Packers are fine being cheerleading prudes


In a week in the Dolphins were red-faced because their cheerleader website showed more skin than normal, the Packers remain decidedly chaste.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took an in-depth look at the reasons the Packers remain one of six teams without an official squad of professional cheerleaders, and the conclusion is clear.

The league’s smallest and probably its coldest market is perfectly fine being old-fashioned.

“Not to be critical of anybody,” Packers president Mark Murphy said. “But you look at what some of the other teams do with their cheerleaders and I just don’t think we’d feel comfortable doing some of those things.

“I have heard complaints about our cheerleaders: ‘What do they bring? Why don’t we get modern cheerleaders? Look at all the other teams and how they use them.’

“But more (fans) say this really fits in our image in Green Bay and what we want to portray.”

The Packers do use some modestly dressed college cheerleaders from nearby St. Norbert College and Wisconsin-Green Bay, but they’re not selling skin the way some teams do (with frostbite being reason enough).

Five other teams (the Steelers, Giants, Lions, Browns and Bears) don’t have full-time cheerleaders. The Packers tried it in the past, but disbanded theirs in 1987 and have no intention of going back.

Murphy used the words “wholesome” and “quaint,” to describe the Packers’ approach.

“I think our fans are unique in that they don’t need a big circus atmosphere,” tight end Ryan Taylor said. “Because they’re football purists and enjoy the game as is.

“I don’t know that it would add anything. There are other teams that want to put on more of a show, I suppose, because they’re worried about selling tickets. There’s another team in our division that feels it has to put on a show.”

Of course, the Packers manage to put on a show on the field, unlike the Vikings, to whom Taylor was subtly referring to.

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  1. The Green Bay Packer are all about wholesome fun. And beating the hapless and tasteless Bears and Vikings twice each season for the past 3 years is definitely fun.

  2. “Going Hollywood” is what will eventually kill the NFL. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, Inc for making the game itself the premier event….

  3. Give me a break. I wonder if anyone has ever paid NFL ticket prices to see a cheerleader perform? Not a chance. Get over yourselves Packers.

  4. I thought it was interesting which teams choose not to have full-time cheerleaders: Packers, Steelers, Giants, Lions, Browns and Bears. It’s really the old guard, isn’t it? Cool.

  5. And we all know who that other team is in their division that “feels it has to put on a show,” because all the wrong headed fools in Minnysoda have had for 52 years is pretending to be a big time NFL football program.

  6. Have to applaud the Pack for this. Not a big fan of the sexed up show as a Dad & happily married man.

    There are plenty of places that cater to that. Eliminating cheerleaders may help boost the Neanderthal-factor that plagues the NFL.

  7. So the Packers are “unique” but there are 5 other historic franchises with the same policy?

    The word unique must mean something different in Wisconsin.

  8. It’s known in football, not your kind, that having cheerleaders is just a promotional gimmick that it does not enhance the game. All it does is distract or “entertain” the horndogs out there from all the wasted time in between like timeouts, 2 minute warning, replays, challenge calls, etc etc that happens in your league.

  9. It’s hilarious that cheerleaders dressed like cheerleaders and not strippers is considered prudish.

  10. In Green Bay the entertainment on the field is inbetween the white lines, not outside of them. Maybe Jerry World should start playing movies on the jumbo-tron and double the # of Cowboys cheerleaders to give Cowboys fans something to watch that’s worth their $.

  11. “So the Packers are “unique” but there are 5 other historic franchises with the same policy?

    The word unique must mean something different in Wisconsin.”

    Actually, unique can be defined as ‘unusual’ – which is used when a particular item isn’t the only one of its kind, just different from most. So, all those classy, historical organizations are unique.

  12. I’m embarrassed for my kids to see the cheerleaders on TV at most NFL games. They’re just trying to sell sex. I applaud the Packers for going the more wholesome route. Besides, college cheerleaders are really cute.

  13. Just admit it… The reason there are no packer cheerleaders is because there are no hot women in Wisconsin! Plus, 99% of the state is related to one another, and nobody that’s sane, like the rest of the nfl, would never be able to watch and see packer fans drooling over offensive lineman sized women dancing! Or packer fans oohing over their grandma or daughter dancing! Inbreeders!

  14. “Cheer-leaders” are the dumbest part of sports. They dont lead cheers or serve any purpose besides eye candy. Dont get me wrong, eye candys great, but you go there to see a football game.

  15. You know what it will take to remove cheerleaders once and for all is for the women to file lawsuit against the nfl for sexism because they only have women cheerleaders, unlike college, but no male cheerleaders for them to be entertained too. “Obviously”, cheerleaders are there to transmit “cheer” to fans across the board. Let’s see how the nfl covers that one up…..would they add male cheerleaders or would they scrap cheerleaders completely? 😉

  16. To me this is a HUGE mistake ! I would hire all the hottest blonde cheerleaders and call the the Green Bay Golden girls . New England is Conservative and cold and so is Buffalo and they have hot sexy Cheerleaders . The Packers could make an annual killing with sexy Cheerleader Calendars to sell world wide to Packer Fans all over and a swimsuit video shot in a warm climate. The Packers are the real America’s team and NOT Dallas. It’s time to get into the 21st century and expand ream revenues. The Packers should also change their uniforms to the classic look to make way more money. They should go with 1960’s Lombardi style super dark forest green home jerseys with the stripes and Notre Dame Gold Helmets and pants with the stripe down the side of the leg. The ND Gold helmets with the G on the side looks way better than the fake gold helmets that are really banana yellow. The Packers could make a fortune in annual revenue with these 2 minor changes . I also would get Coca Cola to Sponsor Lambeau field in some way with out changing the name Lambeau field. Coke goes back to the 1920’s and so do the Packers. You can do Coke ZERO Commercials in the FROZEN TUNDRA of Lambeau field and use classic Packers footage for Classic Coke commercials. The Packers could make another 100 million doing that. You MUST keep the name Lambeau field but some kind of historical Coca Cola Sponsorship should be looked in to. Murphy’s conservative approach hinders the Packers chances to maximize profits. After all we live in Capitalist Society where “Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing -A famous Lombardi Quote that should also mean OFF THE FIELD TOO AS TO INSURE WINNING IN THE FUTURE FOR LITTLE GREEN BAY . TITLE TOWN USA ! GO PACK GO ! INTO THE 21ST CENTURY MR. MURPHY . I’m a Shareholder since 1997.

  17. I am not saying there is a direct correlation but the Vikings have Cheerleaders and no Superbowl trophies and the Packers on no cheerleaders and 4 superbowl trophies.

    And it doesn’t look good this year for the Vikings and the Packers at least have a shot.

  18. The real reason they don’t have cheerleaders in Green Bay is because there’s no way they’d find enough attractive, non-obese women in Wisconsin to fill out a squad. Let’s just be honest here.

  19. Cheerleaders are ambassadors of the team, attending various team and charitable events and performing professional dance routines. They work hard and are more than sideline eye-candy. Cheerleading is a resume’ builder and professional launch pad for careers.

  20. the NFL clearly does want their players vomiting on the sidelines at the sight of Heidi Heffer and the Packerettes….

  21. I’ve been to Green Bay. If they had a cheer squad they would have to import girls from out of state.

  22. I’ve seen their cheerleaders. I think the whole stadium can agree that they do not want to see them in any less clothing. If the did, it would be like the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene where they take the top off the Ark.

  23. Ryan Taylor is one of my favorite Packers, and not even for this awesome jab at the Vikings.

  24. The last time the Packers had cheerleaders there were issues with them grazing on the field. Lambeau’s turf has electric heating coils in it and the situation was dangerous.

    When you think of Miami, you think of beautiful, athletic, toned bodies in bikinis.

    When you think of Green Bay, well, it’s probably best not to talk about what that looks like. Thank goodness for parkas.

  25. I agree that the other NFL teams cheerleaders are only advertising sex, but if you ain’t got it you can’t advertise it. Now if they were advertising for contestants on the show “Biggest Loser”, it would be a GB hands down. An entire cheerleading squad of offensive lineman dressed in parkas , now that’s really gonna catch the cameras eye.

  26. This is what constitutes news on a website about professional football? By all means, lets have a debate about cheerleaders; and maybe next we can talk about who has the best mascot. What a joke.

  27. Let me just make a slight correction. Madison, Wisconsin is a hotbed of incredibly attractive women. The rest of the state is a wasteland. Been to all 72 counties. It’s undeniable.

  28. “Heavier” states like Louisiana are able to field a squad of Hooters girls and people “think” Wisconsin couldn’t?
    I realize that the Pre-season championship is dead again and the trolls from East Dakota have to have something to throw at Wisconsin to try to prove their “superiority,” but this is really lame.
    By the way, Miss America 2012 was from – yeah, Wisconsin. Unless you’re from the same state as Miss America 2013, maybe you shouldn’t talk about beauty.

  29. “2manyconcussions says:
    Nov 2, 2013 3:48 PM
    This is what constitutes news on a website about professional football? By all means, lets have a debate about cheerleaders; and maybe next we can talk about who has the best mascot. What a joke.”

    You just got ahead of them….that was the next planned topic out of their repertoire. 😛

  30. Is it any wonder why Brett Favre went nuts with his dingledorf and modern technology as soon as he got out of Wisconsin?

  31. They have an excuse it gets damn cold in in GB, but come on Lions we are indoors, no excuses!

  32. Heather Graham, Jessica Szohr, Danica Patrick, Laura Ramsey, Paige Hemmis, Erin Wagner, Joyful Drake, and Justis Bolding from Halo would make good cheerleaders just to name a few

  33. The personal insults are all coming from “fans” of teams that are already out of it. Anonymous insults is all they have to fight with. Their teams are always behind the Packers and they’re jealous.

    What other reason is there? The women in Wisconsin are just as beautiful, fat, sexy, toothless, hot, stupid, and gorgeous as anywhere else. Anywhere else.

    The bottom line is the Packers, and a few other teams, do not have to rely on anything other than quality football to get people in the stands.

  34. I think they also let local high schools an opportunity to do some games as well. Cool experience for the squads and an easy way to kind of give back to the community.

    If you are hoping to see some skin maybe they will pan, the crowd and you can see the guy all wasted spinning his shirt over his head in 35 degree weather.

  35. I think they also let local high schools an opportunity to do some games as well. Cool experience for the squads and an easy way to kind of give back to the community.

    Yeah, and I heard the after party is at the Chmura’s….

  36. Seriously, nobody goes to an NFL game because of the cheerleaders…no team draws or doesn’t draw fans because of this.

    And, no there aren’t has many hot looking women in Wisconsin (or Minnesota) as states like California, Texas, or Florida…and probably a few others.

    If you believe that, you’ve never left the state or the Midwest.

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