Austin, Ware doubtful for Cowboys


The Cowboys look like they’ll be without wide receiver Miles Austin and defensive end DeMarcus Ware again this weekend.

Both players were listed as doubtful on the team’s final injury report for their game against the Vikings. For Ware, this would be a third straight week on the sideline with the calf injury he suffered in Week Six against the Redskins. Ware vowed to make it back ahead of the 3-4 week prognosis handed down at the time, but it looks like the medical side is going to win this one.

Austin has been bothered by a hamstring injury for some time and appeared to return too quickly after missing two games earlier this year. With Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley playing well, there’s not much reason for the Cowboys to make that mistake twice.

“We’re really wanting to make sure we get him 100 percent back and he’s not out there playing at 85-90 percent,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Give him the chance to get all the way back rather than push him out.”

Safety J.J. Wilcox, guard Brian Waters, cornerback Morris Claiborne and linebacker DeVonte Holloman have all been ruled out.


8 responses to “Austin, Ware doubtful for Cowboys

  1. I think they’re only doing this because they think this will be an easy win, then bring them back for the Saints game. Watch the Vikings come alive this weekend. I’m a Cowboys fan, and I hope I’m wrong….

  2. I’m a Viking’s fan… and am sad to say that I believe Tony Romo could play this week with his eyes closed and still pick apart the untalented and undermanned Vikings secondary. 😦

  3. Been a Vikes Fan since before Dallas got away with the offensive pass interference in that 70’s playoff game (bitter? – I’m starting to get over it – still pi$$ed about the Walker trade).

    Regardless with our secondary it won’t matter if Romo throws to the Dallas cheerleaders, our secondary will play off them and then muff any possible tackles.

    Please drag some guys off the practice squad, maybe a moonlighting Golden Gopher, anyone but Robinson and Cook.

    Vike fans quit cranking on Ponder and put the blame where it belongs: Muspants, Willams, Frazier, Spielman and that Lake Wobegone secondary.

  4. I hope Austin enjoys his last season with the club – of course, most of it will be from the sideline as usual.

    And, how does that Morris Claiborne pick look now? It’s bad enough taking a corner that high, but, to also have traded up? Eeek.

  5. I’m torn. I projected the Vikings to be 3-13, but if they get to 5 or 6 wins, they’ll likely have to endure another few years with mediocre QB play.

    Meh. Either way, they’re 4 – 5 years away from relevance, and by then Adrian Peterson will have retired.

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