Cowboys haven’t filed grievance against Ratliff, yet


So when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones uses the term “legal matter” when talking about former Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff, what is Jones referring to?

Under the labor deal between the NFL and the NFLPA, the team’s only potential legal recourse comes from the filing of a so-called non-injury grievance under Article 43.

Both the Cowboys and the NFL have advised PFT that no grievance has been filed against Ratliff, yet.  Under Article 43, Section 2, it must be filed within 50 days of the date of the thing that the grievance relates to.

Reading between the lines of the recent article from the team’s official magazine regarding Ratliff, the Cowboys possibly would argue that Ratliff pretended to be injured when he really wasn’t, ultimately forcing the team to put keep him on the Physically Unable to Perform list when he actually was healthy, and then to move on when it became apparent that he no longer intended to play for the team.  Under that theory, the potential recovery would consist of the salary and bonus allocation for the first six weeks of the 2013 regular season, and possibly the full signing bonus allocation for 2013 through the end of the contract.

The fact that the Cowboys are even considering a grievance suggests that they’ve at least got some evidence to support their apparent contention that Ratliff essentially quit on the team.  But the battle surely would be joined by Ratliff, and the ensuing fight would feature doctors espousing conflicting opinions and witnesses sharing diverging facts.

There’s a chance the Cowboys are merely huffing and puffing in the hopes of making Ratliff nervous.  Now that he has signed with a new team, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Cowboys pursue any recovery against him, as their official magazine strongly implied they would.

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  1. Here we go again, another case where the truth is perhaps irrelevant. I say “perhaps” obviously being ignorant as to the facts of the matter.

    Jerry got a bad ROI on his money and now he just wants to play the “my lawyers are better than your lawyers” game.

    Look, it’s not personal, it’s just business, and that is the NFL way.

  2. bossbertozzi

    That is getting so old. Before this season started all I heard was Cowboys don’t have enough cap space to sign their rookies. Come on Pou C. Get some new material.


    Sorry NFL great GM. Why are you giving out all your secrets free on PFT. I’m sure NFL owners are looking towards all your PFT post.

  3. A player signs a contract. All of a sudden can’t perform due to injury. Gets released and all of a sudden a miracle he is healed and can play. I’m sure money had nothing to do with it. I’m sure most people would love to get paid for doing nothing.

  4. natnic75:

    I don’t play pretend-GM for money or personal gain, I just do it for the passion and love to do it. I see issues with all 32 teams and I give them all free advice when I have some to offer. And if one team actually wanted to follow my advice while 31 others do not, then I respect them for being the ones to look at a fresh idea that is not their own as a way to improve their football team.

    I respect ONLY good football and those who strive to play it and more power to anybody that can benefit from something I have to say. So any team that takes my ideas seriously and wants to exploit them for their own game is a team that I’m going to root for on the basis of principle and integrity to want to win more than the next team.

  5. thestrategyexpert

    Sure. Yes GM’s on all 32 teams are looking for your input on PFT.


    You give free advice that no one listens. Why aren’t you in house for A team. A team means 1.

  6. natnic75:

    I doubt it. I would bet that none of the 32 teams care what I have to say. I mentioned above that there could be a theoretical day where 1 team decided to follow that advice and IF they do and can benefit from it then that’s a set of conditions that I’ll never be privy to.

    I just assume whenever I post something that whatever team it is that they aren’t listening and care less. Their being aware and likely to follow my advice has no impact on my self-initiative to supply it. I have made over 50,000 football-related posts on the Internet in my lifetime, and I have 0 confirmed cases of any NFL team hearing what I have to say. So why would I think it would be different with the next post?

    I post for myself and for whoever cares to hear what I have to say regardless of who that is, if anybody.

  7. RAT -liff = RAT-FINK!! I hope they do a grievance or sue him and his agent! Guys played hurt since he and Jerry had a tiff, then says I cant perform (per his lawyers comments) gets released and badaboom joins the Bears! Hope they get out of him what we did for the last year!!

  8. natnic75:

    Sorry I missed your last question due to the lack of the question mark and wasn’t sure if that was rhetorical but it is a good question.

    Actually I did try to get in with the Lions and last year I bumped into Bill Ford Jr. in a suit store and I tried to proposition him on emailing him some stuff that I wanted to send over and he kind of politely blew me off as he probably gets offers like that all the time. I got called away for a few seconds and when I came back he was already gone to my shock and surprise. I swear he was like Batman in disappearing from there and I never would have walked away if I would have suspected he would have vanished all of a sudden like that because we were in the middle of a conversation. But I got close to at least having him hear me out on some ideas!

  9. I would say it wouldn’t be hard to prove. His agent said his clients injury was far to severe for him to play anytime soon. Then he gets released and his severe injury has miraculously healed. I’m no professional but facts are if he were healthy he would be playing he claimed he wasn’t and got cut I guess it was the miracle cure. Either way keep the money you turd and Jerry just instruct mr Callahan to have his o line destroy this loser when they play da bears. Sweep the leg Johnny

  10. How could the CowBabies tell that Ratliff quit on the team from anybody else that were actually playing for the team?

  11. If Goodell doesn’t do something, if Ratliff gets away with this, every single guy on a team that wants to get out of his contract and go play somewhere else will be pulling this same stunt.

  12. This may go well beyond a mere “grievance”. There are criminal statutes that trump any NFLPA considerations.
    If it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt, Ratliff may be facing charges of fraud and embezzlement.

    Really hope so!

  13. All the Cowboys are waiting on is for Ratliff to play one snap. Then, it becomes the legal matter.

    There’s a rumor that he refused to take a physical after the first six weeks which forced the team to cut him. For whatever reason, he must have indicated that he is still in pain, etc and the Cowboys got fed up with it. He was lying.

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