Walk-off safety gives Dolphins overtime victory over Bengals


The Miami Dolphins snapped their four-game losing streak in style.

Cameron Wake sacked Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton in the end zone in overtime to give the Dolphins a 22-20 victory on Thursday night

The Bengals faced a 3rd and 10 from their own 8-yard line with 6:42 left in overtime. Wake blew through Bengals’ guard Kevin Zeitler to hit Dalton at the goal line to give Miami the win. It was Wake’s third sack of the game.

A 14-point swing give the Dolphins a two touchdown lead in the third quarter. The Bengals looked set to tie the game at 10-10 when Dalton hit Marvin Jones for a 50-yard touchdown that was nullified by a holding penalty against Jermaine Gresham. Cincinnati still managed to move into the Dolphins’ red zone before a critical mistake from Dalton.

Dalton threw an out route behind his intended receiver and Brent Grimes intercepted the pass and returned in 94 yards to extend Miami’s lead to 17-3 midway through the third quarter. It was Grimes’ first career touchdown. Dalton finished 32 of 53 for 338 yards and three interceptions.

However, the Bengals rallied behind the running of Giovani Bernard and a defense that limited the Dolphins’ possessions.

Dalton led the Bengals on a 12-play, 65-yard drive that was capped with a 3-yard touchdown run from Bernard to pull within a score.

The Bengals quickly got the ball back as Miami was unable to move the ball and Bernard tied the game with a ridiculous touchdown scamper.

Bernard tried to run off right tackle but was turned away by cornerback Brent Grimes and linebacker Philip Wheeler, who both missed tackles on the play. Bernard circled all the way back to the left sideline, making Olivier Vernon miss in the backfield as well, and picked up a block from quarterback Andy Dalton along the way. He forced another whiffed tackle from Grimes and broke a tackle from Reshad Jones as he broke free and dove into the end zone.

It was officially a 35-yard touchdown run in which Bernard likely covered double the amount of yardage weaving his way into the end zone.

Mike Nugent connected on a 54-yard field goal with 1:29 left to play to give the Bengals a 20-17 lead but the Dolphins managed to send the game to overtime. Miami had run just 11 plays in the second half for 51 yards before their final drive but Ryan Tannehill drove the Dolphins 50 yards on their final possession to set up a 44-yard field goal from Caleb Sturgis to send the game to the extra session.

Tannehill was 20 of 28 for 208 yards on the night.

65 responses to “Walk-off safety gives Dolphins overtime victory over Bengals

  1. Looked like that ball was out of the endzone and that Dalton didn’t tuck it all the way until the Dolphin made contact with the ball which exempts Dalton’s positioning of it and he’s entitled to forward progress. But whatever, it’s up to the Bengals to decide if they want to whine about that call.

    The Bengals really screwed up good on that critical Pass Interference play in OT. They had a poorly designed blitz with that 8th man in the box coming on a delayed rush which effectively made him completely useless on the field. They had effectively 10 men on that play, and that’s why the WR had an extra opportunity to be open for a play. This is just not how you coach football. You can’t have a guy come up with the idea to render himself useless on such a lame brain idea. He has to have a plan and a strategy there that has some semblance of making sense. That’s just really bad.

  2. If I were like Ravens fans, I would complain about how the league picked the second longest road trip of the season to play on a short week, then claim someone played dirty and blame the refs for something. But I’m not. I will tip the cap to Miami. You have a lot to like on defense (led by a student of Mike Zimmer). Good job tonight.

  3. But the bengals are so good! What a travesty that a meaningless power ranking had them below a team they beat 6 weeks ago! Dalton is such a great qb, the bengals will represent the afc.

    Yeah, maybe not.

    Not only have they lost to the browns, now they lose a winnable game to the dolphins. Good teams win these kind of games. The bengals just aren’t very good, regardless who they beat this year.

  4. When wake is healthy, not many better.

    Patterson has 4 int’s and has played in 3 games, glorified Sherman had played in 8 and has 4. Guess there is a benefit to his mouth.

    Great job for a patched up o line with one of the best d lines in the game. It feels like yesterday when every analyst was dogging Miami for getting mount mckinnie, so far so good.

  5. 3rd and 1 in OT and you chuck the football.
    Sherman needed the best player on the team in Cam Wake to save his job tonight.

  6. Funny how people fall for early records. The Bungles still have to play the defending champions twice and will likely drop one to the Steelers in a rematch. Shouldn’t fall for records folks. It comes down to team health, the amalgam of individual matchups, schemes, execution on any given sunday and yes, a healthy dose of luck.

  7. No geno no playoffs. He’s the corner stone of that defense. The line will look like a shell of their former selves without him absorbing and beating 2-3 blockers each play.

  8. Losing this game definitely would’ve hurt the Bengals confidence moving forward if it wasn’t for the fact that THEY’VE NEVER HAD ANY hahaha…I love laughing at the Cincinobodys

    The Bungalo’s are back baby!

  9. Whats wrong with these refs????? Blantant holding by Adam Jones not called, facemasks being yanked in front of refs by cincy not called… does the league not want Stephen Ross to have a successful team? Because they are screwing miami something fearce.

  10. Agh, let that one slip away. Just a bad day all around by the Bengals. Not going to win many games turning the ball over four times on the road and dropping every other pass.

  11. Shocked the heck out of me ; I was sure Miami would lose this one.
    I think this was one of those games where when the defense comes to the sideline , they say to the offensive players: “Hold ’em.”

  12. Please Steelers fans (holeinone, steelcurtainn, blosser) take notice: There are a lot of terrible O-lines in the NFL. I’m so tired of hearing, and seeing, that the only O-line in the league that allows sacks is the one in Pittsburgh.
    Terrible O-lines is an NFL epidemic. There simply aren’t enough quality offensive linemen to go around.

  13. ok – so will the real bengals, dolphins and jets please step up?

    this wasn’t the same team that steam rolled the jets last week, the phins aren’t the same guys who laid down in the second half against new England last week….

    afc is crazy this year…and the bengals lost geno atkins

  14. Anyone see those knuckleheads on nfl network argue that it was not safety. That sack takes place ANYWHERE else on the field and the ball is placed where daulton goes down. Those guys tried to say his feet were in the field, even thought we could easily see the ball was on the goal line. Thumbs up if you think it was clearly a safety. Thumbs down if u like flag football.

  15. Hallelujah worlds collide tonight. Cincinnati is better than the NE team they faced last week then this. May have something to do with the guys shutting it down at the end of the of the 4th quarter and not the second.

  16. Refs almost cost the Fins another game with the terrible OPI call on hartline and then the no call pi on pacman covering Hartline. After the Pats game refs need to be fined or fired. Its insane how bad these refs are.

  17. On Andy’s 3rd interception wide receiver Sanu dropped a pass after promptly taking a direct helmet to helmet blow from Miami’s secondary. No penalty on the play result was Miami ball. This after three blown calls personal foul calls at the expense of the Bengals the two previous games. Add in a phantom hold on this 14 pt swing and you have officiating crews directly affecting the outcome of games. Now add into the mix the idea of adding a penalty which can also negate a TD and you have a game that is completely controllable outside of the players and coaching. This ain’t football folks.

  18. The Bengals go as far as the Ginger kid goes. Their defense is top class, the receiving corps among the elite. If the QB plays well (he doesn’t have to be spectacular), the Bengals are SB contenders.

    Taking a safety wasn’t the wisest play, probably a lack of awareness.

  19. joetoronto says:
    Oct 31, 2013 10:01 PM
    That noodle armed ginger shouldn’t be allowed to throw any more outs as long as he lives.

    There’s no zip on those balls at all.
    Somehow, the Bungals coaches couldn’t see the obvious, SMH.

  20. WOW!!! Wasn’t pretty but they actually finished a game. Still a long way to go but a good game that the Dolphins weren’t picked to win. Love it when that happens.

  21. On third and four with just over a minute left in the game, why in the world would you throw a down field pass if you’ve been getting positive RUSHING yards all game?
    Not only did you stop the clock for Miami, you gave them enough time to go down and kick the field goal to tie it up.
    And to top it off, the ball was overthrown AND out of bounds!

    You’re not ready for the next level Cincy, not with game and clock management skills that sub-par.

  22. Everything pointed to the Bengals in this game. On fire, 4 game winning streak. Dolphins were sliding hard & fast, locker room turmoil…

    Any given Sunday, er Thursday.

  23. Oh good. Now we’ve moved baseball’s foolish “walk-off” to football.

    “Safety gives Dolphins overtime win over Bengals.”

    See? No redundant “walk-off” needed.

  24. Feels good to break that losing streak. Also, it was nice to see a good game on Thursday Night for a change.

  25. Well the world got to see the Miami Dolphins starting Defense. This was the first game this season with all healthy starters.

    On the flipside, they got to witness the anemic offense that literally has 5 starters missing. Overall, not terrible for a bunch of no-names and a patchwork Oline. If I were the rest of the NFL, I would take the Phins seriously. They might not make the Playoffs, but they will ensure your Team does not either.

  26. Just Andy Dalton back to sucking like always. Bengals can’t go anywhere with this guy at QB. Honest Bengal fans, do you feel comfortable with a playoff game on the line with Dalton’s shaky hand at the wheel? I know I would be very afraid. Some of those sacks he took last night, in the red zone particularly, were brutal.

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