Romo joins the “protect Dez” parade, sort of

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Regardless of the specific words Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant used during his multiple sideline tantrums on Sunday against the Lions (and because we’ve heard only some of the words, some people think we’ve heard all of them), it’s clear that Bryant was out of line.

The gesticulations and aggressive movements may have reflected passion, but in that setting a display of passion (which ordinarily is a good thing) becomes as misguided as a “passionate” member of middle management jumping onto the big table in the conference room and flailing his arms while screaming at other members of middle management.

Instead of admitting he was out of line, Bryant said he was merely being passionate — and every member of the organization who has spoken about the situation has set the stage for future outbursts of “passion” by saying they had no problem with Dez doing what he did.

Already vindicated by the owner of the team, Bryant’s behavior has now received the endorsement of his quarterback, Tony Romo.  Sort of.

“Does he need to sometimes maybe look a little different for what’s going to be written and talked about? Sure,” Romo said Thursday, via  “Does it really matter in here?  No.  He’s a positive guy who loves his teammates.  What else do you want?  He’s passionate and he comes to work every day with a great attitude.”

Did you notice that?  Before endorsing Dez’s behavior, Romo admitted that Bryant should “sometimes maybe look a little different.”

So while most have projected the idea that Romo has unconditionally backed Bryant, Romo’s support came with a key caveat.  Romo realizes that Dez shouldn’t be expressing his passion in a way that objectively appears to be disruptive or disrespectful.

While the Cowboys predictably have circled the wagons publicly around Bryant, it’s safe to say that, behind closed doors, Bryant surely has been cautioned against the potential problems that can arise from a guy whose body language suggested that he was frustrated because his mouth had written a check prior to the showdown with Megatron — and the lack of balls being thrown his way was making it impossible to honor it.

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  1. I don’t get all the hate directed towards Dez. Would you rather have a player that doesn’t care about the w’s and L’s? One who is only concerned about cashing a check?

    Fact is that Dez has matured a lot since he was drafted. As all the former players on the networks are talking about… He’s showing leadership by not accepting mediocrity. The ‘boys need someone to light a fire under them and Dez may be that person to get things changed around in big D.

  2. Only the Cowboys could make a mountain this size out of the mole hill of Dez’s sideline behavior. Instead of feeding the flames of this old fire, everyone from Jerry on down should shut up and focus on winning a few games.

  3. “Romo realizes that Dez shouldn’t be expressing his passion in a way that objectively appears to be disruptive or disrespectful.” I don’t agree with that assessment.

    By saying, “Does he need to sometimes maybe look a little different for what’s going to be written and talked about? Sure, …” I think Romo is saying that Dez needs to recognize how not only his words will be purposely misinterpreted (which Dez seems to have acknowledged as being so), but also how his behavior and actions will be purposely misinterpreted. He’s not saying the actions were wrong, he’s saying Dez needs to consider how the media/haters will interpret them.

  4. Now that my kids are 4 & 8; I can’t use the excuse that they were passionate about something rather than having a temper tantrum, missed opportunity. Good lesson for folks w/ toddlers though

  5. They are building a culture that is poison.
    This has disaster written all over it.

    You can’t allow this guy to do what he wants all the time.

    No one said he wasn’t competitive – that’s not the question here. He can’t handle his emotions.

    How can this franchise forget what T.O. did to them?

  6. Definitely the sort of…

    I mean Tony has to say this to keep the peace.

    Dez is a space cadet and throwing him under the bus in the press would cause him to blow a gasket.

    I mean it isn’t like everyone can’t see through this.

    Now, if Dez doesn’t grow up, still acts like this a few yrs from now, at some point Tony and others might call him on the carpet about it… but right now it wouldn’t be the prudent thing to do…

    Of course, if they were to drop out of the race, not likely due to the rest of their division, this could rear it’s head again. So we’ll have to wait for next yr or the yr after.

    Due to the rest of the division playing like 4A high school teams, the Cowboys should win their division with their usual 8 & 8 record so they are not going to try and rock the boat right now…

  7. Why is this continuing to be rehashed? Everyone is on the same page in the Dallas organization which has been supported by audio.
    I’m glad that Dez is passionate rather than seeing guys at the end of games smiling after a loss and just collecting a check.

    Which would you all rather see?

  8. Despite Bryant’s talent, he is a drama queen and the ultimate distraction on a team with poor management and seemingly no direction. In the world of diva distraction receivers, he and T-NO lead the pack, and will never win anything as a result.

  9. This is the modern day version of the Cowboys circling the wagon to protect their own. The camera doesn’t lie about Bryant’s tantrum meltdown and the teammates who had to separate him from others. No matter your “passion”, no one likes to get yelled at. Even former players and coaches (not just armchair quarterbacks who never played the game) were shocked at Bryant’s antics.

    The Cowboys can put all the PR spin they want on the situation, the fact remains that Dez Bryant had a tantrum for all the world to see.

  10. This wasn’t anything like a normal office setting. You can’t jump on the table and act like a fool in a professional setting. But Dallas wasn’t operating from a professional setting and it was complete chaos around the office with seemingly no Manager around.

  11. Dez was not trying to rally his teammates with his “passion,” the way a real leader like Brady or Peyton might do when they get in someone’s grill on the sideline. Dez was being divisive and immature. Only a loser organization like Dallas would support this imbecile’s tantrums. You’d think they would have learned from their TO experiment that no one man is above the team, but this team has no real leadership (not from the coaches, not from the QB). So they let this guy run amok. The chances of ever winning a Super Bowl with that level of dysfunction and lack of discipline are nil.

  12. Dez needs to have the babysitters that keep him out of night clubs watch him on the sidelines as well. If the league is so concerned about it’s image, it would not let children participate. They need to be instructed to taker their ball and go home.

  13. Where’ve you been logical? I was worried something might have happened to you once you realized that not only did your team fork over 3 first round picks for a running back with bad knees, but they’re also so bad that the native Americans are offended to have their name representing then so much that they are going to force snyder to change the name to something more appropriate like the Pansies!!

  14. All Cowboy press conferences could be shorter if they all just responded, “Whatever Jerry Said, That’s what we mean”.

  15. logicalvoicesays says:Nov 1, 2013 10:40 AM

    DeAngelo owns Dez. #GarconisthebestWRintheNFCEast


    That’s funny, seems as though the Cowboys handled DeAngelo pretty good a couple weeks back.

    Seems as though you should comment on your 2-5 Redskins instead of worring about Dez….

    And you are crazy if you think Garcon is better than Dez.

    Like I said. 2-5. Hail.

  16. When Dez does it, its a tantrum. When Brady does it, its leadership. When Peyton goes on national television and calls his own teammate a drunken idiot, he is revered. Romo messed up. The play was designed to go to Dez; The coverage dictated that the ball should go to Dez; Dez signaled to Romo presnap that the ball should go to him. And Romo threw to Harris who was doubled and essentially cost dallas the game. I’d let Romo know that he screwed up too. Just like Brady did to his OC.

  17. Funny. I remember the Cowboys losing to the NYG in the playoffs the year the NYG went on to win it all and hearing Romo’s press conference afterwards. He said Well if this is the worst thing that happens to me, I’ll be ok. Just look at his body language during the games when the Dallas has fallen behind. That crap is contagious. I’ll take Dez’s attitude over his any Sunday. Dez is young and will get better, he’ll learn to lead. Btw, anyone remember Michael Irvin? Some of sideline rants? Hall of famer and regarded as the glue to those Super Bowl runs.

  18. After the Lions loss Romo says the defense predicts where the ball goes. I wonder if the Stafford thought the same thing or did he just find a way to get the ball to the best player on his team?

  19. Passion is one thing, but Dez was basically feeling humiliated after giving the statement that he can do anything Calvin can do. Anyone in his situation would feel extremely uncomfortable watching Calvin basically prove Dez wrong. Dez could have handled it better.

  20. Dez should have waited until the Lions scored that winning TD to put on a sideline show.The Cowboys completely blew that game.Stafford looked great on that last drive.Calvin Johnson is in a class all to himself.Stafford made the Cowboys defense look stupid when he was yelling clock it on that last play.Does that suppose to mean that’s what he was going to do.I knew he was going to do a QB sneak being so close to the end zone + the Cowboys defense just standing there so relaxed.Jerry Jones probably threw a fit worse than Bryant’s over that lost.

  21. The NFC East is one of the worse division’s in the league. At least the AFC South has the Colts, who are doing pretty good. It is unfortunate that one of those NFC East teams will be allowed to enter the playoffs for doing nothing.
    AFC W- 22-8 of 30 73%
    NFC W- 20-12 of 30 66%
    AFC E- 17-15 of 32 53%
    NFC N- 15-14 of 29 51%
    AFC N- 14-17 of 31 45%
    NFC S- 12-16 of 28 42%
    NFC E- 11-20 of 31 35%
    AFC S- 10-19 of 29 34%

    AFC 63-59 of 122 51%
    NFC 58-62 of 118 49%

  22. If you’re going to mention Dez blowing up on the sideline, why isn’t Carr mentioned as well? He blew up just as badly after the last pass to Johnson.

    It’s just because the camera didn’t catch it that it’s not mentioned. If the camera doesn’t catch this, then it’s not an issue either.

    Watch old film, Irvin was the same way.

    Dez is still young in his NFL career and he hasn’t adopted the more prevalent “it’s just 1 game” attitude yet. Every game matters to him.

    As to the comments relating him to T.O., he’s nothing like T.O. Nothing.

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