Steelers won’t have David DeCastro on Sunday


Offensive coordinator Todd Haley thinks the Steelers offense is on the cusp of being pretty good, but moving from the cusp of that momentous label to actually having it will be a bit more difficult this Sunday.

Right guard David DeCastro, the best member of a not particularly good Steelers offensive line, has been ruled out for the matchup with the Patriots because of an ankle injury. DeCastro did not practice at all this week, so the news isn’t much of a surprise. Guy Whimper, who is listed as probable, is expected to fill in for DeCastro in the starting lineup.

“They haven’t told me that yet,” Whimper said, via the team’s website. “I’m taking the approach like I am. I’m a whole lot more confident playing guard this week. If they need me there I’ll be ready. I’m willing and more than capable of coming in and helping this line out.”

Left guard Ramon Foster is probable with a concussion and said he’ll be taking one more test with doctors on Saturday to get the final go ahead. Whimper is also listed as probable because of a knee injury for the 2-5 Steelers.

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  1. One thing that makes Belichick such a good coach is he controls the message. Pats players don’t give public statements that make the team look even more disorganized than the on-field record suggests.

    If DeCastro is out and Wimper is the best option to replace him, he shouldn’t be telling the press on Friday he’s not aware he has the start. Even though it’s an insignificant thing, it appears to be another sign of poor internal communication.

  2. Man…you guys are going to have to crank it up big-time just to climb to mediocre!

    Whatever happen to “the Steelers don’t re-build…they just reload?” And is “unleashing hell” still an option?


  3. @Deb….ya its amazing what a winning record can do. if the patriots were 2-5 im sure there would be a lot of bad talk from belicheat. when you are 2-5 frustration comes out. so saying things is really quite easy. fingers get pointed and anger comes out. you should know this being in the film room with ben and haley and all…

  4. The Patriots are pretty banged up too – including the OL

    But I have yet to hear them making any excuses – in fact they generally admit their play has been pretty mediocre and that’s not acceptable, no mater how many third stringers or UFA rookies are on the active roster

    So this is more of an even matchup than most would assume

  5. I don’t believe for a second this is an evenly matched game. steelers lost to the raiders, Vikings, titans etc… a mediocre team doesn’t lose to teams like that. pats are favored by 6 and half for a reason. and it is because the steelers are just not good! I hope the steelers don’t finish 7-9 or 8-8 and get some mid round pick again. I would rather them tank it altogether and get a top 4 pick. a nice 4-12 season can do that. they are going to need a QB. the way our o line is ben will be lucky to make it through this season. and as he gets older he is less and less elusive. a fresh legged manziel would look real pretty in black n yellow!!!

  6. It still all goes back to the opening season roster when Tomlin left us so thin on the O-line to begin with. Luckily, we carried 5 TE’s though! We could have already been developing young linemen and had semi-capable back-ups. I don’t care if it’s Golic Jr. at this point! What happens when Whimper goes down as his name and history suggests?

  7. No worries. Steelers could dominate that pourous NE D-line with only 4 O-lineman if they had to.

  8. Hey joemammy, don’t you root for a team that the Steelers beat down last time you watched them?

  9. I agree stillers213. him and Colbert draft evaluations have been awful as well. they would be better off them 2 playing rock paper scissors to figure out who they are gonna take. total incompetence for years on draft day!

  10. No David Decastro until he gets back, No problem. Just plug the next guy in. With the way the steelers seem to have injuries on the offensive line thats what they usually do anyways. Next man, up!

  11. @bigbenownsthenfl …

    My comments don’t have anything to do with our W/L record. Steelers coaches and players have criticized Ben since his early days with the team for his failure to do the cerebral work necessary to improve his game. You’d know that if you actually kept up with the team. And I’ve been posting on PFT for years that he needs to do the hard part of being a quarterback in order to enhance his natural skills, or he’d pay the price once his physical abilities started to decline.

    It’s also well-known that Belichick controls his locker room–something I admire. As a writer who has worked in corporate communications, I know how important it is to control the message to the nth degree. The Steelers’ failures in that area are something I’ve criticized many times on PFT–even when we were winning.

    You are new here and clearly have tunnel vision. I’ve been here for years and enjoy examining the game and the people who play it in-depth. Please stop judging me by your limited standards.

  12. Deb and other Steelers fans, what happened with Zoltan Mesko. We loved him with the Patriots. He seemed like a great guy and always punted well for us. Hard to believe he would get cut for performance. Was he scapegoated (easier to cut a punter than a guy like Sanders that looks like we were going to over pay for with a third round compensation pick).

  13. crownofthehelmet says:

    No worries. Steelers could dominate that pourous NE D-line with only 4 O-lineman if they had to.

    What the front 7 that got 6 sacks on Tannehil in the 2nd half last week ? When the Steelers have as bad or worse an Oline than Miami does ?

    Keep dreaming and staying uninformed about the Pats D which has done a good job all year.

  14. I don’t understand how people can criticize Ben. He and the defense are the only reasons the Steelers have been in the playoffs so much since ’04. He’s been a complete warrior at QB for them and never had the luxury of having a quality line like Peyton, Brees, and Brady have benefitted from because the Steelers put more emphasis in investing into the defense than other teams.

    Just think about the changeover at RB, the entire offensive line, and wr for the Steelers since Ben’s been there. The only constant he’s had is Heath at TE.

  15. There’s a difference between the Wed injury report(before the 1rst practice of the wk), and Friday. Pats have already declared a couple guys out too. The press is gonna know tomorrow when Decastro isn’t on the plane, what competitive advantage would it be to conceal it?

    I wouldn’t give up on DeCastro yet, he fell into the steelers lap when they probably wanted one of the Alabama LB that went to their rivals. Adams looks like the bust. Hightower is really coming on since Mayo got hurt.

    I wouldn’t sleep on this gm Pats fans. Steelers may be up against it, but if they came here and won, it would hardly be the upset of the century. Pats are scraping and squirming for most of their wins, and the steelers still have too many good players to be regarded as a bottom 5 team. I’ll be there, should be fun.

  16. It’ll be a close competitive game as most of the pats/steelers games are. Steelers are more vulnerable than I can ever remember under either Tomlin or cower. Kind of weird to see them limping into this game.

  17. i’ve got it. since the coach and coordinator are incompetent, and can not recruit or train players, maybe it’s time the Steelers added cheerleaders. Nothing else seems to be working.

  18. @tigerlilac …

    When we waived Mesko, one Pats fan posted he does a lot of charity work–which made him a favorite with the fans–but wasn’t a great punter. I’m afraid that seems to be true. He was serviceable and his average was just a couple of yards below the norm in the AFC. But he really struggled at getting the ball inside the 20. That’s probably why the Pats dropped him as well.

  19. It’s funny how these threads always denigrate from the actual article content. What’s supposed to be a discussion about the effect losing decastro will be on the steelers patriots game, turned into making derogatory comments about a player, simply because of his name (guy whimper.) I chalk up those comments to 12-16 year old posters, surely an adult wouldn’t giggle over something so childish? Also comments about whether tomlins a bad coach simply because one of his players (whimper) was asked a question by a reporter and he dared answer it. Yes belichick controls his team, but these players are grown men and should be free to speak. I spent 30 years in the military and worked for many leaders, and I took something different from each of them to develop my own style of leading. This is why the Rooneys allow coaches to develop, and not panic over a bad season or two or 3. And yes Noll and cowher also had multiple bad seasons. I think every coach has their way of handling a team, and there is no one correct way. Just like players coaches evolve, if given the chance. As for the original point of the article, I think not having decastro playing will hurt. Decastro has been slowly developing, and has steadily improved. Hopefully next season the OLine will get to gel more.

  20. Oakland shut down their pitiful offense after the first 30, realizing that they fell into enough points for the big finish. And they weren’t wrong. That’s sad, if you follow the Steelers.

  21. fyi

    Thanks for the insight Deb and for the very personal account you shared in your next post. I have a 22-year-old daughter who I pushed to go to Wellesley College to instill in her exactly the strength and independence you have shown. As for Mesko, he didn’t lose the punting job in the Patriots preseason, he punted better than the rookie Ryan. Belichick went with the cheaper guy that he would not have to resign at the end of the year. Mesko was clearly better than Ryan in the preseason punting inside the 20. Maybe he’s had confidence issues after getting cut by the Pats (exacerbated by the Steelers offensive line). I hope he gets another chance somewhere.

  22. Good job Deb. Don’t take crap from the men. I have always enjoyed your posts and you know your Steelers football.

  23. @tigerlilac and pabrownsfan …

    Thank you so much for the positive words. Your encouragement means more than you know.

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