Report: Incognito under scrutiny for harassing Martin


As the strange story of Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin leaving the team continues to unfold, teammate Richie Incognito is becoming a focal point of talk that Martin was harassed at his workplace.

Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN report that Incognito’s alleged harassment of Martin is under review by the NFL Players Association. The NFLPA has recently expressed increasing concern about ensuring that its members treat each other with respect, both on the field (union chief DeMaurice Smith talked to Washington safety Brandon Meriweather about the importance of not targeting opposing players with excessive hits) and in the locker room, where Martin was reportedly bullied by teammates.

The ESPN report cites several unnamed sources as saying that Incognito was involved in the incident that led Martin to leave the team this week, and that Martin has been on the receiving end of harassment ever since last year, when the Dolphins drafted him in the second round.

However, ESPN also cites an unnamed Dolphins official who defended Incognito as a “model citizen.”

Although some members of the Dolphins have said that any hazing Martin received was typical locker room stuff, the players’ union says it is making the Martin case a high priority. As it should: Workplace harassment is unacceptable everywhere, including an NFL locker room.

177 responses to “Report: Incognito under scrutiny for harassing Martin

  1. Time for Philbin’s “Bullying won’t be tolerated” really means. Can’t really hold Incognito accountable since he has such a long history of being a not so nice guy.

  2. swaggyy says: Nov 1, 2013 7:52 PM

    Jonathan Martin is a big fat baby!


    Yeah what a baby. He wants to play a rough sport at the highest level without being abused by a person/persons who are supposed to have his back.

  3. There’s a reason why every time you hear anything about Richie Incognito, it is always something negative that reflects poorly upon him…without fail. I suppose a positive story about him wouldn’t be as news-worthy, but the point I’m trying to make is that this guy consistently displays pathetically poor behavior. He’s like a child.

  4. Everyone is different. Everyone has a breaking point. Maybe the guy just needs some friends and feels like he doesn’t have any. Sure, he makes good money, but if he’s broken down by the treatment then everyone suffers.

    You gotta take each person where they are.

  5. 3 Finger Lenny says: Nov 1, 2013 7:57 PM

    I’m thinking it was pouncy who was the bullying ring leader

    Wouldn’t be surprised there, either.

  6. What a model football player Incognito is. Stomping other players and now harassing teammates. Richie sure hasn’t been incognito during his career

  7. People dismissing this story and just labeling Martin being “soft” need to remember that this is not a high school locker room with a bunch of teenagers. The NFL is a business, and while these men play a sport, they’re professionals. Rookie hazing and joking around is one thing, but straight up bullying and harassment is just immature and unprofessional.

    Martin might have an emotional problem or illness, but I don’t blame him one bit for walking away from that situation.

  8. Let’s say he was being “picked on” by Incognito or anyone else. It’s the freaking NFL. You stand up and defend yourself like a man instead of running off and crying like a little wimp. No wonder they were on him. Who wants to go into a game depending on someone who can’t even stand up for himself

  9. Harassment is harassment whether it’s at Walmart, or in the NFL you tools… Everyone who’s a fan of the game knows Incognito is a pathetic dirty loser. Now, the fact that a grown man harasses his own teammate just proves the fact. If anyone is a “FAT WIERDO” it’s him

  10. Incognito signed his three year deal with Miami months before Philbin was hired.

    Miami’s terrible O-line, Incognito’s lack of talent/no trade value, and relative cheapness were the reasons that Philbin didn’t chop him when he was cleaning house of all those lazy, stagnant, poor leader veterans.

  11. “Liberals are probably happy that their sissified version of society is even infesting the formerly masculine game of football.”


    Gotta love how someone always finds a way to bring politics into a story. This is so ignorant that I’m hoping for the sake of humanity that it’s just trolling.

  12. bartlettruss says: Nov 1, 2013 8:03 PM

    Everyone is different. Everyone has a breaking point. Maybe the guy just needs some friends and feels like he doesn’t have any. Sure, he makes good money, but if he’s broken down by the treatment then everyone suffers.

    You gotta take each person where they are.

    Beautifully said. A person can only take so much regardless of the size of their body or their bank account. The Dolphins appear to be lacking any leadership, and on some teams a thing like this would be nipped in the bud way before it got to this.

  13. I wonder if the traditional hazing “rookies” are treated in training camp and durint their first year will be changed now? Or is it okay that first year; just don’t continue it beyond or it becomes “harrassment”.

  14. jredshoes says: Nov 1, 2013 8:09 PM

    Who wants to go into a game depending on someone who can’t even stand up for himself


    Uh, who wants to go into a game depending on someone who treats you like crap?

  15. I guess I just don’t understand…..a rational adult reaction would be:

    “Hey coach, Incognito’s been running his mouth…this is your fair warning that if he doesn’t stop or you don’t intervene, I’m going to jack his jaw. I’m coming to you about it first”.

    Done & done.

  16. As it should: Workplace harassment is unacceptable everywhere, including an NFL locker room.

    I’m not defending or accusing anyone but this statement is wrong headed. You can’t compare a locker room to a boardroom or an office.

    My workplace at one time was Vietnam. What we did there would never be tolerated in an office where I spent many years after the military nor should it be. An NFL locker room or the military in a combat zone or a bunch of guys on a hunting trip cannot be compared to a “normal” working environment.

    PFT needs to rethink it’s stance on some of these issues and join the real world. We can’t protect everyone from every thing.

  17. I’d be pretty pissed off too if I’m finally playing football at its highest level, getting paid lots of money, just to get bullied and pushed around like I’m back in high school.

  18. Martin gets the last laugh because at the end of the day football is a short career and he attended Stanford whereas Richie is going to be living in a trailer in about 5 years.

  19. So let me get this straight. While the player’s union spent player’s money investigating a team full of players that may or may not have bullied a player, they have zeroed in on one player that may have been responsible?

    Am I the only one who misses the days when the player’s union spent the player’s money protecting them from non-players? Like the league for example?

    If I were a Dolphin’s player I’d be mighty upset to see my dues spent this way.

  20. The idiots say “it’s the NFL… he has to be tough”… but bullying isn’t exclusive to their own position groups.

    Should it be O.K. for a 180 lb. wide receiver or defensive back to be bullied by a 300 lb. o-lineman/d-lineman?!?

  21. It was obvious from the day Martin announced his sexuality that he desired more to be identified by his sexual orientation than being a pro-footfall player. Soon he’ll resign from the league then sue the league for million and spend the rest of his life going from sympathetic forum to sympathetic forum getting paid thousands of dollars to tell his cry baby story.

  22. Incognito was a nasty player years ago when he wasn’t with the Dolphins. He not even close to that anymore. Time to stop beating a dead dog. Football is suppose to be a tough mans game..always has been that way. Walking out on the team in mid-season is way worse than anything Incognito could have said. If somebody teased Martin because they thought he was soft…then they must be right to walk out on the team because he got feelings hurt? Really?

  23. Too many people just seem to be missing the basic point of human decency and mutual respect. This whole watching the gladiators mentality for my entertainment aspect is sort of disgusting.

  24. @doctorrustbelt- Pro Bowler last year, son. Given the “good guy” award by teammates last year. You don’t know him and neither do I. But this whole “oh my goodness, poor Martin” smacks of liberal light in the loafers cry babies. They’re men. Let them work it out.

  25. And PFT should update this story. Martin has been texting Incognito and stated that he did not blame teammates. Pressure got to him. Lock it rustbelt, vikequeen apologist.

  26. If Icognito said something wrong it would be a nice gesture to apologize to Martin. If he wanted to. Martin on the other hand owes the entire team an apology for walking out on them when they needed him most.

  27. Incognito is suppose to be the captain????? Geesh.

    On a side note, Pouncy might be the only one who comes back next year. Scrap and renew.

  28. Bottom line – the offensive line has allowed 35 sacks this season. They should be focused on playing better, not giving the business to a linemate.

    Heads should role. If it’s true about Incognito, I’d cut him. Addition by subtraction. They need to change the culture in that locker room.

    And ask anyone who knows football history whether coaches like Lombardi or Walsh would have tolerated this. The answer is no way jose.

  29. Incognito is one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. The NFLwould be better without his kind.

  30. Anyone who says it’s the nfl man up is a clown. Not everyone is built the same you don’t know how much he has to take on a daily basis. Imagine you went to work every day and some A hat is being and annoying typical jock moron and harasses you every day. I know some of you big tough guys will say deck him well that doesn’t work in the real world maybe incognito should be a better person and teammate and shut his half retarded inbread mouth

  31. So this dude is a lot like Vince Young, in that his feeling get hurt too easily to be a pro player?

    Grow up dude. Crying Bullying as an adult is lame.

  32. I didn’t play football but I did play other sports in high school. A small amount of hazing was tradition for new team me members (I was at the losing end of a swirly once upon a time because of this). The occasional prank in good jest, having rookies carry the pads of veterans, ect I still feel is OK. A constant, prolonged harassment is not. Prince last year getting dumped in the ice water I though was fine. Not okay if he was thrown in every day.

  33. Exactly where are the position coaches, trainers, team captains and, in the end, HC while all this mental torturing is taking place? As coach Herm has said over the years, “You are either coaching it, or allowing it to happen.” This harassment can’t be the typical”your momma, sister or girlfriend” stuff. It must be something that reaches into the very core of another human being, such as questioning the character, valor or even the sexuality of one of your brothers everyone SHOULD be helping and backing at ALL times. Football is the ULTIMATE team game. How can any unit that allows one of its players to be emotionally attacked to this degree function as a group that digs in together during the tough times of an NFL season, to fight through to victory? As the old comic strip character Pogo so frequently said: “We has met the enemy, and they is us.”

  34. bspn also cites an unnamed Dolphins official who defended Incognito as a “model citizen.”

    LOL yes and bspn is always 100% correct about all their reports. The worldwide joke of sportscasting.

    And using the words “model citizen” and “Incognito” in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  35. harrycanyon says: Nov 1, 2013 8:59 PM

    So this dude is a lot like Vince Young, in that his feeling get hurt too easily to be a pro player?

    Grow up dude. Crying Bullying as an adult is lame.

    I don’t know you, but I can ensure you that whenever you become an adult being mistreated doesn’t become acceptable. Ever.

  36. Some of you posters are really goin hard on Incognito. Bad mouthing some guy who you don’t know, insulting him, name calling, etc. Not one person here knows the facts so it’s pretty lame to put a guy on blast. Personally, I like Ritchie’s attitude. If Martin has mental health issues then I hope he gets the help he needs. Some of you guys may have some past “bullying” issues you still haven’t worked out.

  37. We were not in that locker room all the time. Martin may well have reached the end of his rope with all the stuff and was either going to get into a fight to seriously injure someone or walk away. He probably choose the right option. Otherwise he would be facing assaults charges.

  38. Get over it for goodness sake. You are all suppose to be grown men in the NFL, although some behave like babies. It’s amazing, big guys, making fortunes behave like children. Pathetic that’s what it is. If you can’t stand up for yourself as an adult, you shouldn’t be playing football. Martin owes an apology to the team and the fans. We pay a lot of money to watch this game, so show up and play or get the hell out of it if you can’t handle it.
    If Incognito had something to say, good for him, he’s no wimp that’s for sure. Maybe a dirty player so what, there are a few of those out there.

  39. Playing football doesn’t make you immune from having your feelings hurt. Despite what we all think about football players, many of them are just like the rest of us away from the football field.

    Patrick Willis is one of the most feared and physical football players in the NFL. Away from the field, he loves kids and dogs. He has a degree in law enforcement. From what I’ve seen (I live in SF), he’s a model citizen.

    Obviously not every player in the NFL is a good person, and that’s why we get stories like this. Instead of piling on the guy who may be [over]sensitive, criticize the guys who are making their professional teammates feel isolated and alone.

  40. You know, the Dolphins just beat one of the better teams in the NFL and are in striking distance of the playoffs. Let’s not talk so much about their crybaby BS locker room stuff. His teammates are wrong for bullying him, and he’s wrong for making such a big stink about it. Everyone involved needs to grow up.

  41. Incognito’s immaturity (since his college days at Nebraska/Oregon) has cost him millions…now it is costing another person his sanity/dignity. Can’t help but think karma will catch up with him…

  42. What a mess. First off even though there is no excuse for being a jerk, Martin has to learn to let people say what they are going to say. Unless it is grossly personal attacking a family member who cares what words are hucked at you. However I question where are the locker room leaders who say to Martin dude let it roll of your back, then to the other guys knock it off and be a mentor. Fine tear him down some but also build him up. This world is grossly short of leaders. We have either too sensitive or too crass…very little in between.

  43. Think Csonka, Stanfill, Kuechenberg, or Buoniconti would have gone to Shula and complain of “bullying?”

    That’s a rhetorical question.

  44. These players get paid millions of dollars for 16 weeks worth of work. THE LEAST, AND I MEAN LEAST they can do is stand up and be a role model for the future generation. There are kids killing themselves over bullying, and you have this? Give me a break. I dont care if theyre adults or not. Fact of the matter is there are kids looking up to these people and this is the example that they are giving. Incognito should be suspended indefinate.

  45. I keep hearing “bullying”. There’s more to this story people. I am wondering if the NFL is looking at it’s first case of “sexual orientation” of an active player? Just saying…………..there’s more to this than just an adult pro football player bullying another adult pro football player.

  46. Hard to imagine what Incognito called him that would justify him leaving, unless of course Incognito called him a redskin.

  47. Ok, so let the MEDIA have at the perps this Martin story picks as TARGETS.
    Icognito ( by the way, the perfect name for a bully) or whoever.
    Maybe THEY will learn something, but I doubt it.

  48. This is dumb. I just spent time reading comments from idiots that don’t know any better. Bullying or unprofessional behavior is the issue. Grown men should act like grown men. Any one that thinks it is survival of the fittest is probably the same people that lived or lives in their parents basement reliving that one great high school football moment of theirs.

  49. This stuff can get serious for those being singled out. Usually it’s diffused by a ball club throwing money at it.

    Everett McIver probably looks over his shoulder for Michael Irvin every time he gets his hair cut.

  50. Where’s Philbin been when this has (allegedly) been happening? Accountability starts with the Head Coach. The guy cut Chad Johnson for the TV cameras to show what a big man he was, but let this garbage slide in the locker room after HBO left. Weak-chinned Prick.

  51. You have to let the story play out before making a final judgment. But once it does, that is when we will see what the Dolphins, NFL and NFLPA are really about.

  52. I think it’s pretty clear the player’s union is targeting Incognito. They’re going to force specific details to come out and expose him publicly to hopefully run him out of the league.

  53. deathonwings410 says:
    Nov 1, 2013 8:01 PM
    Liberals are probably happy that their sissified version of society is even infesting the formerly masculine game of football.

    Why not blame the hypocritical party who praises Jesus but doesn’t follow his word?

  54. unless the offending person is slapping his dick on Martin’s forehead….suck it up or suck it off..another example of the pussification of sports

  55. Everyone keeps saying he needs to “man up and defend himself” rather than removing himself from the situation. Well what if he was actually doing everyone a favor by removing himself from the situation? What if his idea of defending himself was to go buy a gun and come back and kill every person he felt was bullying him? How many times have kids taken a gun to school or killed someone because they were bullying them. You have no idea whats going through that mans head. A million people can experience the same thing and feel a million different ways. So just because you feel you would have handled it a certain way doesn’t mean everyone else would have handled it the same way as you.

  56. Incognito has always been a punk and a dirty player. He would have NEVER made it under Shula. He’s a disgrace to the Dolphins name.

  57. We have no idea what Martin was being forced to deal with on a daily basis. I don’t care who you are or what you do, a hostile workplace is a miserable thing. Martin may have felt that he really didn’t have any friends on the team and ultimately decided “to heck with all of these jerks, if they don’t respect me, why should I be busting my butt, risking my health to help their cause?”

    I’m no pro athlete, but in my experience it is usually the teams that are really close to one another that have the most success. It’s the ultimate team game, you all have to work together all the time. Who knows what was really going on, but there is only so much that any person can take.

  58. @doctorrustbelt: This country actually was based on bullying for a while, in a more lethal sense. I’m not sure how else you can characterize the concept of Manifest Destiny, which is basically “we white Americans have better weapons than you, so we’re taking your land, and non-whites will be enslaved or second-class citizens.” That was the way things were run for a few hundred years on this continent before we straightened up.

    That is not to defend bullying, though. Harrassing Jonathan Martin is unacceptable and clearly shows a lack of leadership in the locker room and coaching staff. Likely, the meatheaded Incognito called Martin “the big weirdo” because he’s a Stanford man (from a long line of Harvard alumni) who probably has some intellectual interests outside the game and just happens to be big and strong enough to be a pro lineman. I bet Jonathan Martin even reads a book every now and then. Imagine that!

  59. Infiniti is the fat nerd type that ends up getting a beating someday and finally wakes up, someone needs to smash something over his fat head and fast

  60. It’s funny how life plays out in these comments. All the guys who say, ” grow a pair” are the bullies in life. I’m happy to see most of the thumbs up, thumbs down are heavily on the side of acting like adults and treating others with respect.

  61. It has become pretty obvious to me, judging by the majority response on this site, that most of the people on here are the couch potato, office working, keyboard drama types. My, oh my, what is this world coming to? Football players wearing pink, no more violence in a violent sport, no hurting anyone feelings… it goes on an on. While I agree that schools need to be better controlled as bullying can affect a kid for life, when you’re an adult, you need to learn to stand up for yourself, or people will always pick on you and give you a hard time. This kind of thing goes on everywhere, but especially in a male dominated environment. In the military its the same thing. You ween out the guys who can’t handle going into war because they are not mentally tough enough. You fall out on runs, you think your drill sergeant is going to stop the platoon to get you a bottle of water? When did everybody lose their toughness? You’re either cut out for it or you’re not. Grow up and stand up for yourself. Mommy isn’t there anymore to hold your hand.

  62. who would have guessed that the wussifacation of America would reach the NFL. back in the old days before the let’s talk about our feelings of today,the way you dealt with a bully is you stood up to him. whether you got your ass kicked or not they at least respected the fact you would stand up for yourself and usually stopped picking on you. for the love of God as big as ths guy is you would think he would grow a set and stand up for himself. instead he quits and goes to get treatment? they have rehab for wussies now?

  63. If you and I are guaranteed the right to work in a safe environment, then why shouldnt a professional athlete.
    I just hope for Miami’s sake, this is a unique situation with one player and not the accepted environment.

  64. If you cannot take some hazing, you don’t deserve to play in the league. It’s very simple, stand up for yourself. He will never amount to anything in this league. Heat go down as the biggest ferry to ever play in the nfl.

  65. I am sick and tired of the words harassment and bullying. If you cannot take the heat get out if the kitchen and quit. it’s not if he was any good. maybe if he played like a had a pair, he wouldn’t get picked on. as to the sorry liberals who feel sorry for him because he was getting picked on. You know how it feels, that’s why you think you can change the world to make everyone in to sissies. But at the end of the day you will still be a sissy who can’t stand up for yourself. That’s why your wife cheats on you and your kids don’t respect you.

  66. While nobody knows what happened, everyone sounds like fools. Half say hes weak and should’ve taken it like a man, without knowing the extent of said bullying. Half say “harassment is wrong” while knowing just as little. Nobody knows what happened yet. The only thing we know is there were other courses of action besides leaving your team during the middle of the season. That’s unforgivable unless you have exhausted all means of getting the results you wanted.

  67. Dolphins management knew what was going on with this situation. This is the same management that asked Dez Bryant if his Dad was a pimp. Where are you Rodger?

  68. Before this happened Martin played and the Fins lost 5 straight. Since Martin walked out on his team they are 1 and 0.

  69. As a Vet, Martin probably wouldn’t survive the hazing in the military…i also have no idea what kind of “bullying” he was really subject to.

    But as a Rams fan, I’m not surprised since it’s incognito. He’s been voted to be one of the league’s most dirtiest players and was guilty of many dead ball fouls here in St.Louis… He seemed like an idiot too.

    Think that says a lot about him as a teammate too – moron can’t even figure out he’s harassing/trashing the wrong team

  70. Bullied is way too vague. We don’t know if he was just called names. Had his tires slashed. Threats to his family. Or even done face to face. Bullies are generaly cowards.

  71. Sooo what if the opponent was calling him names too??? Just curious how the league would handle that

  72. What’s with applying the word bullying to pretty much any situation where somebody is bothered to any degree?

    Florio is bullying me with Redskin stories.

    This guy was not bullied. That implies he was afraid or powerless.

    Why is everybody assuming he endured some Lord of the Flies like torments?

    It’s most likely it was just pranks and jokes that he didn’t like.

    He’s a grown man. If he felt his coworkers crossed a line, then you either confront them or you go to management. You don’t walk out.

  73. I can’t even believe people are ripping Martin. I don’t care what anyone says, you make all guys in that locker room apart of the team not single them out. You would think their locker room leaders would step up and squash any of this nonsense. Some leaders they have.

    No one deserves to be bullied. I went through it for a few years when I was in school. It sucked, there’s only so much you can take before you’ve had enough. Just put yourselves in his situation, would you want to be humiliated every day in front of everyone?

  74. Look, we all know Incognito has a reputation. He also has the talent to get voted to the Pro Bowl in 2012 as an alternate, then elevated to starter. Before we jump to any conclusions about Incognito, let’s see what kind of harassment took place.

    Pouncey was also a young, African-American rookie who lines up next to Richie as well. He didn’t have problems with whatever “hazing” or “harassment” Richie gave. Nor John Jerry.

    Martin was in a stressed out, under the microscope situation. Meet the expectations, no – EXCEED the expectations that we had for Jake Long. No matter how smart he is, Jake was known for his size, ability and toughness. Martin worked hard this off season to gain strength, size and improve his LT skills, but during the pre season we saw that he wasn’t up to the task. The media got on him. Bloggers called him “another Ireland mistake”. Not sure if Martin reads his own press, but seeing reporters and “fans” call you a “mistake” for months is harassment too.

    Not saying Incognito is a saint, or defending him. If he truly harassed Martin to a breaking point, then yeah… fine or discipline the guy. Include the coaches and staff too for not stopping before it got too far.

    But remember, Martin already was feeling all the pressures of failing at LT (to the drastic point where your team trades for veteran retread replacement). All that off season work, the embarrassment of losing your job as the cornerstone of your team, all that scrutiny would have a person in a “don’t eff with me” attitude a few days after losing their job. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could set off a person.
    Martin chose to leave and re group through treatment rather than fight a team mate.

  75. Will snapping of the towel be allowed anymore ?

    The locker room is this type of behavior. Sorry but if you have thin skin then a locker room is not for you. Guys razz each other about everything. It’s never personal. You are not supposed to take anything from a locker room personal.

    A locker room is not like an office. If Jon Martin can’t take it then he should not be a football player. He can go file his TPS reports.

  76. deathonwings410 says:

    “Liberals are probably happy that their sissified version of society is even infesting the formerly masculine game of football.”

    You don’t get it. Bullies are the real cowards.

  77. “Liberals are probably happy that their sissified version of society is even infesting the formerly masculine game of football.”
    Maybe he cried, just like John Boehner. (end of political statement done to make a point).

    Perhaps the American Psychological Association should adopt a platform that turning every conversation into a political one is a form of mental illness.

  78. apparently the leadership at the fins which incognito must be somewhat apart of since hes a 9 year pro has deteriorated to that of a high school football team.

  79. Martin is 6’5” 315 lbs. Sucker punch Incognito in the mouth as we waits on the food line, then stomp a mudpuddle in his chest…… Problem solved!

  80. Never in 10000000 years would I think that we would be talking about “bullying” in the NFL. What a joke.

  81. I am on the fence. On one hand, incognito has always struck me as a roided up jerk and would be a horrible person to be around. On the other hand, Martin should put on his big boy pants and go back to his high paying job.

  82. I differentiate hazing from bullying by the character of the men doing it. If Richie Incognito engages in running down another human it is all about Incognito feeling powerful. Period. This is not team building exercise.

  83. Pretty good split here on whether Martin should “man up” or whether Incognito should back off.
    IMO, it’s a team game, especially in the OL, and they should work together and support each other. For this reason, I land on Martin’s side at least for now until the facts come out.

    Regarding Mike Pouncey, he was served a grand jury subpoena by Massachusetts State Police last week in the Aaron Hernandez situation (not the murder but hazily, to me, a related “gun-running” case). Pouncey’s brother, Maurkice, is in New England today with the Steelers and the conjecture there is that he is likely to be served as well.

    Stay tuned, NFL gangster fans.

  84. Wow. There are some pathetic comments on here. Let’s say he was a ‘man’ about it and beat the crap out of Incognito, to the point where he put the dude in the hospital. He then gets arrested and finds himself in jail and unemployed. That’s what happens when adults handle their problems like children. There are repercussions.

  85. This makes me think back to Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams shoulder pads and a lot of people saying he was a poor sport.

    No he wasn’t. He put the foot down early on any bullying attempts and now he is a top5 WR and Roy is out of the league.

    Bullies are just insecure wimps who like easy targets. Once you let them know you are not an easy target, they move on.I learned that early in school.

    Unfortunately this guy has let Ingognito or someone else know he is an easy target, and that makes the sharks circle. He may be a better man than I am for not just breaking the guys jaw with the first bullying, but he made himself a target to the worst people in the world.

  86. Wasn’t he the last player taken in the draft one year?
    Or was that Richie Irrelevant?

  87. unclebluck says: Nov 1, 2013 4:13 PM

    My money is on Mr. “Down Incognito” himself as the ring leader…….

    I was right……….


  88. Martin must never have played football in high school. The things that used to happen to freshman…….

    And nobody said boo, because they were men, and they knew you suck it up, and get through it. And by your second year, its over and you’re family.

    Martin is just plain coddled. If you cannot man up on your own, you would think the money would take the sting away.

  89. I don’t know who did what.

    And neither does anyone else. This is another pft “report” of conflicting “sources” not actual facts.

    Let’s see what the real facts are before reaching judgment, even though that will mean fewer hysterics and headlines meant to create page clicks.

  90. I like players that do their talking on the field where Martin under-performed to say the least. Being a chatter-box on facebook after turning his back on the teammates that had nothing to do with the “teasing” shows more of his childlike demeanor. Everybody makes mistakes (walking out) but he’s had enough time now to know that was a mistake. Martin needs to hurry up and apologize to the team, roll up his sleeve and get back to work right away. Its time for Martin to act like a man!

  91. This saga seems to expand and grow new legs as Martin tweets and NFLPA attorneys weigh in. Philbin is acting like he is protecting the confidentiality of a sick player but I have to ask, “Who is the sick player here?” Is it Martin or is it Incognito? I think we also have to ask if Martin reported this so called pattern of abuse over the last two years to his position coach or the head coach. The only work place violence I have seen reported as fact, was Martin blowing up in the cafeteria and throwing a tray across the room.

    Let’s forget about the fact that this is a pro football team and think of the incident in terms of a “Wiggit” factory. To have a hostile work environment, you have to have a pattern of abuse of some measurable length of time. The target employee needs to report this pattern to a supervisor who is duty bound to investigate and document the complaint. Usually, the abusive employee is called in and spoken to. If there are problems, they are corrected. The abusive employee is always put on notice that the conduct is inappropriate and must stop. I ask, “Did any of this happen in a manner even close to what I have described?

    It seems to me that this entire fiasco centers around an overly sensitive and immature player looking to blame other equally immature and probably insensitive players for his own short comings as an Offensive Tackle. It also seems as though the Dolphins coaching staff new at least some of the facts and did nothing to curb their employees improper conduct and focus their so-called “family” on improving and wining football games.

    The buck stops with whoever is in charge of the team. I suppose that Jeff Ireland is that person. Maybe it is Mr. Ross? Whoever it is, they dropped the ball too. The rules are the same for any “Wiggit” factory. You need to follow them.

  92. One additional point. The Dolphins “players council” was formed last year on Hard Knocks – we all saw it. Coach Philbin and Jeff Ireland thought that the council was a good idea. Did Martin ever go to the council or the union and report a hostile work environment? If so what happened? If you think about it, The original council was made up of Reggie Bush, Jake Long and Carlos Dansby. By the end of the season, all three were labeled as washed up, ineffective players and then gotten rid of. Maybe there are more elements to this hostile work environment than we know!

  93. No one on here has any clue what happened in the Dolphins locker room or dining room, so get over it.
    Wait until the truth comes out. There are plenty of other problems with NFL players today, this is not the only one. How about dealing with Dez Bryant, Brandon Merriweather, Brandon Marshall, and the other suspended players out there. Jonathon Martin isn’t the 1st and won’t be the last. He obviously has problems.

  94. There is hazing and then there is hazing. Something tells me this was more than making him stand on a chair and sing the Stanford fight song.

  95. Some people here have no sense of empathy for others at all, and it’s really sad. We don’t know what happened to make the man snap, and until we know what happened between them speculating on who was in the wrong is counterproductive. We need to hear what the whole story was before we rush to judgment.

  96. So, while they are in a loosing streak and we the fans are expecting them to become better, they are bullying around? Great team strategy…:(

  97. Usually if a player is bullied, he either gives it back or pops the guy in the eye. He doesn’t go running to his Mother. Some of these players are pretty wussified.

  98. I miss the days of talking about how bad the Dolphins were and how hot their cheerleaders are.

  99. Martin may not be paragon of stoic strength and steely resolve that we wishfully imagine all of our sports starts to be – but that in no way excuses the Incognito acting like a donkeys behind(which he has a well documented history of doing.)

  100. Martins not a rookie anymore and pouring on the ballbusting by the entire line getting up and leaving the table?

    When you take into account they are the worst O line in football for protection by far and they’ve all gotta be sweating their jobs and they have just lost 4 in a row….. you would think they would be worrying about working hard and making the team bond as close as possible rather than thinking it’s cute to pull a joke that could be mis interpreted as complete abandonment by their unit

    they are paid to be to be career pros, not middle school aholes…

  101. This is not training camp or pre-season. THIS IS WAR. If you don’t have my back, if you aren’t trying to help the team and ME then you are my enemy punk.You aren’t doing your job because of some ego aggression abuse pets and children mentality, well who is the problem? Martin’s text’s are just him trying to survive in the locker room, take-one-for-the-team style. Dolphins sound like a crummy team to work for, no locker room leaders to speak of positively.

  102. One thing that was telling in the Miami locker room when watching Hard Knocks was the lack of quality leadership.

    Remember when Jake Long, Reggie Bush, and Carlos Dansby went to Philbin’s office to fight for low character wife beater chad ochojohnson after his arrest?!?

    They were trying to appear as locker room leaders to the new coach… but…. their backing an undisciplined, undependable, low character wife beating veteran said it all.

  103. Philbin got rid of all of them… and… Vonte Davis…. and got one game better with no receivers and a rookie quarterback.

  104. Martin is probably a bit of a softy. You know, we all have a few of those in our workplaces that you cant really tease or mess around with, but based on history Martin gets the benefit of the doubt over Richie Incognito who seems to pop up negatively all the time. Going to far on a guy that cant take it.

  105. “According to my sources within the team, Martin left after he was made aware that he had been ‘randomly’ selected for a drug test by the league.”

  106. I’m not unsympathetic to Martin if he was being harrassed, but let’s face it, there is no H.R. dept on NFL teams, and for good reason. It’s not the same situation.

    You go to the coach if you’re having a problem. Lots of players in the past have suddenly, seemingly, lost their talents because of being disgruntled, and coaches do not want a problem with a player. If he addressed it with the coach in a serious way, then it would have been fixed.

    But to go to the union? And to leak it? That’s ridiculous. Sorry Martin, you’re not an office worker. You make millions of dollars. You’re not trapped for 8 hours a day in a cubicle next to a guy who’s calling you names. You practice, you get physical and intimidating, and you go home. You play on Sunday, and you go home. You’re not here to make friends.

  107. “You can’t compare a locker room to a boardroom or an office. My workplace at one time was Vietnam. What we did there would never be tolerated in an office, nor should it be. An NFL locker room or the military in a combat zone cannot be compared to a “normal” working environment.”

    Totally agree with this.

    That’s why you have coaches, not H.R. specialists. This is a short-term, physical, combative job. The other guys on the line aren’t just filing paperwork you gave them at the office…they are busting their butts, and in many cases getting beaten down if you don’t hold up YOUR end. You don’t like your team? Then you can leave when you become a free agent. Unlike most of us, stuck for 10/15 years in a job we don’t want to be in because we can’t get higher pay elsewhere.

    If you do your job in the NFL, you can call the shots. If you don’t do your job, then that’s when problems happen. But why his feelings are hurt is beyond me. I remember during Hard Knocks, the coach cut a player, and then he said he’s going to call his mother. Really?

  108. The harrassment against Martin is nothing new. Klecko and the rest of the Jets D line pulled the same stuff against Gastineau in the early 80’s. They even pulled leaving the lunch table when Mark sat down. At the time, everyone believed that Mark was too flamboyant and took too much of the spotlight from Klecko. But there were some whispers that Klecko thought Mark may have been gay. Either way, society has changed, and you can’t pull that kind of stuff anymore.

  109. If Martin was being constantly picked every day that locker room is in a very bad state. Somebody should have said enough is enough. As long as everybody equally is having his leg pulled / ripped that’s a good happy environment. Unfortunately if there is someone who happens to be vocal and is not blessed with brains this can lead to something going wrong. Martin had the intelligence to walk, a lesser man might have done some serious damage to an individual or the group concerned which leads to a team breakdown eventually.

  110. If Martin can’t take it from his teammates, how will he take it when opposing DEs try to get in his head? Will they be considerate of his feelings in a violent sport where every competitive edge matters? He will now be targeted as “soft.” The only way this kind of behavior can truly be stopped is by Goodell outlawing all trash talking of any kind. I see it coming.

  111. Until the NFL realises that more extreme behavior needs to be tolled out this kinds of things will happen always happen in the NFL.

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