, and whatever that takes is what we are going to do.”

At the moment, that includes benching the 17th overall pick behind the perfectly ordinary Jason Worilds.

“He’s just not doing enough detail work right now and Jason Worilds is,” head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday of Jones. “That’s the reality of it. There is more detail in Worilds’ work right now than Jarvis.”

Jones barely played in the second half of last week’s loss to the Raiders, and television cameras showed Butler barking at the rookie on the sidelines at one point.

“They want me to be more technically sound,” Jones said. “I understand the things I have to do. It’s definitely a learning curve. Before I even got here, it has been said that [defensive coordinator Dick] LeBeau’s defense is challenging. I have to keep chopping wood, stay in the film room, stay in the playbook and keep learning. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

Jones is talented enough that he should eventually become the kind of impact outside linebacker they’ve had in Pittsburgh for decades (a line that keeps moving because they keep finding kids and fitting them in and letting guys go when they get old and expensive).

But for the moment, it appears he has a lot of work to do to convince his bosses he deserves that kind of chance.

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  1. I would say that on a 2-5 team the head coach is not doing enough detail work. At all. Not even close.

    No playoff wins for the Steelers until at least 2017. Tomlin’s contract runs through 2016 and the Steeler’s are too cheap to fire him.

    By then it will be six years in a row without a playoff win starting with getting Tebowed two years ago. Those are the details.

  2. Benching is a message that his first round status doesn’t entitle him to playing time; in some organizations it might but not Pittsburgh. The message has been sent and judging by Jones’ comment, clearly received. I’d expect him to “study up” and become a regular sooner rather than later.

  3. Jury’s still out, but his measurables weren’t anything to write home about. However, dominant sack #’s in the pro football factory SEC cannot be overlooked. Lets just say he’s better than Alonzo Jackson, but not where they thought he would be at this point. Dropping back in pass coverage challenges him i can already see.

  4. Let’s hope the Rooneys are savvy enough to recognize the lack of detail in Tomlin’s work. Such as:
    — In 2010, when he decided to start an inexperienced Dennis Dixon over seasoned-veteran Charlie Batch to open that season. Only the team’s elite defense rendered Tomlin’s curious decision irrelevant.
    — In 2011, when he cut both Max Starks and Flozel Adams, leaving the O-line in a shambles at the start of that season. Starks was re-signed four weeks later.
    — In 2012, when he decided to stick with a visibly injured Byron Leftwich instead of turning to Batch in a winnable 13-10 loss against the Ravens. Later it was revealed that Leftwich had played the majority of that game with two fractured ribs.
    — In 2013 … Too numerous to list.

  5. Not a big deal on Jones, look at James Harrison starting his career on the practice squad. Jones will be better every year from herein. Tomlin and Colbert’s actions (or lack of) are the BIG DEAL. Start the fire sale for picks and cap relief. Woodly is not worth 10 mil, Ike is not worth 9 mil and Troy is not worth his 9 mil (even though he has played better. Put a fork in 2013’s steeler season!

  6. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 31, 2013 1:44 PM
    The Steelers have chosen poorly.

    FOUR first round BUSTS in the past five drafts.
    You wouldn’t know a bust if the stripper smacked you in the face with it.

  7. Quite a few years ago, my brother called me after getting home from the Orange Bowl and told me Michigan’s quarterback Tom Brady was going to be an NFL superstar. Clearly, none of the draft scouts picked up on this.

    When Jarvis Jones’s name started floating around as a possible first-round draft pick for the Steelers, my brother–who attended last year’s SEC Championship between Georgia and Alabama–reminded me about how he struggled against Bama in that game.

    Maybe the Steelers need to call my brother before the next draft.

  8. “Steelers say they’re not unhappy with guy they just benched”


    If they were “happy” with him then why are they benching him?

    Typical PR “B.S.”.

    The team doesn’t wanna admit they drafted yet another guy who can’t play good in the NFL, like Ziggy & Limas…

  9. @quitsburgh …

    In fairness, Sweed was a superior route-runner–which is the hard part. But he had a couple of drops, then the crowd got into it, and it messed with his head. That was a sad situation. Not defending our recent draft picks because we’ve clearly made some big mistakes. But it’s tough to predict the kind of thing that happened with Sweed.

  10. Look at all these people downing jones from what I seen Jarvis jones is gonna for fill James Harrison shoes Jarvis prolly just hasn’t been watching films maybe thought it was gonna be easy like college but this is the NFL give him time and hell be a house hold name that every team has a game plan for

  11. winorlose6burgh says:Oct 31, 2013 8:26 PM

    Look at all these people downing jones from what I seen Jarvis jones is gonna for fill James Harrison shoes Jarvis prolly just hasn’t been watching films maybe thought it was gonna be easy like college but this is the NFL give him time and hell be a house hold name that every team has a game plan for

    No he won’t…………

  12. No disrespect to any of you even Deb’s bro, but I’ll take Dick LeBeau’s word over anyone else.

    DB has stated time and time again that JJ isn’t any less behind any other great OLB that he has coached at this point in his career.

    And why aren’t any of you applying for NFL scouting jobs? Its obvious we have some great minds in here that know exactly what to do with this team.

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