Thad Lewis is doubtful for Sunday

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As of Wednesday, Bills quarterback Thad Lewis was expected to play, despite injured ribs.  That’s what we were told by a source close to the situation, and I believed it.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have picked the Bills to beat the Chiefs on Sunday.

As of Friday, Lewis officially is doubtful.  He could still play; “doubtful” officially means there’s a 25-percent chance he’ll go.

But we’re now hearing that Lewis is indeed unlikely to go.  Apart from the injured ribs, which we’re told have gotten worse during the week, his illness has made it more difficult to prepare to play.”I doubt he plays at this point,” the source said.  “He’s hurting bad.”

“Doubt” doesn’t mean he definitely won’t play.  But as of right now, it’s not looking good for Lewis.

Which means it’s not looking good for the Bills, who’ll turn to Jeff Tuel or Matt Flynn.  Which means I’d like to change my pick to the Chiefs.  Which means MDS won’t let me.

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  1. The Chiefs might be the luckiest team in the NFL…

    How many backup QB’s have they got to play against this season?

    I can’t wait for the week 10 beatdown the broncos will give them

  2. I read he was back at practice today. ,ust have had a setback. Too bad because Thad was playing surprisingly well. If I’m the Bills I’m keeping Manuel,Lewis,and Flynn and growing the QB room like that for future years.

  3. The Cheifs are the luckiest unbeaten team in all of sports in history. 3rd string QB’s, vs teams without winning records and in a game where they could be tested they get more luck as another back up gets hurt.

    From the Broncos game on, they will be put to the test because those last 6 games will test that record. I know they don’t pick the teams they play but there is no way to even tell if this is a top teir team or not. They may be good but I like a million other fans have a hard time buying it just yet.

  4. How many of you Chiefs haters have even seen them play?

    When they don’t collapse down the stretch like you all expect them to, are you going to give them props or come up with some other lame reason to discount them?

    Never mind, I already know the answer…

    Why not bring this guy in, he can help…. And he won’t cost you a lot of money…

  6. Karma works both ways. The Football Gods are shining on us KC fans for now. I for one, am enjoying it. Look at the Rams last week. Sea should have lost. They have 5 chances to beat the Hawks. Any given Sunday. You have to play who’s in front of you. Yes, the Broncos, Chargers, and Colts will be tests. The league is weak this year. We might as well take adv of it. Go Chiefs!!!

  7. Buffalo should have moved at Ponder and a third rounder for Jairus Byrd.

    A lot of people will bash this idea, but I know because football Jebus told me it would have been a good trade.

  8. @sullijo1 says:

    also havent won in Buffalo since around then i believe too. Plus this same team minus Smith came into Buffalo last year and got spanked. Still say Buffalo wins by 3 in a close one. 12th man will be a big part.

  9. I bet Thad plays. If he practices today, he can at least get a grip on the game-plan and then rest up tomorrow and early Sunday. Thad is really tough, and he has embraced the opportunity he has been gifted. The only reason he doesn’t is if Marrone decides to keep him out, I know Thad wants to play. He also gives the Bills the best chance to win, I hope they run the same stuff when Manuel gets back, the kid looked like he was on a short leash where Lewis has been able to just ball out. I still like the Bills chances, they will have a full stable of weapons, a rockin’ Ralph, and the possibility of making a statement. The Bills aren’t a pushover team anymore, if they could ever stay healthy, they would be that sleeper team to finally break through.

  10. Chiefs fans need to realize their luck this season. They have played teams that were either bad, or is completely disseminated by injuries.

    First 4 wins, 3 were in the weakest division of football. Followed by Titans lost their starting QB, Raiders lost their back-up offensive line, Houston played with a rookie QB, Cleveland w/ Campbell a 3rd string QB. Now Buffalo with a 3rd string QB coming in.

    Not to mention the luck that they have going down the stretch. They play Denver with a banged up Manning after their bye. Their toughest opponent outside of Denver from that point on is Indy, and they don’t even have Reggie Wayne anymore.

    The only full strength teams KC has played were their first 4 game against less quality opponents.

  11. It’s a shame that this Bills season has gone the way it has (though it’s the Bills, who along with Cleveland perenially find themselves unfathomably unlucky, so its not surprising) from the standpoint of they pretty much had no shot at the playoffs as soon as Manuel went down.

    But this could be a blessing in disguise. Let’s say Flynn plays the next 3 weeks and is as bad as expected. All of a sudden their 3-8. Say they finish 6-10, the same record as the last 2 years. Clearly this is a much better Bills team with a much brighter future than the 6-10 teams of the last two years, and finishing 6-10 with your QB missing half the year and bouncing around amongst unkown or failed journeymen QB’s isnt too bad. Then they get a good draft pick, return healthy next year with more experience under EJ and the coaching staff’s belt?

    Buffalo fans should settle in and not worry abou this year, but the future.

  12. evansvc says:
    Nov 1, 2013 2:07 PM

    Why not bring this guy in, he can help…. And he won’t cost you a lot of money…
    Every week Young’s name is brought up, but the Bills already gave Young an opportunity to take the starting job, he failed to do so.

  13. KC is a paper tiger… They eeeekkkked by in all of their wins. Even with a backup QB the Bills could win… if not they’ll keep it close. KC’s offense can’t score and their D is overrated because of their weak opponents. We’ll see how they do in the 2nd half of the season… they’ll drop at least two the the Broncos and probably one to the Colts and perhaps the Chargers as well.

  14. Grinds My Gear says:
    Nov 1, 2013 2:58 PM
    Chiefs fans need to realize their luck this season. They have played teams that were either bad, or is completely disseminated by injuries.


    for sure we do, if only other teams’ fans and the media would remind us every minute how easy the Chiefs schedule has been, maybe we’d realize it.

  15. The Chiefs Defense is dominant as can be and their offense scores when it needs to. I see Alex Smith as the type of QB that may not be a strong armed 300+ yard passer, but rarely makes any mistakes. With a Defense being that strong and a QB that is basically mistake free, I can see why they are undefeated. Yes, they have had a few breaks with getting to play against teams with backup quarterbacks and a bunch of other injuries, but so have many other teams and they are not undefeated. I believe they are for real.

  16. I am getting tired of hearing how lucky the Chiefs have been this year. Yes, I understand their schedule has been extremely favorable so far this season and that they have not yet faced the teams that will test them. The part that frustrates me is that the Broncos have faced teams with virtually the same record. The only team they have faced with a winning record are the Colts, who beat them. However, you do not hear talk about them faltering in the second half of the season like the Chiefs good.

    The Chiefs are winning with a strong defense and running game with a quarterback who does not turn the ball over. The Broncos are winning with an outstanding passing offense but an average to below average defense. No one talks about the trouble Jacksonville gave them at home. I understand it’s an offensive league now and everyone wants to see and talk about scoring. But as long as the Chiefs haven’t played anyone, neither have the Broncos. If I had to pick a formula to win in December and January I would pick a strong defense and running game over a high flying passing attack.

  17. Wow, hate to use the term “haters”, but people can’t stand when their team is losing and another team is having great success, so they make up excuses and reasons why a winning team is doing so well, rather than giving a winning team credit. The Kansas City Chiefs are winning, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. A win is a win. Buffalo would not beat the Chiefs with or without Thad frickin Lewis. Not saying its not possible. Any given Sunday, any team can beat any team, just not likely. And the backup QB’s they’ve faced have not all been lucky for K.C. I would have rather seen Schaub against the Chiefs than Case Keenum. I would have rather seen Brandon Weeden than Jason Campbell. Campbell ads in that running factor (as did Keenum), and while he isn’t great, neither is Weeden. Weeden is more sack prone. So is Schaub. Both are also more likely to throw picks. Keenum and Campbell also throw down field with more strength and accuracy than he other two.

    As for Denver? Yeah, they put up a lot of points, against weaker defenses that don’t put pressure on Manning. Is Denver’s offense better than the Chiefs? For sure. Who has the better defense? K.C., for sure. Can K.C. put up 35 or more points on Denver. Yep. They did it to the Giants. Who will win? I don’t know. The edge goes to Denver at home, but I’d say the edge goes to K.C. at Arrowhead.

    If the Chiefs beat Denver, there will be a new thread of excuses as to why, you can’t bank on it. If they beat San Diego or Indy, same thing. Stop hating and show a “little” respect for K.C.

  18. Last I saw, when the Donkeys played a team with a decent pass rush and a QB who doesn’t spit the bit in the last two minutes (are you listening Tony Romo?) they lost.
    And if you think the Colts have a good pass rush, wait until Peyton gets a load of the bookend thumpers that will be crashing in on him for 4 quarters vs. the Chiefs.
    Peyton will pee his pants. He’ll be throwing the ball before he even gets the snap by the 4th quarter. We’ve seen it before. No way will anybody have time to get deep for the Donkeys. It’s going to be 3 yard pass routes all night. Welker is going to have to soak in the cold tub for 5 days after that game, if he even survives.

  19. redwhiteandblue84: When the Chiefs offense is putting up points like the Broncos have then people will stop saying the Chiefs aren’t all that good. If Alex Smith had 2900 passing yards and 29 touchdowns after 8 weeks of football, you’d be hearing talk of how elite he is. Instead the Broncos are Superbowl favorites and the Chiefs “just have a great defense”. Alex Smith has 9 touchdowns.

  20. The Chiefs offense has averaged 24 points
    The Chiefs defense has allowed less than 12 points
    They haven’t played anyone? They didn’t make the schedule and they’ve beaten everyone in front of them. The Broncos SOS is virtually identical. They are #1 in the AFC West and # 1 in the NFL until someone beats them. It will happen eventually, just not Sunday

  21. Hawks: It’s just too bad people have forgotten how great it is to win with defense. I would be interested to hear what people had to say about the 2000 Ravens if they were playing today. With Trent Dilfer as the starting QB…

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