Vontaze Burfict fined $21,000 for hitting with crown of helmet

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One of the reasons that linebacker Vontaze Burfict fell out of the 2012 draft and wound up signing with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent was because he couldn’t stop picking up personal fouls at Arizona State.

While the rest of his game has defied the 32 scouting departments that decided he wasn’t worth a draft pick, he hasn’t been able to steer clear of personal fouls in the NFL. Burfict picked up his fifth personal foul of the season against the Jets on Sunday when he hit wide receiver Stephen Hill with the crown of his helmet.

Burfict has been fined $21,000 for the hit, marking the third time he’s been fined this season. The previous two came from actions during the team’s September victory over the Packers and his grand total for the season is now a healthy $52,000.

It’s a path that could lead to suspension at some point for Burfict, which would be a real blow to the Bengals defense because, as mentioned up top, everything else about Burfict’s play has been very strong.

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  1. if you were any kind of reporter, you would have known that the NFL has already stated that 2 of the Pf’s he was called for were not p.’s and should not have been called. So your usual anti-burfict rants are off base. (BTW, want to bet that if you wanted to poll the other GM’s that he would have been picked in the first or second round had they a do-over? Think SD with Te’o would say the same thing?)

  2. Yeah unfortunately this is now the “no fun” league. Can’t make any big hits. If the refs see a big hit, a flag is in the air no matter where the hit was. If they see the person’s head jerk, a flag is in the air. Even if the hit was legal and the head wasn’t struck. Wonder if they will be able to put advertising on the flags when this officially turns into flag football.

  3. How bout the helmet to helmet hit Sanu absorbed in the fourth quarter? caused him to drop the ball into the defenders hands, interception. not even a flag on that one. The Bengals were robbed by the refs.

  4. Gosh I deserve credit to brag about this one. Oh well I still have many pages on a Lions forum begging for them to take this guy. We still need at least 2 LB upgrades and he could have been one of them and at a great price. I just love this guy’s attitude, yet ironically that was the reason why nobody wanted to draft him. They got it backwards.

    This is a smart and very focused football player who said and did ALL the right things despite the bizarro spin that everybody tried to manufacture.

  5. I don’t care what players we don’t like this has nothing to do with the players. It is a bad rule that cannot be called fairly in each game. if you watch six games I bet you could see 18 times this could be called. The league has truly become very dictatorship in its actions. Players coaches and owners can’t really say a thing about the calls with out themselves being fined. The NFL is losing its appeal.

  6. melikefootball:

    Well what do you suggest for changes to the game that would make you happy? Should hits be more liberal and the NFL just accepts the injuries and potential lawsuits, or share with us what you would like to see in a perfect world?

    Are you worried about the potential suspension or Burfict’s money, or both? If you could pick would you rather see a stiffer fine? What if they fined him extra large, say a whole 10x the amount as a natural deterrent but didn’t threaten to suspend him, is that better or worse?

  7. thestrategyexpert says:


    Well what do you suggest for changes to the game that would make you happy? Should hits be more liberal and the NFL just accepts the injuries and potential lawsuits, or share with us what you would like to see in a perfect world?

    Simple solution. Its called a hold harmless agreement based on informed assumption of risk. All lawsuits go away.

    I used to skydive and every drop zone I jumped at made you sign a document like that. If you were a new jumper part of the training usually involved watching a video that explained the risks involved before you signed the hold harmless agreement.

  8. harrisonhits2:

    But that’s not simple.

    So that handles the lawsuits, which to be honest I’m skeptical if what you suggest is going to 100% eliminate all liability issues. But I’m not a lawyer so I’ll concede all of that to you.

    So what about the money the NFL loses from having so many star players get knocked out of games? That’s one of the other issues at play that your legal maneuvering doesn’t help.

    And there’s other issues like people who aren’t happy about anything that want to then negotiate harder about other contractual elements between the NFL and NFLPA and players etc.

  9. Guys, look at the bright side. If the NFL keeps fining players, then they won’t need to go after extra revenue by putting a team in London.

  10. He plays the game exactly like James Harrison used to play and Bengals fans called him dirty. Now they employ Harrison and defend Burfict for his unapologetic physical play that draws fines.

    Hilarious how our views completely change when the guy in question wears our team’s colors.

  11. It used to be that if someone was aghast by the violence in the NFL, we would simply tell them don’t watch the games.

    Now to the fans who are turned off by the No Fun League because the intent is to remove any aspect of violence, we tell them don’t watch the games.

    Hey. Where did everybody go?

  12. To the left of his signature, on that $21,000 check,
    where it says ‘Memo,’ Vontaze scribbles:
    “Sorry…Nobody’s Burfict!”

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