Marvin Lewis says Geno Atkins has ACL injury


The Cincinnati Bengals not only lost their game to the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night, it appears they’ve lost their All-Pro defensive tackle for the season as well.

Bengals’ head coach Marvin Lewis confirmed after the 22-20 defeat to the Dolphins that Geno Atkins has suffered an ACL injury. It was first reported by Mike Silver of the NFL Network.

Atkins went down in the second quarter. His right knee twisted as he collapsed to the turf. Atkins needed assistance as he walked off the field and was put on a cart and taken to the locker room.

Atkins has been a dominant force along the interior of the Bengals’ defensive line. He signed a five-year, $55 million contract extension with the Bengals in September and his loss will be a massive blow to Cincinnati’s defense.

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  1. This was a terrible Halloween for Cincy, too bad they looked poised for a deep playoff run this year. It’s Denver’s conference this season anyways, but hopefully is back to 100% for a run next season.

  2. Well the plus side is that they won’t lose to the Texans in the first round of the playoffs for the third straight year.

  3. Losing Geno for the season is worse than losing by a walk-off safety. Zimmer has the depth to replace him, but Geno’s biggest strength was his desire and commitment to be great.

  4. I remember when Henry Melton went down with an ACL injury there were some Bengals fans who were having a laugh over it. Karma….it’s a you know what.

    Get well Geno. The game isn’t the same without you.

  5. Broncos – Clady
    Bengals – Hall, Atkins, Mays
    Pats – Mayo, Wilfork, Wilson, Vollmer, Vereen
    Colts – Allen, Bradshaw, Ballard, Wayne

    and finally, the only unbeaten side in the NFL the Chiefs – Travis Kelce!

  6. Bummer. It was so cool watching him sign a huge, well earned contract on Hard Knocks. I hope he can rebound back to the player he was before this injury. Major blow to the Bengals…. Best wishes to Geno.

  7. Genuinely sorry. Things were lining up for the Bengals this season – and I felt this was the year they would take a big step with the Ravens reloading, and the Steelers sliding. I still think they have the talent to win the division outright – but this is a tough loss. Speedy recovery wishes for Gino.

  8. Bad break for the Bengals in losing Atkins. That will hurt us in the playoffs.
    But, this game was lost primarily by the coaching staff and whoever was calling the stupid plays at the end.
    1st stupid call: At the end of regulation, with the bengals in field goal range, they throw a low-percentage pass STOPING THE CLOCK. Stupid stupid stupid. They should have run the damn ball and burned much more time off the clock. If they had done this, Miami would likely not have had time to tie the game.
    2nd stupid call: With 5 seconds left in regulation, why not throw a bomb to Green or Jones and try for a touchdown. No, they take a knee to go into overtime and then lose the toss. Miami takes first possession in OT.
    3rd and 4th stupid calls: Bengals driving in overtime, four yards at the most short of getting in Newman’s range for a field goal. What do they do?… Instead of run twice to get the yards needed, they AGAIN throw two low-percentage passes, both incomplete.
    5the stupid call: Calling a pass play, putting Dalton in the end zone for yet another sack and a safety, costing the Bengals the game.
    Whoever is calling the plays should never call plays for them again. If I was Dalton, I would be furious.
    In addition, Bengal receivers dropped four or five passes that hit them right in the numbers. Inexcusable! One pick hit a Bengal receiver right in the hands. The other two interceptions Dalton had would not have happened if the receivers did a basic, fundamental thing: Come back towards the ball to catch it instead of just sit there and wait for the ball to come to you. Both got picked as a result because the defenders went toward the ball. Horrible.

  9. All the focus lately has been on concussions… Seems each week in the NFL has 1-2 players losing their season to knee injuries.

  10. Three recovery days is NOT enough for a human body after an NFL game. These Thursday games are slow, ugly, and full of injuries–week after week.

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