Tyron Smith admits his holding penalty can’t happen again


Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s game-winning touchdown with 12 seconds remaining might not have happened if not for a little help from Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith.

On the Cowboys’ last play of the possession immediately before the Lions’ game-winning drive, Smith was called for holding. That penalty stopped the clock and gave the Lions an extra 40 seconds. Smith didn’t think his hold was blatant — he called it “a tug” — but he acknowledged that it was a mistake he shouldn’t have made.

“It’s a technique issue, but I have to clean up that mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Smith said, via ESPNDallas.com.

If it hadn’t happened this time, the Cowboys probably would have beaten the Lions.

19 responses to “Tyron Smith admits his holding penalty can’t happen again

  1. It’s easy to make something like that a focal point but the Cowboys on the other side of the field made Calvin Johnson’s numbers look like they’re from a Madden game.

    Yeah, without this penalty Dallas probably wins. But a holding penalty is part of playing o-line, sometimes it happens. A 300+ yard performance seems like bigger culprit.

  2. The truly best players in the game, at any position, on either side of the ball, don’t make excuses, complain about the rules or the officials, or try to find ways to get around them.

  3. The Lions won the game because of an incredible performance by Matthew Stafford, not because of some penalty.

    Why do the Cowboys need 100 excuses every time they lose?

  4. He doesn’t even recognize the problem. It wasn’t a technique issue it was a mental mistake. You shouldn’t be doing anything that might even get you close to being called for a hold on a play where you are just running out the clock.

  5. Nice of him to admit the mistake, but it was a pretty blatant hold and the refs had to make that call.

  6. Don’t feel bad Tyron. It’s like those “Final Destination” movies. The Cowboys were destined to lose that game…no way around it. You get out gained 623-268 and out-timed of possession by 10 minutes, you’re suppose to lose that game. Not your fault. Better team won.

  7. Nope not your fault. Believe the play was to have the rb run straight up the gut. Instead he improvises and bounces to the outside, so smith is now out of position. If the rb just does his job this is all moot.

  8. Dallas lost the game because of many things but the play that set the series of events up was the hold. Without the hold the clock runs to 30 seconds the lions needed 50 seconds for the whole drive. Dallas should have stopped the lions and nobody is making an excuse but the fact is no hold no clock stop game over. Facts are facts

  9. And how many other penalites, linemen slow to get to the line, missed signals, etc… cost 11 seconds?

    Nice of him to man up and admit the mistake, but no…it didn’t cost them the game.

  10. Well if Calvin, or Bush hadn’t fumbled the ball which was very uncharacteristic of them the Cowboys wouldn’t have been close enough to win. Lets try and remember the Lions had 623 total yards to the Cowboys 268 total yards. This game should not have come down to the last play, but not because of a holding penalty, because of three fluke plays in two fumbles and an interception that bounced off the best receiver in the leagues hands. Funny but Calvin had more bad plays in this game than any game I have seen. He also made more good plays than I have ever seen in a game by a wide receiver. Lets just quit trying to say the Cowboys should have won this game, they were beat in every phase of the game but turnovers, and sacks because they got one in trash time LOL.

  11. Anyone who watched the game knows the Cowboys should have won the game. If Romo takes a knee instead of handing the ball off to Tanner, the clock wouldn’t have stopped and the Boys would have most likely won the game.

    As it is, they lost by one point with 12 seconds left.

  12. The game was over. On that play, Rule #1 and #1a were don’t go out of bounds and don’t incur a penalty.

    The could’ve kneeled and won.

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been made a bigger deal!

  13. groleo45 says:
    Oct 31, 2013 10:13 AM
    Dumb penalty, even dumber play call. If Dallas takes a knee and kicks the FG, they’re up 6 kicking off with 20 seconds left. Game over.

    ACTUALLY, them Boys would have been up by 9 making it a 2 possession game. It was 24-30 (already up by 6) when the Lions took over. After scoring a TD making it 30-30. Extra kick for the win.

  14. actually koolaidsgonebad groleo 45 is right the score was 27-24 when the penalty was called which made it 4th down Dallas decided to kick the field goal to make it 30-24 then the lions drove it down for the score to tie the game and win it with the extra point

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