Todd Haley: Steelers offense “on cusp of being pretty good”


The Steelers may rank 28th in the league in points per game and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may be taking more hits than in any other season, but the Steeler are close to better days offensively.

That’s the word from offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who said Thursday that he thinks his team is on the doorstep of bigger things. Haley said his team needs to score in the 20s and 30s to win games and he believes that they’ll begin to show they can do that very soon.

“I feel like we’re on the cusp of being pretty good,” Haley said, via Scott Brown of “We’ve had a lot of moving parts — not that anybody else hasn’t — but we’ve had to overcome and mix and match a little bit but I do feel like we’re close to playing the way we have to play for us to win on a weekly basis.”

It’s hard to know what Haley sees, but the Steelers haven’t scored 20 points in any of their last three games. According to Brown, another total below that threshold would make it the first time since 2004 that the Steelers have gone four straight weeks without breaking through that barrier.

If the streak continues, the Steelers will be on the cusp of elimination from any hope of making the playoffs and Haley may be on on the cusp of looking for work elsewhere in the NFL.

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  1. I know the Steelers don’t like to fire anyone during the season, but this might be the time to make an exception. Shake things up–otherwise it’s going to be a longer season than it already is.

    I was all for getting rid of Bruce Arians, but Todd Haley actually makes me rethink my decision–Haley isn’t improving the offense. I know he’s stuck with injuries, but good coaches/coordinators look at the players they have and work from there. The fact that Haley is saying he thinks the offense is almost good makes me think he’s delusional. Ranked 28th says it all.

  2. In 2005, the Steelers’ offense, under OC Ken Whisenhunt, scored 30 or more points 6 times.
    In 2008, the Steelers’ offense, under OC Bruce Arians, scored 30 or more points 4 times.
    In 2010, the Steelers’ offense, again under OC Arians, scored 30 or more points one time, and that one time was without Ben Roethlisberger in the lineup.
    In 2011, Arians’ last season with the Steelers, the team’s offense ranked 22nd in scoring.
    In 2012, Haley’s first season as the Steelers’ OC, the team’s offense again ranked 22nd in scoring.
    As you can see, this downward spiral in scoring started long before Haley’s arrival. Has he made it better? Not one iota. Still, maybe it’s time to place the blame elsewhere.

  3. I am glad to be alive, I can tell my grandchildren about wittnessing the meltdown of the Steelers franchise. Haley needs to get promoted to Steelers head coach!


  4. Just add “when I’m gone” at different places of his comments: ‘…the cusp of being pretty good-when I’m gone…to win on a weekly basis-when I’m gone…’

  5. This guy drove Charlie Weiss out of KC because he was jealous that Weiss succeeded with players Haley had failed with. Haley is a lousy OC.

  6. Haley has a pretty short shelf life everywhere he coaches (DAL, AZ, KC, now PIT). His personality rubs players and even neighbors the wrong way. Hard to see how his mediocre skills overcome his ‘issues’, but I am sure he will be a position coach somewhere next year.

  7. Thanks, Todd. That certainly makes me feel better.

    Haley’s system would work–if someone with a different personality ran it. Our brilliant defense is a shell of its former self and unable to bail out the pitiful offense. The quarterback’s many flaws are are being glaringly exposed.

    We face the Patriots in Foxboro this weekend. I truly believe any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday. But my feeling is the best thing that could happen for Steelers fans in the next few days would be for Haley and Roethlisberger to stop giving interviews.

  8. bobzilla1001 says:Nov 1, 2013 9:43 AM

    In 2005, the Steelers’ offense, under OC Ken Whisenhunt, scored 30 or more points 6 times.
    Whisenhunt was also smart enough to always mix in plenty of trick plays —- usually involving Randle El — to try to make up for Roethlisberger’s limited scoring production.

  9. After surviving Arians, Haley has a long leash, in my view.

    Much of the problem is a lack of talent: tiny Receivers and so-so O-Line and RB’s. Antonio is good, but small, and Le ‘Veon is a big improvement.

    Arians had more talent at the skilled positions to work with (Hines, Wallace, Mendenhall) than does Haley.

    Haley gets at least another year, hopefully with a Sammy Watkins or Marquise Lee to work with.

  10. I hate to say it. But everyone’s right.. it’s time to fire colbert too…he’s chosen nothing but bust for the last 5 years in the draft.. the greatest coach in the world can’t develop with isn’t there..

  11. Worst in Steelers history? Well, Joe Walton once called plays, but it would be a toss up. JW had BB as starting QB, but had a pro O line, and a decent running game. TH inherited so-so skill players and a terrible line. No OC can implement their schemes without blocking. But if I recall, BA had a pretty terrible line, but his offense was top 10. Why was that?

  12. But Arians was a horrible and Wallace overrated… Smh, what happened to the steelers?…. HAMBONE!

  13. @skolvikesskol …

    Arians wasn’t overrated. He just kept simplifying the offense to satisfy the quarterback rather than requiring the quarterback to step up so we didn’t have to run the same play five times in a row.

    Wallace was overrated. A guy who refuses to learn the offense and do his job for $2.7 million can’t be trusted to do his job for $20 million. It’s a character issue.

  14. ben is the only offense the steelers have had in many years. this is what happens when you spend tons of money on the defense and neglect the offense! big ben and brown are the only ones paid on the offense.. polamalu, Woodley, clark, taylor, Timmons, kiesel…etc… all paid very nicely. way to not pay anyone on offense and leave ben stranded with subpar talent!! I wish ben would get traded then you would see what 1-15 season is all about deb and bobzilla!!!!

  15. The Steelers have quick, small receivers well suited for the slant and quick hitch, yet we rarely see it. Haley needs to run no-huddle early on to get Ben into rhythym. Also, I need to see more 5-wides with Moye to open it up. We need a tall receiver ASAP.
    Speaking of receivers…. Cotchery has got to be the most under-utilized player in the league relative to what he brings to the table week in and week out.

  16. It’s not so much about the OC, they just don’t have any talent. In past yrs they’ve always let someone else pay big money to some of their players because they drafted well and could replace them. Not anymore. The Ol, LB and DL, cornerstones of steeler philosophy, are a shambles. CNoll couldn’t coach this team into a winner.

  17. bigbenownsthemedia:
    Finally, we agree on something: TRADE BEN.
    BTW: The Steelers are 3-8 in Roethlisberger’s past 11 starts. Way to carry the team, Ben!!!
    SuperBen has committed 12 turnovers in 7 games this season. That’s not a good thing. Honest.
    As for the organization neglecting the offense, the Steelers have spent a lot of high draft picks on O-linemen in recent years. Pouncey, Gilbert, DeCastro and Adams. Do you actually think those guys aren’t getting paid?
    It’s pretty difficult to pay anyone more than what they are being paid when most of the money is going to the quarterback.

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