Schiano: You can help a guy up, but tell him you’re coming back

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Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said this week that the coaching staff was unhappy with him for helping an opponent up during a game, but Bucs coach Greg Schiano says that’s not exactly how he feels.

Schiano clarified that he’s OK with one of his players helping an opposing player off the ground after a play. But Schiano tells his players that if they do that, they should also let that opponent know they plan to knock him down again, something Schiano said he learned as an assistant to Joe Paterno at Penn State.

“I don’t dislike if a guy helps him up, nor am I a proponent of helping a guy up,” Schiano said, via the Tampa Tribune. “I worked for coach Paterno for six years and what I learned is, you help a guy up, you look him in the eye and say, ‘I’m coming back to get you again.’ That’s just my personal belief.”

For his part, McCoy says his comments were misconstrued, and that while he and the Bucs’ coaches don’t necessarily agree about helping opponents off the ground, it wasn’t as big a deal as it was made out to be.

“They felt one way and I felt a different way. That’s all it was. You don’t always feel the same way someone else feels. It’s personal preference. But we didn’t have an argument,” McCoy said.

McCoy has stood by Schiano this season, even telling fans to get off his case. Amid talk that Schiano has lost the locker room, McCoy seems to be trying his best to show respect for his coach, even if the two of them don’t agree about helping opponents off the ground.

64 responses to “Schiano: You can help a guy up, but tell him you’re coming back

  1. I am not sure I’d be dropping Joe Paterno’s name anymore. There might even be a hole in my resume for the years I worked for him.

  2. The fact that Greg Schiano focuses time and energy on this, the victory formation BS, the temperature at One Buc Place, and how his coaches dress in the office goes a long way towards explaining why the Bucs are 0-7. 0-8 by tomorrow.

  3. Schiano reminds me of the coach from Varsity Blues. Or any other villain football coach in the movies.

  4. Schiano is a control freak obsessed with minutiae who has an immature school boy rah-rah mentality that does not translate to the pro game.

  5. Schiano also went on to say that Paterno taught him to always look the other way. In fact, Schiano keeps a broom in his office to symbolize sweeping things under the rug.

  6. You would think Schiano has other things to worry about instead of who is helping who up on the football field.

    That being said though – I tend to agree with the sentiment. In my mind when you are on the field in the professional ranks you should be viewing the guy across from you as trying to take food off you and your family’s plate (performance equals money). I know that if someone was trying to do that to me I would do everything in my power to knock them down and leave them lying instead of extending a hand to help them.

    Before and after the game, show respect. During the game hate that other team and do everything to bury them. Not paid to be buddies out there.

  7. When will this end?! Please Glazers for the love of god get rid of this clown and these deadbeat assistant coaches. We are an embarrassment to the nfl right now. I wonder how many stories will come out once he’s gone.

  8. The Glazers will wait til the end of the season and pull the trigger on this clown show.
    The hopes are that Chuckie will come out of the booth and resurrect the Buc’s franchise, but in reality; why would he?
    If Gruden had his pick of team’s to coach, why would he go to a team in this much disarray?

    No Buc’s fans, you’re stuck with this clown without the shoes til the end of the season, and next year will be a rebuilding year.

    Good luck…

  9. So nice to see the Buc’s and the Jag’s take the reigns away from my Raiders this season.

    I’ve had to watch some bad coaching from the Raiders past, but Schiano is in a class of his own. God, even Lane Kiffin won a couple of games before he was fired mid season.

    This guy is a total Neanderthal throwback.

  10. Schiano isn’t a good coach but I still think the players deserve just as much blame for this mess as he does. For whatever reason, this team has quit on 2 straight coaches who couldn’t be more different. This team won’t play for a disciplinarian? Ok, fine, but they wouldn’t play for an easygoing “players coach” either. So who will they play for. Zero leadership and zero accountability. I think the whole shebang’s tainted and they need to get rid of EVERYONE, players included, and start from ground zero.

  11. ownership doesn’t want to look bad for allowing shiano to be hired in the first place. they are just hoping that he can turn things around

  12. I remember the 1st game last year when this clown has his front line on defense, go after Eli who is taking s knee, game over!
    Coughlin is red faced and angry, goes right up to this sorry man, and tells him “what are you thinking, thats how players get hurt” and walks away in disgust.
    Can’t believe he’s still in his spot as coach, and yes, I do feel sorry for Buc’s fans who have to watch this nutcase discuss garbage in the media?
    They should go after his plan to get the team back, and nothing short of that.
    In NY he would be flat out “whacked” discussing this dripple!

  13. I’d fine my guys for helping an opposing RB up, give him a big bear hug after the game if you want to.

  14. Now I understand, a Paterno clone. How much weirder can it get for the Bucs. It is hard to believe how screwed up this team is.

  15. wryly1 says:
    Nov 2, 2013 9:15 AM
    Schiano is a control freak obsessed with minutiae who has an immature school boy rah-rah mentality that does not translate to the pro game.

    Some coaches pull off the rah-rah thing in the pros. As much as I hate to say it, Pete Carroll makes it work.

    I agree that Schiano spends too much time on small things and as a result, loses sight of the big picture. Anymore, a coach basically has to function as a CEO of the other coaches in terms of seeing that his “vision” is followed. Spending so much time on temp control and other crap takes away from time spent on fundamentals and game planning-which is where the Bucs are hurting.

  16. Let me start by saying I am not a Bucs fan, but Schiano needs to go, he is a jerk, and he spends all this time worrying about busch league BS. Go back to pushing around kids at the college ranks and leave the coaching of grown men to people that respect the game. Hoping the Bucs do the right thing and hire a guy like Lovie Smith, this young team is talented but needs someone who can lead them and Lovie would be a great choice.

  17. What a micromanager! Can you imagine your boss trying to regulate not just what you do but what you say while you do it? Sounds like a nightmare…

  18. Why isn’t Schiano a undefeated coach with all his great coaching philosphies? Is it any wonder why his team sucks? He seems to manage everything but the actually play.

  19. Schiano is a pathetic failure, no doubt.

    BUT, is this team really this bad? On paper, they seem to have enough talent to have won a few games despite the head coach.

    Just wondering if this an “Andy Reid special” where a new coach and a new QB fixes everything or if the talent here is actually as bad as they’ve played.

  20. 0-9 is guaranteed! After the ‘Hawks do their thing at home and the following so-called “Seattle Hangover” the next week………

    What would happen if BOTH Jacksonville and Tampa went winless?! Man that’d be awesome!

  21. Schiano clearly didn’t learn the message Paterno thought was most important. That team can’t keep quiet about anything.

  22. Obviously, he’s focusing on many little aspects of the game (victory formations and helping up), and none of that has helped win games. So, he probably should be focusing on the large aspects of the game.

  23. Schiano probably would’ve lost his mind if he was the Packers head coach in 2011 when Charles Woodson fist-bumped Hakeem Nicks after Nicks one-handed a touchdown in the corner of the end zone with Woodson draped all over him.

    It’s called professional respect, Greg.

  24. Schiano has missed his calling. He was never meant to be an NFL Head Coach. But if the League hired him to be the guy who enforced the NFL dress code for uniforms and socks … Man, he’d be the best there ever was.

  25. jaxdolfan,

    I know, right, lol? Somebody ought to tell this guy that nobody, especially in the NFL, cares what pedophile protector Paterno taught you 30 years ago.

  26. It’s funny.

    According to low character Miami O-Lineman richie incognito’s dad….. schiano told his som richie while being recruited that he and the coaching staff will be back…. and…. he left for a 69 win-67 loss record at Rutgers and other coaches moved on before richie finished his freshman year.

    Who is schiano to tell someone to come back?!?

  27. Maybe McCoy should tackle Schiano to the ground and follow his advice of not picking an opponent up off the ground. Maybe that would change his mind. If not, he should pick Schiano up, look him in the eye, and tell him he’s coming back to get him.

  28. I don’t mind schiano but as a bucs fan I hate watching them lose and not live up to their expectations. I think he should get more time. Schiano has spent a lot of time overturning a roster full of knuckleheads, and the defense is better than last season. I say give him another season or so to see if he can get them playing up to or exceeding their expectations that random fans and the crap for media put on a team. It just seems a bit unrealistic for a first time nfl coach to just whip together a team and coaching staff capable of winning at the pro level. He took over for raheem morris who is now coaching Washingtons secondary and look how their secondary has been playing… I know I’m in the minority but I don’t believe screaming fire the coach like browns fans do is really going to do much if anything.

  29. College coach with a college mentality trying to get grown men/professional players to act like immature college/high school players. And that’s not meant as a slam on college coaches or their players; he’s just proving the point that it takes a different mentality and approach to coach pro players. And if he wasn’t ready to adjust that approach when he got the job then he should have stayed at the college level. He might make it to the end of the season, but that’s only because the ownership can’t deal with the idea that they completely whiffed.

    Next Bucs coach: Todd Hailey. I’m pretty sure he’ll be available. 🙂

  30. Here’s how that exchange would play out:
    McCoy: I’m coming back to get you again
    Opponent: Really? I’ll be sure to keep track of the scoreboard to see how that’s working out for you guys.

  31. Way to go, Gerald McCoy…classy!

    Tell your oponent you’ll be back to knock him down again?!?!?!? No need to…he already knows that…he’s in the NFL! SMH!

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