Revis: Knee wasn’t healthy enough for press coverage early in season


One of the myriad questions that people have been asking about the Buccaneers’ decision-making this season has been about why the team has been playing so much zone coverage with cornerback Darrelle Revis.

After all, it makes about as much sense to trade for one of the league’s top practitioners of man coverage so you can install him in a zone as it does to hire Eric Clapton to play flute in your band. As it turns out, the decision was less about coaching philosophies than the many critics of Revis’ usage knew. During an appearance on WDAE on Thursday, Revis admitted that his return from last year’s torn ACL wasn’t to the point that he was able to play that style of coverage.

“Earlier in the year, I didn’t have the explosion to play press; the receiver would just run the 9-route on me and I didn’t have the stamina to do that play in and play out, especially playing press,” Revis said, via the Tampa Tribune. “I mean, you get physical up there playing press coverage and then actually just running. That’s running full speed — you and the receiver. I didn’t have that yet. I’m starting to get that back now, which is awesome because I like to be in receivers faces and try to put my hands on them and try to be physical with them.”

Revis said he has been working to strengthen his entire left leg and that he’s feeling more explosive as a result. He played more press coverage against Carolina last week and reported his leg came through it fine, which suggests that we should be seeing more of the Revis we’re accustomed to seeing over the rest of the season.

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  1. So Schiano was willing to take all the heat for one of his players?

    So Schiano was smart enough to not mention that and protect his player from getting exploited?

    Say it ain’t so…

    Not saying he is a good coach, but the guy isn’t exactly what the media makes him out to be.

  2. Always the toughest part of coming back from ACL or Achilles injury. It isn’t that the ligament or tendon isn’t healed; its all the muscle loss from being immobile for months.

  3. “Revis: Knee wasn’t healthy enough for press coverage early in season”

    And when he gets burned, he’ll grab his knee or hamstring, every time.

  4. Hmmm…Revis ‘ whole game is based on man coverage. Why would they give him a huge contract if he couldn’t even play to his strengths right from the start? Oh yea….it’s the Bucs and Schiano. Problem solved!

  5. it sounds like he doesnt trust his knee yet… if his knee isn’t healthy enough to play press coverage then how can he turn run and transition and zone coverage…

  6. The Clapton analogy is off. It’s more like having Clapton play rhythm guitar than flute. It’s not like they asked Revis to play quarterback. He’s still playing defensive back.

  7. So the bucs paid 16million and 2 draft picks (incl a #1) for a player who is not healthy, and they are 0 for the season. anybody still think the jets screwed up in the trade?!?!?!

  8. This has been an area where critics have pounded Schiano. Now we know that (at least in this area) he made a reasonable decision without offering any excuses. Just sayin’.

  9. @jets13, @nyjad

    Good for him. I’ll take Sheldon Richardson though, less money, less problems. Glad it worked out well for Tampa too. (lol)

    I would take BOTH Richardson and Revis. I don’t know what you have against Revis. While he was here, he essentially gave us, a team without a real pass rush threat, a kind-of phantom pass rush by taking one side of the field away and forcing the QB to always be mindful of where Revis was on the field. He did A LOT for our defense.

    And who’s in his in place? A 9th pick DB who has a history of injuries and has done nothing except been beat time and time again and benched twice–and it’s ONLY been 8 games, thus far.

    Did either of you see the Bengals game? Our secondary got LIT up. Cromartie has not been playing well this season, certainly not anything like last season. With a Revis out there, who’s getting more comfortable and back to his old self, our secondary would’ve been more solid and I don’t think the Bengals would’ve scored as many points. We scored 9 points. I’m not saying Revis would’ve permitted us to win the game 9-6 or 9-0. The offense needs to score points. But it wouldn’t have been a 40 point differential.

    So, yes, I do think the Jets screwed up in the trade. The Jets could’ve tried to work out a deal with Revis and take Richardson with the 9th pick. The guy wasn’t going to hold out again, since he was injured. He wants his money but no one ever accused him of being stupid. It would be idiotic to hold-out after a season ending injury. They wanted him gone because he had high value, even with the injury, and wanted to get something out of him, in case he didn’t return to form or he signs elsewhere a year later and they get nothing in return. I get all of that.

    But the fact of the matter is the Jets secondary is better with Revis. We’re 4-4 now. Revis is getting more comfortable. You don’t think Revis could’ve have been of great help to us in these last 8 games?

    Unlike some other teams in the league who had great defenses and a superb pass rush, the Jets never had a real pass rush when Revis was here and our defense was good, but not great like this year’s Seahawks, Chiefs, and Panthers.

  10. I don’t get why Schiano wouldn’t just say this earlier in the season? It isn’t like anyone would question it if he said we are bringing Revis along a little slower because of the ACL injury. In fact, that is what any coach would usually do if a player is somewhat limited.

    It has been a concern for weeks now and it would be easy to address.

    As a Jets fan, I loved Revis as a CB he is a very talented player, but we won this trade hands down. If he did not have the contract demands he would still be a Jet but most GMs aren’t paying $16mil/yr for a corner coming off an ACL tear. Especially when we are getting the #13 pick and potentially an early pick in the 3rd round if Revis is on the Bucs active roster next year.

  11. you have to be positive when you pay someone as much as the bucs paid revis. you don’t give that cash to a guy who can’t play press man due to his injury.

    there is a guy in KC, Marcus Cooper, he has played some of the best press man I’ve seen all year, better than teammate sean smith and at times Brandon flowers, and this kid is on a 4 year contract where he is paid under a mil each season, he has a signing bonus under 100k. he was a 7th rd draft pick by the 49ers who got cut

    when someone like that is outplaying a man making over 1 mil per GAME, you sort of shake your head, and realize just how many players the bucs could have for the money they spend on revis

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