Gerald McCoy says Bucs coaches got upset he helped opponents up off ground


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to strive to show how tough they are and how hard they play in all the wrong ways.

In addition to the continued insistence to play defense aggressively when within one score while a team in the victory formation, the Buccaneers coaching staff also apparently doesn’t like acts of sportsmanship toward opposing teams.

Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said during a radio appearance Wednesday on the team’s flagship station, 620 WDAE-AM, that the team’s defensive line coaches (Randy Melvin and Bryan Cox) expressed anger toward McCoy for helping opposing players off the ground in games.

Despite their anger, McCoy isn’t listening on this subject.

“I had my D-line coaches get on to me the other day,” McCoy said, via  “Well, not get on to me, try to get on to me. There’s no way they’re going to get on to me for this. They got upset with me because I helped somebody up [in the game.] So what! I don’t care. Kiss my butt. Listen, if I want to help somebody, I’m going help somebody up. Because right on the next play I’m going to knock him down again. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.”

“That doesn’t change how hard I play. As long as in between the whistles I’m not helping anybody up, it doesn’t matter. So what if I help them off the ground? ‘Good job; we’re out here competing. But as soon as they snap the ball, I’m going to kill you again.’

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody’s not like that. If you don’t want to be like that, keep it to yourself. I don’t care. I don’t go tell them, ‘Hey, you’re not doing this. You’re not doing that.’ I don’t care. Everybody does what they do. If I help somebody up, get over it. Get over it.”

McCoy believes the vitriol being shown toward head coach Greg Schiano for the team’s 0-7 start to the season is a bit overboard. However, the backlash from the coaches about helping opponents up could be another instance of the coaching staff not seeing the forest through the trees.

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  1. The only thing I like about Schiano is that they do play 60-minutes, and that includes trying to get the ball back if it’s a one score game. The morons that say they’re the attacks the knees are idiots – they’re obviously trying to get the ball back. The fact that teams are now doing a shotgun kneel down means they’re having to do something extra to prepare, that is the reaction you hope for, for the other team to have to adjust to something that isn’t common and causes a mistake.

    With that said I hope Schiano stays for the entire year for the following reasons.

    1. He is our only hope to beat out Jacksonville for the #1 draft pick
    2. It will make for fantastic TV viewing as the fans truly hate the guy, hopefully on MNF they’ll actually allow that to be shown to the national TV audience if he’s still the coach
    3. It gives more time for the NFLPA to try to force the hand of the NFL to make Schiano answer questions about Freeman’s medical records. Hopefully, with any luck, he’ll be fired with cause and walk away with nothing.

    Schiano is a piece of Jersey Trash and deserves the piling on he is getting. He truly seems like a POS, from the video of him talking about himself in 3rd person saying that the team was a laughing stock BEFORE he got there, to the way he handled Freeman. If you don’t want to play Freeman that is one thing, to try to destroy him in national media by leaking stories and his medical records is another.

    Have fun coaching at South West Arizona Community College next year coach.

  2. I’ve always been more impressed with the player that extends a hand rather than walk over a guy and pose and flex.

  3. When McCoy is off the clock he can do whatever he wants. When he’s on the clock, he needs to do as he’s told. No one pays you to do whatever you want.

  4. That’s right, Gerald McCoy, a Schiano man always plays like a petulant child with no respect for his opponents. What are you, some kind of grown-up? Get with the program!

  5. “However, the backlash from the coaches about helping opponents up could be another instance of the coaching staff not seeing the forest through the trees.”

    Exactly. Schiano spends more time making sure his players aren’t enjoying themselves or being sportsmanlike than he does planning for the game.

  6. The theory is if you are helping someone up you are making it easier for them and allowing them to catch a breath or spend less energy to be slightly more ready for the next play. Plus you are wasting energy when you should be getting ready or helping your team. Even if it is minuscule coaches are looking for any advantage. This is like an Olympic athlete looking for the tiniest thing just to shave a part of a second to improve. It wasn’t that long ago football players didn’t worry about their diet or workout in the offseason. Anything that might give you an advantage however small.

  7. McCoy shouldn’t be talking about this in the press, but you have to admire his approach. Respectful between whistles doesn’t make you go easy on someone during the play……..for some. For many, dislike (however, contrived) for the opposing player is what is needed to perform at their highest level. He isn’t one of them……or is he and that is why the coaches are getting all over his case?

  8. I’m not a Tampa fan, but I’ve always liked McCoy. And if he’s reached the point where’s he’s saying stuff like this, you can bet that Schiano and his staff have already lost this team.

    Yeah, piss off one of your best players because he helps an opposing player up.

    Tampa fans, hang in there. This nightmare will be over in a couple of months.

  9. Honestly, I’ve never heard of Randy Melvin and don’t know who he is, but I sure know who Bryan Cox is, and I wouldn’t pay too much serious attention to him if I were a player…

  10. This is the type of quotes that makes me wonder if Schiano is really to blame. If you have players going to the media with silly things like this, you know they just don’t get it. Shut up and play football McCoy! Your team is winless!

  11. So who is in charge of those hires then? Schiano? The front office? These things work different per team is the only thing I know. So my point is could there be a chance that the dysfunction in the coaching tree be not caused by Schiano?

    Not going to act like I know everything as I’m on the outside looking in but it seems thus far nobody on the team is alluding to bad things about him. Only thing we got that was aimed AT him was a former unnamed player, two words that hurt credibility when stringed togethe. The MRSA thing goes above the HC. It would be nice to know the true details from the inside as life is rarely as cut and paste as the media makes it.

    Oh well.

  12. Getting off the ground for big guys expends energy as does helping someone up. Multiply that times 40 plays during the game and it might be the difference in that final drive between a tackle or a score.

    Tell a guy “good block” or “nice hustle” but don’t help him up. It’s not personal, its about strategy.

    Of course this comes from a guy who doesn’t like seeing referees helping players get up too.

  13. I saw both Reggie White and Brain Urlacker help up QB’s after they sacked them. I wonder what the Buc’s coaches would thought of their play.

  14. I agree with the coaches. If the goal is to wear the other team out and run over them. Why in the name of god are you helping them up. Its got nothing to do with sportsmanship. Its not like your helping them from falling off a cliff or anything. You would never ever see a hockey player help a guy up he just checked into next week.

    I’ve never understood it

  15. I totally agree, players from one team shouldn’t be helping other players off the ground. They have 10 other teammates walking around the general vicinity that can help.

    Nothing pisses me off more then when players from my favorite team are hugging and laughing it up with players from the other team they are supposed to be rivals with.

    Do you think Deacon Jones or Jack Lambert would help a guy they just flattened up off the ground?

  16. Schiano and his coaches are a bunch of clueless idiots. They are little bitty boys trying so hard to be big tough men and the players saw that from day one. Hence, no success.

    The more I hear about this guy, the more I’m convinced that not only should this guy not be in the NFL, he shouldn’t be in college either. Maybe the Napoleonic syndrome can play well in a high school setting.

  17. I have seen it both ways. This is nothing new. Some guys help players up and some don’t. I don’t think it shows a lack of sportsmanship either way. McCoy is right that no one should give a crap, and no one does as long as you don’t make news out of it.

  18. I’m not surprised about Bryan Cox. That’s was his style. He was a very good and very violent player. There are a lot of coaches who would say the same thing. Just shrug it off.

  19. At what point do people start to look at the Bucs and say “Maybe it’s the players”.

    I guess that’s how you judge a HC – whether the players like him or not. Maybe they should let the players hire the coach. That should work out well…………………

  20. I think the most telling thing here is that McCoy has no issue telling the coaches to “Kiss my butt” when it comes to this issue. The players have no respect for the current coaching staff. Time to clean house.

  21. That’s just good sportsmanship! Keep it up! Maybe hold a class and teach it to fellow players like suh! Years ago, before football was all about money, you saw the greats out there demolishing running backs, quarterbacks and receivers, but the putting their jan out to help them up, only to flatten them 40 seconds later. It’s just good sportsmanship, and respecting your fellow players. It’s just like a dirty player who is always going for opponents heads or knees.. Nobody wants to play against that player, and don’t kid yourself, nobody really wants to play with that person as a teammate either! There’s alot to be said about respect amongst players and teammates.

  22. Schiano is a moron. You’re trying to instill a belief that is molded from Pop Warner to the best players in the world? Whether it’s right or wrong – it’s not boot camp. You aren’t completely remolding professionals… You’re trying to get the most out of them on every down.

    Coaching this way is an absolute cave man mentality – and it’s no wonder he is failing.

  23. I’m on McCoy’s side, but there’s 2 thoughts on helping or not. Sure, it slightly weakens physically the opponent to make him get up on his own over and over. It also slightly weakens his mind/heart/anger if the opponent is always helping him up, and that takes him off his game too.

  24. “Of course this comes from a guy who doesn’t like seeing referees helping players get up too”.

    Sounds like someone who never played THE GAME ….to me…..

  25. Helping your opponent up after the play is a very classy thing to do. If the Bucs coaches have a problem with it, well then that shows all we need to know about the Bucs coaching staff.

    I guarantee Tony Dungy would support McCoy on this one.

  26. As someone said, this is a game, not a war, and I see no issue with a player helping another player from another team up…even if it is a Browns player helping up a Steeler. These aren’t mortal enemies, but football players, some of whom played for the same college or high school teams. Those coaches need to get a grip, and I am glad that McCoy is man enough not to listen.

  27. Schiano’s staff seems to focus on the wrong things. Maybe they should think about not getting into the situation where the opposing team gets into a victory formation rather than attacking the formation.

    The other team goes into the victory formation as a courtesy, let’s not have any more exposure to injury….may Schiano’s opponents should all eschew the victory formations and stomp on the gas pedal. Run the score up.

  28. This has to be one of the singular lamest things I’ve ever heard an NFL coach criticize.

    Good sportsmanship and giving a guy a hand up ? See that all the time when guys give someone from the other team a hand.

    Bucs need to clean house with their coaching staff that’s for sure.

  29. Parcells did not allow his players to pick up an opponent. Many good coaches do not want their players taking care of an opponent while the game is in progress.

  30. Obviously the whole coaching staff lacks maturity!! I thought it was just Schaino that was driving the team into oblivion.

  31. A Schiano man never helps an opposing player up. He kicks dirt in there face and laughs at there weakness.

  32. I totally understand where McCoy is coming from here. It’s not about playing until the whistle. It’s about being a decent human being after the whistle blows. About treating others with respect and dignity.

    As much as fans want their players to hate opposing players, most of the league is friendly with each other. They know each other and understand that without the other teams, they wouldn’t have a job.

    I understand the coaches wanting the players only to focus on their team and the task at hand and to view opponents as only opponents but they are in the wrong here.

  33. It’s just another example of how Schiano thinks being a good coach means talking tough and macho posturing. He can’t gameplan worth a damn and he’s obviously lost the respect of the team if one of its best players feels free to publicly tell him “Kiss my butt.”

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