Schiano says Martin will need surgery eventually

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The Buccaneers are 0-7, but think they have enough of a chance to give Doug Martin a chance.

Their second-year running back has missed the last two weeks with a shoulder injury, and it’s been reported that he wants to try to strengthen it for a possible return by Nov. 11 before he decides on a more drastic measure — to have surgery to fix what has been reported to be a torn labrum.

But Bucs coach Greg Schiano suggested that Martin could still come back.

Eventually, he’ll need to get it repaired,” Schiano said today, via

Martin won’t play Sunday at Seattle, and unless the injury is a lot less serious than has been reported, it really doesn’t make that much sense to risk further damage in a season that’s shot.

16 responses to “Schiano says Martin will need surgery eventually

  1. “Eventually, he’ll need to get it repaired,” Schiano said today “But that will be another coaches problem.”

  2. This reeks of coach trying to save his job with a few measly wins at the expense of a promising player’s health. Big picture with an 0-7 record, shut him down, get him better, and come back healthy next year, with… a new coach.

  3. From the staff that gets mad when their players help players from the other team off of the ground. Martin should tell Schiano he can’t play, and that Schiano should stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. He can save his body for the new coach next year.

  4. I could see if you had a chance to make the playoffs but they are the Buccaneers no way this year. Get the man surgery so he can come back next year ready to play for the next head coach.

  5. Yeah after Schiano runs him into the ground. The NFLPA should investigate him for making him play until he is so hurt he can no longer play in the NFL. When it is completely torn, maybe he can sue the Glazers for making him play through injury.

  6. Doug, get it fixed now. This season is a bust, your coach is a bust, and you’re a great player with a great future. Come back next year ready to rock and roll and don’t make it worse trying to please Schiano.

  7. Both Schiano & GM Mark Dominik know they’re not coming back next year, barring an unprecedented run of the table.

    Doug, you’re a beast, I admire you for wanting to play through this injury, but the season is over, your career isn’t. Get the surgery, use the rest of this season & next off-season to come back better and stronger than ever.

  8. “Martin tested positive for drugs and is the first stage of the NFL drug program” – greg schiano

  9. If he has to get surgery then go ahead and get surgery – this season is lost. Schiano you’re fired regardless of what happens so lets not drag this out like you did with Mike Williams.

  10. This smells like Schiano trying to save his job.

    By allowing Martin to play, who no doubt wants to, he’s hoping to grasp a win and avoid being dumped mid season.

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