D.C. Council to consider resolution regarding Redskins name


With the controversy regarding the name of the Washington Redskins gaining more steam than ever, the D.C. Council will revisit a resolution that it first passed 12 years ago.

Per the Associated Press, the Council will take up a resolution next week urging the Redskins to change their name.

A similar resolution was passed in 2001.  The latest effort comes amid a widening debate regarding the name, with President Barack Obama weighing in, the San Francisco Chronicle abandoning the term, and the NFL meeting with the Oneida Indian Nation to discuss the objections to the use of the term.

The D.C. Council has no authority over the team, since it plays in Landover, Maryland, practices in Ashburn, Virginia, and trains in Richmond.

Here’s an idea that actually make sense.  (At least to me.)  If the team has no connection to D.C. other than its name, why shouldn’t Washington officially disown the team that claims Washington as its home, if it won’t pick a nickname other than Redskins?

It’s a simple yet potent message:  “We don’t want our city to be associated with that name.  So if you’re going to keep using it, call yourselves the Landover Redskins or the Maryland Redskins or the Ashburn Redskins or the Richmond Redskins or the Virginia Redskins or anything but the Washington Redskins.”

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  1. seriously, its time to let it go. they are the redskins, politicians lie to us & steal our money, and the refs screw the raiders and act like they have money on the steelers. these are the life and times we live in…

  2. It’s simple in spirit, but that also sounds like a rather complex solution to the problem. It opens up a major can of worms across a number of issues and it gives Snyder legal barking power. Washington doesn’t have enough incentive to make that kind of power play for the headaches it would create. They aren’t in the justice business after all. If they wanted them to change the name bad enough then it’s still more practical to find other ways to inspire Snyder to make the change.

    Besides, they like their city being attached to a football team and they want Washington to be included with the new name when it comes about as opposed to those other cities. There’s really not much for them to gain and a lot for them to lose when purely looking at the numbers.

  3. I’m defintely not embracing 2013 correctly. I have yet to get offended, bullied or blame someone else for my problems. I must be doing something wrong?

  4. As a redskins fan…
    I’m down with the Washington Warriors being the new name… with the logo being an arrow… Is that still racist or what? Let me know because I’m a righty stuck in a lefty state.

  5. This entire thing has gotten really excessive and out of control over one of the stupidest things I have ever heard about in my entire life.

    let the fans in DC decide what the name should be. They’ll stick with the name that has been around for almost 100 years and nobody complained because IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS.

    I’m a diehard Cowboys fan, I hate the Redskins but even I am so tired of this.

  6. “Gaining more steam than ever” = flame slowing burning out. The DC Council is a joke, and the Redskins will never move back to DC so it doesn’t matter at all. Marion Barry is on the DC Council. I mean…enough said.

  7. Well, sure, if they’ve resolved every other problem in Washington! …oh, wait, they haven’t.

  8. Why not just disband the team entirely. The NFL could have a special player dispersal draft.

    Or they could be forced to move to LA or even better, London. The fans in either location would have a contest to name their new team.

    How about —- the London ‘Jolly Good Gents’

  9. This all makes sense…Washington could easily just change the name. So, why doesn’t the NFL step in, and just make them change it. Why won’t the DC council just renounce its affiliation with the team…So many people are to blame for this name still existing. It is so easy for it to stop.

  10. Jack Cooke Kent moved the team to Landover because DC passed a measure that would have required them to change their name to receive public funds.

    Seems totally appropriate to disown the team, they don’t really have anything to do with DC anyway, they practice elsewhere and play games elsewhere.


    The term “REDSKINS” refers to WAR PAINT that warriors covered their skin in before going into battles.

    The name was chosen by a Native American for crying out loud!

    It seems that a lot of people don’t want to accept these FACTS and for some reason would actually rather believe that the term is racist, when it CLEARLY is not to ANYONE who does a LITTLE research on the origin of the name .

  12. this was a great laugh before I go to bed, as usual with this topic. Thank you and continue your crusade

  13. Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the DC council and a particular sportswriter pay attention to things a little more important than a football team name?

  14. Yes! The DC council should spend as much time on this issue as it takes to pass! Healthcare, employment, and crime can wait! No More Native American Team Names!!!!!!!!!

  15. The D.C. Council has no authority over the team, since it plays in Landover, Maryland, practices in Ashburn, Virginia, and trains in Richmond.

    That says it all…

    As long as it stays the Redskins that is fine… Loose the Washington part, alright by me… Perfect Solution!

  16. Yep Washington should do this. You want to do this before it’s too late. It has only been 82 years but if they can drop the Washington before 83 it will send a real message….


  17. Anybody concerned about this topic is either dumb as a stump or as anal as one can be.

  18. You are totally right why would the Redskins want to be associated with the most corrupt dysfunctional city in the planet where every politician including its mayor is a crook. They should drop Washington off of the name it’s so degrading to the Redskins.

  19. I wish the media would leave this alone, it’s not a big deal to the majority of the Indian population like previous articles of stated. It’s a WORD, Get over it and keep the heritage!

  20. Why don’t we go with The Scalp-Hunters or The Buffalo Extincters or perhaps The Original Face-Painters?

  21. They really should change the name. The problem I see is coming up with a good replacement – see New Orleans’ NBA team.
    What about youth and high school teams who are also called Redskins? If a bunch of them start changing their names there may be a stronger momentum for the NFL team to do so.

  22. There is nothing funnier than politicians in Washington D.C. (whether federal or local ones) when they try to take the moral or ethical high ground.

  23. good idea since you know the city has no actual problems like crime,education, corruption lack of of funding to spend it’s time on. need to worry about pc concerns first and foremost. nothing screams action like disowning the name of the name of the sports franchise your city is known for.

  24. Having grown up and resided in Northern Virginia as well as going to many, many games at the old stadiums for Skins games, while not crazy about a name change, names do get changed and I could be ok with one in this situation. After the DC Council display of pompous assitude, I bet Snyder does change locale affiliation to either a VA or MD one thus eliminating that Washington choice…well at least on paper. Noxious gasses of the council become eliminated and quickly forgotten…win/win!

  25. Great idea. Ditch “Washington” altogether.
    They should merely go with “The Redskins.”
    You cannot take this effort seriously unless there are plans to apply it uniformly. Remove any nickname that is offensive, in any way, to anyone. The NCAA’s attempt to do this is a joke. “Fighting Sioux” is offensive, “Fighting Illini” is just fine? How about we just hike up our pants and focus on larger issues? This is embarrassingly ridiculous.

  26. Here’s an idea that actually make sense. (At least to me.) If the team has no connection to D.C. other than its name, why shouldn’t Washington officially disown the team that claims Washington as its home, if it won’t pick a nickname other than Redskins?

    It’s a simple yet potent message: “We don’t want our city to be associated with that name. So if you’re going to keep using it, call yourselves the Landover Redskins or the Maryland Redskins or the Ashburn Redskins or the Richmond Redskins or the Virginia Redskins or anything but the Washington Redskins.”
    Like George Preston Marshall first owner of the team, Snyder is about Marketing and Money. When The Feds told him , his team could not play in the Brand New Stadium in 1960, without integrating the team. Marshall saw the light of the end of the Money trough and jumped in.Will Snyder jump in now?

  27. That’s actually a great idea. It would totally remove any sort of faux economic excuse to avoid changing the name because they’d have to do it either way.

  28. Yeah, nothing like some Chicago-style strongarm tactics to get your way when you can’t win the debate.

    Wonder where that inspiration comes from…..

  29. The NFL is meeting with the Oneida INDIAN Nation, who presumably has an objection to the name “Redskins?” That’s preposterous! While they consider a name change, they may also consider changing the name of the nation to “Oneida Native American Nation.”

  30. Snyder should just say they are in the process of changing the name…but never actually change it. That would probably get 90 percent of the critics off his back and onto the next issue that they believe they should protest.

  31. The city could disown the team,, and the team could then call themselves the Los Angeles Redskins

  32. Washington Americans.

    Rename, keep every damned bit of the logo, colors and branding intact, and defy every last one of these the SOB’s to tell you that somehow the image or the name is offensive.

    OR – Snyder could just start crying that everybody is bullying him to do something he doesn’t want to do. That’s apparently a thing that works nowadays.

  33. Here’s a more potent message:

    Why don’t you display an ability to compromise? Other than the fact that anything liberal believes not in compromise but instead a scorched Earth victory. If you can’t beat it, burn it down instead of compromise. That’s liberalisim.

    Just change the logo, the mascot, and all related.
    The easiest solution is usually the correct one. Unless it’s a liberal issue because everything becomes not of logic but of a personal battle of spite and will and is never actually about the topic at hand.

    Just compromise and it’s over and solved. But they don’t want compromise and solution, they want complete destruction because they can’t stop themselves once they start foaming at the mouth.

  34. A native American band should now take the name Redskins and run with it, you can’t buy publicity like that. “Come and get your love…”

  35. Personally, I’d lose both the “Washington” and the “Redskins.” I wouldn’t want to be associated with either!! Name it for the area [like Boston did to become New England], and find an appropriate surname.

    But, really, I’m guessing Washington crime, and political ineptness, must be things of the past. How else would politicians find all this time to vote on non-binding sports issues!!

  36. I’ve never been particularly PC friendly, however… If native Americans find the term offensive, I would defer to their desires. If I could make a suggestion, I would recommend Snyder change the name to the Warriors and keep the iconic image. Of course, then you would open yourself to those who oppose it for inferring a “violent” image… You can’t win.

  37. As their city has one the highest homicide rates and police corruption the other idiots in washington has this on their agenda. PC in its political form..what a bunch of losers

  38. There are only 31 cities (NY has 2) with NFL franchises. Every city wants an NFL team. Not a chance DC is willing to seperate themselves from an NFL team.

  39. I have a better idea. Leave the name alone, quit being a slave to political correctness, don’t be so sensitive, and just get over yourself.

    Those are good tips for leading a happy life.

  40. Just trying to noodle it out without arguing either side:

    The numbers of people and groups no longer willing to use or be associated with the team name can only grow. The club has two options: change it – or adopt a bunker mentality by clinging to an increasingly unacceptable moniker.

    The latter will do them no good whatsoever.

  41. How about Washington Bulldogs in honor of Jim Thorpe, one of America’s greatest athletes ever, who played for the Canton Bulldogs, and who was partly Native American.

  42. “Gaining more steam then ever”… Only from the liberal biased media and liberal PC politicians LOL LOL LOL LOL

  43. If you think a DC Council can force them to abandon the Washington in their name, what do you think will be their fate in one of the bluest states on the political map in Maryland?

    I think half the opposition to the name isn’t necessarily against the mascot as it is against the word “never.” Snyder declared war by using that word.

  44. “We don’t want our city to be associated with that name.”

    Yeah, that will send the simple yet potent message. I remember the outrage those city council members had when their city and the people who work there were associated with the IRS scandal, the Benghazi “incident”, Watergate, Iran Contra, Pizza Delivery Girl, Iraqi WMD, and the overall police state “their city” has turned these united States in to. But then those “issues” didn’t offend anyone.

  45. Reagan turns over as our country descends into chaos. We choose to not take care of our own business – and concern ourselves with others… Blame other people for our own problems and spin the truth when it’s convenient. Starts from the top and permeates throughout Congress and it’s subordinates. Sad. Yank all of their antitrust exemptions and tax their offshore earnings for starters. NCAA, NFL, Indians, and Apple. Don’t reach into my pocket for your ineptitude and lack of intelligent ideas to fix problems…

  46. being part native american I have absolutely no problem with the name, it’s a word nothing more. People who are crying that the name is offensive are simply stuck playing the poor victim role. Once had a friend who was african american and claimed the word “great white” was offensive and that it classified whites as being greater than everyone else and I was like like wtf! People need to get over the past and get on with the future.

  47. Really? Some of you want to pretend that quickly voting on something like this is really the thing that’s keeping politicians from fixing all of our ills? Sorry, but the “Surely they must have more important things to do” dodge is almost always true (“Why make laws about theft? Surely there are bigger crimes to address!” etc.) You try to fix things that are wrong, big and small. I DO admire the creative lengths some will go to, to defend racism, though…but don’t they have something more constructive to do, to make society a better place, than type 40 pro-slur posts? 😉 See how that works? 🙂

  48. If they want to do that, fine. What I have a problem with is the dishonest way this and other PFT articles are written on the topic. Gathering steam? You make it seem like there is rising public opposition and that people’s minds are changing. They are not. The politicians are responding to the media and its echo chamber. The general public feels no differently than they did a decade ago. What we have here is sanctimonious liberals like Costas and Florio who are determined to shape public opinion. Report the news…don’t make it.

    —An Eagles Fan

  49. Everyone saying the politicians should “let it go” clearly have their heads in the sand. This name is clearly racist and should have been changed a long time ago. Now the screws are turning and soon enough this name is going to be changed regardless of what Snyder says.

  50. This is a fantastic use of tax payer time and money. Im sure the DC council has most of the legitimate problems (Schools, Crime, Poverty, Economy) facing the District solved already which opens up lots of time for debates and resolutions such as this one. I wonder how many voting Washington Redskins Fans will re-elect the reps that ousted the team their family has pulled for the last 80+ years?

  51. wryly1 says: Nov 2, 2013 8:43 AM

    “clinging to an increasingly unacceptable moniker”

    That’s just the thing, it’s not ‘increasingly unacceptable’.

    Every few years the issue gets ‘increased media coverage’, but it’s always been the same small minority who wanted the name changed.

    Here’s what Snyder should do: Take several months and visit Native Americans all across the land. Meet with them on the Rez and in hotel conference rooms, and explain the he, and a vast majority of the people think the name is an way to honor Native Americans.

    Then, after he explains his side, give them a questionaire with just two questions:
    1. Are you offended by the name?
    2. Would you be offended if we changed the name?

    My guess is a much higher number of Native Americans would be offended if the name were changed.

    From that point on, whenever he’s asked about the name, he could say he’s not changing the name because MORE Native Americans would be offended by changing the name than leaving it.

  52. If they ever do change the name, they should completely remove anything about ‘native americans’. If they cant take pride in a team that is representative of their heritage, a team that has a great history, and great fans, then screw ’em. And never look back.

    And why hassle the Washington Redskins and not all of the other team names that surely offend someone in this country.


  53. Simple solution….just change the logo to a potato to honor the red skin potatoes. There! Name is kept, Indians are happy and potatoes everywhere are flattered.

  54. Bottom line is that too many people get offended for other people. Why that is, I do not know. I figure people can get plenty offended all by themselves, they don’t need me being offended for them.

  55. The name offens some and leaders of a city make the decision that their constituents would like to no longer associated with such an offensive word makes sense.

  56. I’m by no means a Redskins fan, but this is total BS. A handful of rabble rousers think it’s cool to change tradition over thousand of fans of the Redskins name. It’s okay for new teams to stay away from using this type of name, but let’s keep some tradition in this country. They raise hell about this, but say nothing at the course this country is taking.

  57. “Here’s an idea that actually make sense. (At least to me.) If the team has no connection to D.C. other than its name, why shouldn’t Washington officially disown the team that claims Washington as its home, if it won’t pick a nickname other than Redskins?”

    Because Snyder will then say that the Washington name refers to the STATE where his cousins are from and they have deep roots, honor and heritage there!

  58. I think it should be the Washington Christopher Columbus’s bc he proved he was smarter and stronger than an Indian. by the way do you wanna borrow his blanket?

  59. jiveturkeygobbler says: Nov 2, 2013 8:38 AM

    There are only 31 cities (NY has 2) with NFL franchises. Every city wants an NFL team. Not a chance DC is willing to separate themselves from an NFL team.

    Technically incorrect. NYC has none.
    East Rutherford NJ has 2

  60. If I was snyder I would change the name.. the whole name.. from the “washington redskins” to the “maryland whatevers” just to make a point.

  61. ravenmomma says:
    Nov 2, 2013 10:27 AM

    Simple solution….just change the logo to a potato to honor the red skin potatoes. There! Name is kept, Indians are happy and potatoes everywhere are flattered.

    I can just picture Mr & Mrs Potato head
    as the Mascots

  62. trbowman says:
    Nov 2, 2013 1:48 AM
    Liberals are like whiny children, incessantly crying until you finally throw up your arms and give them what they want.

    Yours is THE most correct response I’ve seen! I say to hell with that. To Hell with Mile Florio and Bob Costas and all the other nut jobs that keep whining about how the Indians are offended and how the bleeding-heart liberals are offended.

    Myself…I’m strongly considering deactivating my account. There other sources as good or better than this site.

    Now, I need to go breathe and enjoy the rest of my day. SMDH.

  63. 10 years from now when everything is sterile and “inoffensive”, groups like this will complain that we don’t do enough to recognize & celebrate their heritage.

  64. The only somewhat acceptable name change would be just the “skins” after all this goes down America will have officially taken EVERYTHING the native Americans have.

  65. NEVER say NEVER.

    This was snyder’s first mistake.

    If he NEVER said NEVER… there would NEVER have been a line drawn.

  66. My great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian, so I have some Indian in me. I have been a Washington fan since I was 4 yrs old (45 yrs ago). When I think of ‘Redskins’, I think of the team or potatoes. I never think of my blood brothers. With all of the real problems that we have in this country, this ‘situation’ needs to be way down at the bottom of the priority list. If by some means of pressure or fines, the league forces Danny Boy to change the name, guess what I will call the team….??? REDSKINS !!!

  67. Wow, corrupt politicians passing judgement. I’d say that’s par for the coarse for those cons. I wonder how much under the table money the Indian nation is fishing out.

  68. The bell tolls for thee redskin fans, buy all the merchandise now while you still can. I love the all the racist elements of the redskins past rising up and biting their ass. Karma’s a you know what!

  69. Ignore the media. I would lay down money to say that the MAJORITY of Americans couldn’t care less about this issue. The liberal media just loves to keep the spotlight on unimportant issues rather than what’s going on in this country…..unemployment, fiscal irresponsibility, a DEEPLY flawed health care law etc. Wake up people. If Snyder ever changes this name it will be for money only.

  70. It’s funny how some people bring up racist attitude of the Redskins (only team that won a Superbowl with an African American quarterback leading the team), or how other teams changed their names(Oakland had a name that lasted nine days and considered a joke and not changed for racial reasons, Tennessee Titans changed from the Oilers 2 years after the team relocated again not racially motivated. You could also have used the Dallas Texans which became the Kansas City Chiefs as well as several others). Or the use of historical quotes, yes Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy but to equate this situation to a War which brought the end to Slavery in this country demeans everything that happened to end it. If the Redskin name was a recent change then the argument of racism would be valid but to wait many years to make an issue about it is petty and attention grabbing. Instead of this sort of item we should all unite and demand action on more relevant issues to make this country strong again instead of being splintered into small little factions. I am a Proud Member of the Cherokee Nation and I support Dan Snyder in keeping the name until we clear up more important and real problems this nation faces.

  71. Let’s see:

    Boston Red(sox)
    Cincinnati Red(legs)
    Atlanta Braves
    Cleveland Indians

    Is there any other team that the Oneida and ACLU need consider?

    Feel free to add to this list…..

  72. Did you know the life expectancy of a Native American Indian on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 45 years old?

    Did you know that the teen suicide rate is 150% HIGHER on the Pine Ridge Reservation than that of the national figure?

    Did you know that the school drop out rate is at 70% on the Pine Ridge Reservation?

    The unemployment rate for Pine Ridge Reservation? Currently at 89%.

    The likelihood of a Redskins name change affecting the people who really need help? 0%

    I don’t care if the name is changed or not. Do they? Do you care about them or is this just something to make Mike Florio and PFT look sympathetic and cool when the time is right?

  73. Here’s an opinion from an independent. Both persons from the Orida tribe can watch soccer, or NBA basketball, keep your silly tribal power play at home. PC people can, well they’ll forget about it once this misses a couple of days in the press.

  74. Sympathies to the faithful followers of the team playing in our southern suburbs in Landover, Prince Georges County. Complain away …… the Redskins name is going to change now that the liberal media and the current occupant of the White House have done you in. Making an issue out of a non-issue is what the PC crowd does best. Regretfully for the Redskins faithful, after the White House occupant spoke on this matter, it’s going to be a done deal … the train has already left the station.

    With the DC City Council about to weigh in with an historic bite-my-nose-to-spite-my-face resolution, Snyder should go all the way in renaming the team with a regional term. “Chesapeake Bay Retrievers” sounds about right. Too close to Baltimore’s Bay presence and not close enough to Northern Virginia? Then how about the “Potomac Piglets”, giving recognition to the all-important Hogs and their pig-nosed ugly fans.

    Or go ahead and end the charade now, avoiding the double name change resulting from moving everything Redskins related across the Potomac into Virginia — after moving to a replacement stadium at the junction of I-95 + the Beltway + MetroRail to replace the derelict Springfield Mall: rename them the “Virginia is for Lovers NFL Team”. Screw DC and its Council — there’s no good place for a new stadium in DC anyway.

  75. Some see this name as tradition and an honored name, but do we keep traditions associated with racism and genocide? Should we keep a name that means a slain Indian’s scalp?

  76. Since we are on the subject of politically correct names for sports teams, here is another one to chew on:

    The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

    I am Irish. I don’t fight. I don’t wear green leprechaun suits and I don’t whine about some sports team’s nickname either.


  77. I have been stumpted for a while on how Snyder and his football fans might save face on this matter and still change the name of their team.

    One option is to change the name to the Washington Scalp Takers. The name is historically authentic, according to authorities Haines and Steckel, not racist (ancient Iranians and Visigoths performed the practice) and it would still convey a fierce, warrior image, even more so.

    We could then imagine a German soccer team changing their name to the Berliner Ausrotter (exterminators) and a certain New England baseball team renaming themselves the Boston Napalmers.

    No offence intended, of course, to the people of Germany and the cities of Berlin and Boston, and certainly no offence intended to the estimable Harvard University, where in 1943 the incendiary war chemical was developed.

  78. If I owned the Redskins, I’d tell that jerk Goodell that I’m not changing the teams’ name unless hell freezes over. And I’d tell the President to mind his own business.
    As with many of you, I’m sick and tired of these whiny people who love stirring up trouble just because they can.
    When I was growing up, there was a saying. It was, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. That is still the truth. The fact is, the name Redskins in no way is meant to hurt anyone. It should be viewed as an honor to have a football team named after you. Hell — if they want to change it, let them call it the Whiteskins. I am white and wouldn’t mind it at all.
    But the point is — there are far greater things to fuss over than a silly thing like this. How about a nitwit President and a bunch of lying crooks in Congress, for instance?

  79. TNF was fixed.
    committed no penalties. Whatever.
    They want people to associate Redskins with crappy football to discourage future generations of reskins fans. Rg3 – pressured, hit & harassed all night, but none of robert’s hits drew foul????
    i don’t know why i watch anymore. REDSKINS

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