Ratliff keeps making the rounds


As the Cowboys consider giving Jay Ratliff the Judge Wapner treatment, Ratliff remains on the lookout for a new job.

Adam Caplan reports that Ratliff has visited the Dolphins.  The Miami look-see comes after visits with the Bears and Chiefs.

In Miami and Kansas City, Ratliff would be playing in a 3-4 defense, something he did for his eight years in Dallas.  The Bears use a 4-3, the same front Dallas adopted as of 2-13 — and in which Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believed Ratliff would flourish.

While it appears that the Bears, Chiefs, and Dolphins are Ratliff’s primary options, what about the Bengals?  They just lost defensive tackle Geno Atkins for the rest of the season, and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer served in that same job in Dallas for the first two years of Ratliff’s career.

While Zimmer, who prefers the 4-3, switched to the 3-4 once Bill Parcells arrived as head coach, Zimmer has direct experience with Ratliff.  Given the glaring need post-Geno, Zimmer’s failure to make a beeline for Ratliff becomes a red flag, in our view.

Other than the red flag that comes from, you know, the Cowboys’ belief that Ratliff pulled a Haynesworth on them.