Bengals confirm Geno Atkins done for season with torn ACL

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The Bengals’ best defensive player is done for the season.

Geno Atkins, the star defensive tackle who signed a five-year, $55 million contract less than two months ago, suffered a torn ACL on Thursday night in Miami. The Bengals’ medical staff believed on initial diagnosis that Atkins had suffered the serious injury, and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis confirmed today that Atkins is done for the year.

That’s an enormous blow for the Bengals. Atkins is one of the most disruptive players in the middle of the line in the entire league, and he’s extremely important to the Bengals both as a pass rusher and a run stuffer. There’s really no way to replace a player like Atkins.

At 6-3 in a weak division, the Bengals remain the favorites to win the AFC North. But losing Atkins is a major blow to any hopes the Bengals had of a run to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Lot of doubters on here. Forget we have Zimmer as DC. The man is a genius and always seems to find a way to bounce back from a huge injury loss. Not saying this isn’t a huge hit for us but I wouldn’t count us out yet. The run game for the Dolphins was going even before Geno got knocked out. Our run D actually got better later in the day when Thompson was in. Not saying he’s anywhere near Geno but the man can still play ball.

  2. when he was down I had the same gross feeling i had when Kimo lowballed Carson(the quitter)Palmer

  3. Everybody keep on hating! If your trolling on A Bengals site, its because your jealous of our superior team & we have probably already beat you. Don’t worry about us, our depth will carry us……worry about your own pathetic puny team.

  4. I don’t like the Bengals, or their fans, but love the way this dude plays the game.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Geno!

  5. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy he was out to improve my Ravens’ chances against the Bengals in two weeks. That said, I wish nothing but a speedy and healthy recovery for Geno. In my opinion THE best DT in the league and by all accounts an upstanding and hard working young man who deserves all of that contract, its always fun watching him wreak havoc on 30 other teams’ interior lines.

  6. Brutal. Hate to see guys with that much talent get felled by a season ending injury. Hopefully it sugeries and fixes up clean and he can come back as good as he has been next year. Good luck!

  7. Not a bengal fan, however I would have liked to see him break the sack record….without an opposing QB giving it to him. But the Bengals will have to move on without him for the year. They can still win games.

  8. As a Cincy fan – I’m hopeful team will regroup and come out fighting. That said – it’s just not as much fun when you lose guys like Atkins and Leon. I know it’s just part of football, but it’s hard to keep the same enthusiasm… not sure how NFL can rationalize their interest in an 18 game schedule. It loses something when it’s just a battle of attrition and the mash unit that gets hottest at the end of the year raises the trophy.

    On another note: really really glad Geno signed that contract with the team before this happened. He earned that contract and that moment secured a very bright future for him and his family. He had good representation and made a smart choice.

  9. Wishing Geno a speedy recovery. He’s a tremendous player and I have nothing but respect for him. Very unfortunate for him and the Bengals.

  10. This torn ACL bonanza has gone too far now. I’m not sure there’s a way to stop it entirely but there damn sure should be more effort to.

  11. I figured the season was over when Leon Hall was injured… but… this is a big bummer.

    These disappointments do make for relaxing Januarys.

    Fishing in Florida >>> NFL

  12. This injury bug throughout the league is getting barbaric. I’m no Bengals fan, but I feel bad for this kid. It just seems like whoever wins the title this year will simply be the team that is the luckiest not to lose top players. And the league wants to go to 18 games? And will continue to play Thursday night games and wants to add more? The NFL is pushing itself into extinction down the road with its hypocritical approach to injuries and protecting players. I grew up playing football and still love the game, but I am definitely leaning toward not allowing my son to play when he gets old enough.

  13. Why aren’t the teams coming off bye weeks playing these Thursday night games???

    The NFL front office is sub-moronic.

  14. Losing Geno makes it tougher, but this season ain’t over yet. But we won’t mind if you haters kid yourselves that it is.

  15. Good thing we drafted 2 DT’s in last years draft, Devon Still in the 2nd round and Brandon Thompson in the 3rd round, hopefully one of those guys step up. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if we bring in a FA like Jay Ratliff

  16. The combination of an offense that added Gio and Eifert and a solid (.. but thinning) defense make this Geno/Leon-less Bengals team still more dangerous than the last two seasons.

  17. joshhatesthesteelers says:
    Nov 1, 2013 2:42 PM
    Good thing we drafted 2 DT’s in last years draft, Devon Still in the 2nd round and Brandon Thompson in the 3rd round, hopefully one of those guys step up. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if we bring in a FA like Jay Ratliff


    Still has a nagging elbow injury so I don’t see him in much. It’ll be Thompson getting the call.

  18. thanks goodell for giving us more Thursday football. for a league that’s so concerned with player safety youd think theyd want guys to have a full weeks rest between games. id like to see a stat as to how many injuries occur on short week games compared t players having a weeks rest. sucks for geno though this guy is a beast hopefully somebody will step up.

  19. “thepftpoet says:
    Nov 1, 2013 12:44 PM
    Geno Atkins with a torn ACL is still better than any Lineman on the Steelers”

    Is this what Bengals fans will console themselves with after they lose in the first round of playoffs? And I don’t give a fiddle about Dalton’s numbers. No one looking this guy soberly is going to say he’s a franchise QB. Bengals will be doing the same thing as the irrelevant Steelers in February: watching the SB on TV.

  20. I don’t laugh at injuries. but cmon cincy fans. seriously can you ever see Dalton and marvin lewis side by side holding the Lombardi trophy??? I mean are you guys seriously that out of touch with reality? yes my steelers are a mess, but if Dalton was my QB I would be seriously worried about my chances. but hey jumpball joe flacco won 1, so maybe anything is possible! cause I don’t think hes a good QB either, but he is way better than Dalton!!

  21. Yeah bad news for the Bun gals, but most every other team has lost key players this season to ACL, MCL or other. They should be more concerned with finding a Qb. that can play consistant to get them past the 1st. round of playoffs. Dalton is not that guy based on his play when things get tough, he chokes big time. It will be interesting to see how the AFC North shakes out by the end of the season. Right now it’s up for grabs except for the Steelers of course.

  22. never know steelers can creep in. who woulda ever thought the once awesome afc north would be reduced to rubble. you just worry about the rotten brownies bensstinkyfingers! they are,have,and will always be terrible. I mean don’t comment on Dalton. you drafted an 80 yr old QB in the 1st round 2 yrs ago who will be out of the league by next year! factory of awfulness!!

  23. this city and its fans cannot not catch a break in any sport this is frustrating, get well atkins.

  24. it’s so funny to hear you ignorant Steelers fans act like your team has a shot. they just lost to the raiders. haha. the bengals will be fine. if they catch 2 of the 6 drops last night they would be 7-2. 6-3 is still first place. bring on the ravens

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