Joe Haden: “The Ravens aren’t the Ravens of old”


As streaks go, the Ravens are approaching death/taxes status when it comes to the Browns.

But Browns cornerback Joe Haden tossed a log on the fire, saying there’s a legitimate reason his team can snap an 11-game losing streak to their division rival when they host the Ravens.

“Because as the years go by, the teams change,” Haden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “The Ravens aren’t the Ravens of old. They’re still really good, a real talented team, a division opponent, but at the same time, our team is a whole different team. It’s a different squad.

“We still haven’t gotten over the hump, but there’s no reason why we can’t.”

Of course, a lot has changed since Week Two, when the Ravens extended the streak with a 14-6 win. The Browns have since then found and lost a serviceable quarterback (Brian Hoyer), gone back to the first one (Brandon Weeden) and then changed again (Jason Campbell).

But even though they’re 3-5, they’re taking heart in an improved defensive showing (particularly in the second half against the undefeated Chiefs), and the fact their schedule is backloaded with division games, including a pair against the 2-5 Steelers.

“Everything is still in front of us,” Haden said. “We still have so many division games in front of us and nobody’s really out there. Cincinnati’s ahead but we can always catch up. We’ve still got everything ahead of us that we want to do. We just need to do it.”

Of course, offering up a little motivational material for the Ravens might not have been the wisest course of action, but Haden will have his chance to back it up.

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  1. I’m sorry, I know it’s fun for everyone, but I just do not buy into this motivational crap. Like, was Dallas Clark going to drop a pass in the end zone but instead he’ll think “no, the Browns said we’re not the Ravens of old” and squeeze the ball a little tighter and make the catch?

  2. I like the enthusiasm in Haden and this defensive squad right now. They need to go out there and back it up though and throw some confidence the way of the offense. And Haden is right, these arent the Ravens of old, but you cannot take them lightly, they still have a lot of weapons and a decent Defense of their own. This is a must win for both teams, especially with the Bengals loss yesterday, the division is still pretty wide open.

    Now if only the Browns can find a running game, we could be dangerous down the stretch.

    Lets Go Brownies!

  3. It’s not motivational material for the Ravens, he spoke the truth. He never said anything negative, just tried to see things in an optimistic light for his team and city. We can respect that. Every player should do that.

  4. Ravens fan here. Haden is 100% correct. The 2013 Ravens are now “John Harbaugh’s” Ravens. He cleaned house of anyone who openly disagreed with him, and so this is now his team, unlike any Ravens team before this one. He brought in his BFF Juan Castillo to destroy (I mean improve) the O-line, and he keeps his buddy Dean “Bend But Don’t Break/I got run out of NE” Pees on as DC and Jim “Could I Please Buy a Vowel Or A Playbook” Caldwell as OC. In short, the Ravens have no identity, on offense or defense.

  5. Right and if you think they are not that good this season wait until next season when JUMP BALL JOES cap hit really starts effecting the team!

  6. Why can’t these guys just let their play on the field do their talking? Joe will probably have to eat his words on Sunday. The Browns aren’t there yet Joe. Keep quiet.

  7. Joe, put on your fast cleats Sunday. If you are covering Smith or Jones you are going to need to run fast regardless to catch them.

  8. This week’s matchup vs the Ravens and Browns should be great. Both teams are basically in a must win situation to keep their season hopes alive.

    I like the Ravens after the bye. I also think they have faced a lot of criticism locally, which they aren’t used to, and will step it up big time.

    If the Browns win, kudos for them.

  9. Joe, not only will you be the smartest man on the field, I’m sure you’ll have a couple pick-6’s to prove your point.

  10. Thanks for the bulletin board material Joe!! Were already motivated enough coming out of the bye. A win this weekend can put us in the drivers seat with a home matchup against Cincy next Sunday. Cheers from the home of the defending Super Bowl champs.

  11. He is correct. These aren’t the Ravens of old. Ray Lewis is gone; Ed Reed is history, Anquan Bolden is a 49’er and that names a few. They aren’t the same team. He didn’t disrespect them to say that they were even, which they are not, he said that they were a good team. But I would say that they are more vulnerable than they had been in years past. Go Browns, pull off an upset

  12. Joe, not only will you be the smartest man on the field, I’m sure you’ll have a couple pick-6′s to prove your point


    We’re talking about week 9 here, you’re looking ahead to week 11. Steelers will be 2-8 and Ben, like the fans, will be living in the past counting his super bowl rings to justify his “eliteness”.

  13. “you’re looking ahead to week 11. Steelers will be 2-8….”
    If only we could play the ravens every week….

  14. Haden is merely stating the obvious. With Reed and Lewis gone, the Ravens are now “led” by Joey Big Contract… which, considering how he’s always just been another cog in the wheel, means they’re not really being led by anyone now. Flacco’s responded to the big money with his WORST season ever, so good job with that signing! No wonder you Ravens fans think Oz is such a genius…
    ha ha!

  15. I guess the Brown won the game…soooo…..maybe we can stop with all the Raven are the great team of all time talk coming out of Baltimore and the predictions of a dominate season….seem to be proven to be wrong.

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