Rick Spielman says Leslie Frazier’s job is safe through 2014

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Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman says coach Leslie Frazier will definitely remain the head coach through the 2014 season.

Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere,” Spielman said. “I am telling you that we are very committed to Leslie Frazier and this coaching staff. And we’re committed to our players, and everybody is working extremely hard to get this thing turned around.”

The problem, however, is that Spielman can’t say for sure that anyone else’s job is safe because he can’t say for sure that his own job is safe. If the second half of the season in Minnesota is as much of a debacle as the first half has been, everyone’s job is in jeopardy.

Spielman indicated that the goal for the rest of the year is determining whether Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman or Matt Cassel has what it takes to be the team’s starter in 2014 and beyond.

“I know by the end of the year we should definitely have idea on what direction if we have a franchise quarterback on this roster right now, or do we have to go into the draft potentially and look for a franchise quarterback, or where do we go at the end of the season,” Spielman said. “But if you don’t have them in your building to get a fair assessment and true evaluation, this will give you a clearer picture of the direction you have to go at the end of the year.”

If Zygi Wilf isn’t convinced that the Vikings are going in the right direction at the end of the year, both Frazier and Spielman may find out that their jobs aren’t safe.

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  1. Spielmanisms:
    “We have no interest in trading Percy Harvin.”
    >Trades Percy Harvin
    “Ponder is our guy. We’re 100% committed to him.”
    >Signs Josh Freeman
    “We have no interest in trading Jared Allen.”
    >Tries (unsuccessfully) to trade Jared Allen
    “Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere.”
    > ??????????

  2. Translation:

    “We are currently conducting a low-profile search to identify a replacement for Leslie Frazier”.

  3. I don’t understand how they go from being a playoff team to this so suddenly. The roster is about the same and they added three first round picks. You can’t blame it all on ponder.

  4. Our defense is a mess, arguably just as bad as our QB situation. It is time to get rid of this Tampa 2 scheme that we have been stuck with for 20+ years. We need a big overhaul it starts from the top down. See you later Spielman.

  5. Whatever. It was Spielman and Frazier that put Joe Webb out there in the playoffs. Hey Vikings apologists, yeah you Rick Spielman is a Magician, explain that one. Good luck w/that Jennings signing too.

  6. This is likely true right up until Spielman loses HIS job. Talk about poor personnel management and decisions. It’s like watching a building burning. I can’t take my eyes off it.

  7. As a vikes fan this news frustrates me to a level I have never achieved in my 20+ years of being a fan. I don’t care for boycotts but I will go out of my way not to watch the purple with my family tomorrow. This is something we always do! I don’t care that Frasier is a nice guy, there is too much talent on this team to be 1-6. He already has a 3-13 season on his short resume!

  8. Of their remaining 9 games, the Vikings have (5) quality opponents left on their schedule (teams currently above .500). And they still have to play 4-4 team Dallas, and a 3-4 team Baltimore. That leaves them Philadelphia (3-5) and Washington (2-5) as possible wins.

    Frazier will be lucky to lead his team to a 3-13 record. How can any coach be safe if that happens?

  9. Speilman has hit big on all first rounders but ponder. he sucks at picking past the first round. If he really thinks we might have a franchise qb on our roster he should be fired. Frazier definitely needs to go.

  10. After OTA’s, training camp, 4 exhibition games and half of a regular season Viking management is still evaluating if they have a franchise QB on their roster or not? I feel sorry for AP and Allen stuck on this inept managed team.

  11. Herm Edwards, Brian Billick or Eric Mangini please. All are hungry for another shot. All are great game managers. But most of all, they all understand that players must be held accountable for their play on the field.

  12. Rick, thanks for easing my mind. Now Im seeing your genius plan. Were building for the next couple 1st overall picks till the new stadium is built…

  13. My first reaction was pure anger. But, then I remembered, none of these guys ever tells the truth to the press. Ever! I can only hope that this is one of those times. What GM gives the vote of confidence half way through a season when the team is 1-6?

  14. What Rick just said is, hey Mr. Wilf, if you want to fire Frazier, you’ll have to fire me as well. Which is dumb, because you’ll never be a GM again. Wilf’s are like Red McCombs, they like to do things on the cheap. That means they hire staff that have no business in their current roles. But unlike McCombs, I do think Ziggy will finally say enough is enough and decide he does want to win and he’ll hire an actual HC and GM to go along with the shiny new stadium, give it a few years, and if it goes well great, if not, the stadium will make the Vikes value inflated and he’ll sell for a profit.

  15. Doesn’t it seem that every time a GM says “Our coach is here to stay”, that coach gets fired shortly afterward?

    I don’t think the Vikings problems are Frazier’s fault. Speilman is the Manager of the team, he picks what gets put on the field every season.

    I do like the Matt Millen analogy in a post up the thread. Speilman is trying to save his own job and is willing to sacrifice Frazier to keep it. Owners put too much faith in the ability of those they hire as GM. If the GM is bad, the owner looks bad and if the GM is bad, it makes the coach look like an idiot.

    Basically, it is usually the GM’s fault if a team does not perform. Look at the teams that are good every year. The cast of characters, both on the field and in the front office, are able to work together for a common goal. The GM keeps it that way by ridding the team of problem players and bringing in talent that is good, but not neccessarily great. I’d list those teams, but everyone knows who they are and what I am talking about. That is how a successful franchise is built.

  16. Once Harvin starts to light it up for the Seahawks and all Frazier and Spielman have to show for it is Xavier Rhodes, they’ll both be gone.

  17. Obviously, Cassel isn’t the guy for the future, BUT, he gives you the best chance to win games, if that is what your really concerned about. Starting Ponder and/or Freeman is basically a concession that they’re tanking the season without saying that they’re tanking the season. Besides, isn’t Frazier in the last year of his deal and Spielman is probably gone anyway.

    -Tank it for Teddy!

  18. The other issue here is the Vikings inability to develop a QB. They are way behind in the arms race in the division. This rent a QB philosophy has caught up with them. Take out the Favre NFC Championship appearance and you have nothing to show. The Vikings will continue to be last in the division.

  19. Pretty weak Sandblaster, you got better.

    I was at the Packler game and after the first Quarter the receivers were going through the motions, running routes like they knew the ball was never coming their way. Ponder still staring down his receivers, and the o line getting blown off the ball.
    I saw this 2 years ago, but Coach Frasier said, Monday we will watch the films and make adjustments. Oh wait! he has said that at the last 6 out of 7 Monday press conferences.

    And as a Viking fan, I hate to say this, but, Rodgers was toying with our Defense.

    But, we will whoop on those Cowboys this week, Skol Vikings.

  20. irishgary says:
    Nov 2, 2013 8:39 AM
    Great news, guarantees 2 wins for the Packers next year.


    That would make it twice each season for an entire half decade.

    But who’s counting.

  21. “As a vikes fan this news frustrates me to a level I have never achieved in my 20+ years of being a fan. I don’t care for boycotts but I will go out of my way not to watch the purple with my family tomorrow.

    Before those upstart Johnny-Come-Lately Vikings entered the league as an expansion team, the entire upper mid-west, all the way across the Dakotas to Montana was Packers’ territory.

    You’re welcome back, friend.

  22. Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman says coach Leslie Frazier will definitely remain the head coach through the 2014 season.

    Nowhere in that article does it say that Frazier will definitely remain through 2014. Spielman said exactly what any GM would say when asked if he’s committed to the coach. All he’s committed to is keeping Frazier through this season, as it should be. Any GM of a bad team would also say they would evaluate every aspect of the team, including the coaching staff, at the end of the season as they always do.

  23. The team is in trouble, but it’s not Ponder’s fault. Ponder isn’t very talented but he has done the best he could, which is all that can be asked of him. The fault lies with those who put him in the position to be the franchise QB: Frazier, Spielman, and Wilf. I’m starting to think the real problem is that Wilf is a terrible owner and makes bad decisions in the front office because he had no experience running an NFL team. He should have stuck to real estate. The people of Minnesota deserve better.

  24. Just goes with along with my tanking conspiracy. They’ve been wanting Teddy or Mariota for a while now. Why wouldn’t a coach get fired for 2-14? Because he’s trying to lose, that’s why. You don’t call a draw from the 10 yard line with 10 seconds on the clock before half unless you’re trying to lose (Adrian made them look smart on that case).

  25. Honest to God…..even IF he is blowing smoke, like many think,…it’s still like holding you off a cliff telling you he is going to let go….you hope he’s not, you think he’s not, but it’s not funny!!!
    I agree with a post I read earlier….I have made the NFL and Vikings a common “watch” on Sundays for 35 years. “IF” we see this same leadership moving into AND THROUGH 2014, …I will take it as an INSULT to the tax payers of Minnesota and Vikings fans everywhere ZIGGY!

  26. And by the way, as someone who has coached at a high level….there is talent on every level of every team by the time you get to the NFL….it’s whether or not you “scheme” that talent correctly for the most part. The problem IS Ponder, the problem IS the defense…..BUT the number one problem with the Minnesota Vikings is it’s staff!

  27. There is zero chance Frazier is back, next year, and Speilman can share a cab with him on their way out of town. The product they put on the field, this year, is flat out embarrassing. Even if they are trying to lose, they are not even doing that right. At least TRY to LOOK somewhat competitive? You may as well just run backwards and take safety after safety. The damage may actually be less.

  28. I don’t think it’s coincidental that both Singletary and Frazier are coaching together in futility. It’s VERY apparent that Singletary has zero defensive creativity (hence why he’s never been a DC…and as the HC of the 49ers he got more on his motivational prowess) and Frazier seems to walking the same path. Minnesota has talent but a requisite part of sound coaching is knowing how to develop players and create a scheme that works best to all those players. It’s one thing to be bad but Minnesota simply looks lost at sea.

  29. I don’t know too much about Frazier as a coach but I do believe NFL coaches get fired way too quickly. Give the coach time to learn. They are developing their craft too.

  30. It’s pretty disappointing to hear this talk from Spielman. If the Vikings cannot recognize they do not have a franchise QB on the roster then it doesn’t matter if they have a top 3 pick…they will blow it. Zygi, you need to be talking to a QB evaluator with a proven track record…NOW.

  31. The real question is whether or not Spielman will be the one making the call at year’s end.

    If the Wilfs care about putting a winning team on the field, Spielman should be gone, and a new GM should be brought in to hire a new coaching staff.

    This team’s see-saw rides are getting old. Through the 2000 season, the Vikings had been a franchise very much accustomed to winning regular seasons, and making the postseason. Since then, they’ve only made the postseason four times in 13 years (including a miss this year). Those kind of results should not be deemed acceptable by the Wilfs.

    Giving Spielman and Frazier their walking papers will help the Wilfs sell seats in their new stadium. Keeping the status quo won’t get that done.

  32. “Pressed about the topic, Spielman would not commit to a timeframe if Frazier and his coaching staff were safe for the rest of this season.”

    He’s not getting fired THIS season. He is gone as soon as the last game is played though.

  33. Why you would convert a 3rd string qb to WR and keep him speaks volumes. If they keep frazier the Special teams coord and defensive coach need to go. I also think spielman should go for the ponder pick. There needs to be a better way to work these players out to tell if they are going to be good or a pile of kaka. He is in charge of that.

  34. It seems that they get a coach, who winds up overachieving one year getting the Vikings fans full of hope.

    Then as soon as a bad season occurs they turn on the guy real quick. What do you think Frasier is going to do with a a bunch of guys that are terrible QBs and replacing a defense with a guys that young and not developing.

  35. Nowhere in his interview does speilman even mention 2014. What he does say however is that they will evaluate performances at the end of this season. It’s a very misleading title for the pft article. Actually, it’s not just misleading, it’s a complete fabrication.

  36. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Nov 2, 2013 10:39 AM
    irishgary says:
    Nov 2, 2013 8:39 AM
    Great news, guarantees 2 wins for the Packers next year.


    That would make it twice each season for an entire half decade.

    But who’s counting.


    so IF the Packers beat the Vikings again this year, and IF they beat them twice next year and IF you take away the loss the Ponder last year and add the playoff win against Webb then the Packers will have beat the Vikings twice a year for a whole HALF decade?!?!

    What an accomplishment

  37. With the weapons Frazier was given via the last two drafts, he should be on top of the NFC North. I like the guy but something ain’t working on that team and that something was buying into Ponder being the man.

  38. From Spielman’s lips to God’s ears, boy I hope that’s true.

    If the Vikings continue on this downward spiral, they will soon make everybody in Detroit forget what it was like to be the divisional basement dweller well into the next decade.

    I too was wrong about the Vikings, in my office pool for picking team records, I put the Vikings down for 6 wins. I knew they weren’t going to make the playoffs two years in a row but I also didn’t think I would miss the number by 4 or 5.

    For once, Jared Allen is right, Embrace the Suck!

  39. Obv they don’t think Ponder or Cassel is the answer.,

    If the rest of 2013 goes like it has been I wouldn’t want to be in Spielman’s chair after a comment like that.

  40. Spielman really needs until the end of the year to determine whether they have a franchise QB? That’s sad.

  41. Face it the Vikes are a mess this season so far and it won’t get better. The defensive line can’t stop the running game and the defensive back get toasted regardless of the opposing QB. Overall the defense is giving up 30+ points per game. The offense then needs to score MORE THAN 4 touchdowns to win over the next 9 games. It ain’t happening with the current group of QBs. Spielman knows that he will get a shot at one of the top 3 QBs in the 2014 draft and that pick will compete with whoever wins the 9 week audition.

  42. The Vikings have talent. They have some great players and some awful coaching. How this is the same coaching staff that got 10 wins last year is beyond me. Speilman is not to blame. His one glaring mistake was cutting Antoine and handling that situation poorly, where he did not want to return. However, retiring this year allows Antoine to join in future NFL concussion lawsuits.

  43. As a fan since 1970, this is hard for me to stomach much longer. The team is even farther away from the ONE Super Bowl Title they never got… much, much farther from it than I ever expected them to be at this stage of their existence. This is Wilf’s way of thanking the loyal fans and citizens for supporting the new stadium and for filling seats every year?

    I am not only embarrassed to say I am a Vikings fan, I am ashamed of the organization and feel foolish for sticking by them all these decades. How else can I say it any clearer? I am tired of my one pro team being a laughingstock. Is that clear enough?

    Freeman, in the right hands, could be a top QB. But who will mentor him in Minnesota? And that Line will get him killed, and at the very least retard his development. What a waste. At this point, they MUST fire the entire staff and sign a new Head Coach and GM at the earliest possible time. Spielman is a creepy nerd, way over his head. He got credit for the three picks in last Draft… why?? My grandmother would ha selected the top two players, using a Cheat Sheet to do so. Then, he mortgaged even more of the future t move up to select the WR, Patterson. He is a fine prospect, but could they have selected a decent wideout later, while still holding on to the traded Picks? And… maybe drafted another Guard??? Genius, my backside. He stinks and the whole team is starting to rot under his “vision”.

    The NFL isNOT just a popularity contest. So, stop saying what a “nice guy” Frazier is. He is WEAK. Weak-minded, weak personality, no leadership, no game management, no innovation. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A FEW FANS LEFT. Idiots.

  44. Spielman in my mind failed tremendously this week by failing to trade the veterans. Not even one. Now a bunch of them will leave to free agency and they will get nothing for them.


    And it still won’t be good enough to get that first pick. You could easily see two teams go 0-16 this year

  45. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Nov 2, 2013 4:13 PM


    And it still won’t be good enough to get that first pick. You could easily see two teams go 0-16 this year.


    There’s always next year. I could easily see the Vikings pulling 0-16 off then.

  46. All this shows is how dillusional people at the top are. When we did our 3-13 season we won games at the end of the season we should have lost but we were playing for “pride.”

    Because we went 3-13 we lost getting Andrew Luck or RG III, in a season that was already lost. There is no foresight, no sense of planning for the future. I would argue the season is gone and they should be looking at talent they plan to keep long term and playing them just to see how they do.

    It is early in the season and it is lost. Our defense is a joke, our childish attitude towards the quarterback position has allowed defenses to key off AP and only AP. This is just a tough time to be a vikings fan.

    Please ziggy clean house and explain this week that we are planning for next year. Give each of the qb’s enough time to get adjusted to the speed of the game and make a sense-able decision. Get some guys in our secondary that could cover a receiver.

  47. Rick I would not make such bold statements if I were in your position. I don’t think (hope) you won’t be here along with that incompetent coaching staff.

  48. Rick Spielman deserves a break. His drafting has been pretty good. He really hasn’t blown any contracts. Ponder has been the big mistake. They devoted 3 seasons to him now…with not much to show for it.

    People that want to spread the blame around…maybe the defense is tired of watching suck and have trouble getting motivated after three years of it.

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