Big defensive plays save the day for 9-0 Kansas City


On Sunday afternoon, the Bills outgained the visiting Chiefs 470-210. The Chiefs’ offense didn’t manage a single touchdown, and it converted just 3-of-13 third downs.

Nevertheless, the Chiefs prevailed 24-14, running their record to 9-0.

Here was a case of big plays tilting the game in one team’s favor. The Chiefs made several of them on defense, scoring on Sean Smith’s 100-yard third-quarter interception return and Tamba Hali’s 11-yard fourth-quarter fumble return. Earlier in the contest, a Kendrick Lewis interception set up a Chiefs field goal.

By the numbers, the Chiefs’ defense has had better days. Buffalo rushed for 241 yards on 38 carries. Also, Tuel connected with Marquise Goodwin on a 59-yard TD pass early in the game.

In the end, though, the Chiefs’ defense won the battles it needed to win for Kansas City to stay undefeated. Yes, the Chiefs were probably fortunate to face the Bills in Tuel’s first NFL start; after a nice start, Tuel completed just 18-of-39 passes for 229 yards.

Still, there’s something to be said for teams that make plays when they are there to be made. The Chiefs did it Sunday, and they won the game. For today, at least, that outweighs the ugliness of some elements of the box score.

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  1. The defense got rolled today too, but they got the turnovers they needed.

    Even at 9-0, this team might not make the playoffs.

  2. As I said earlier, the Chiefs are the new Texans. If they get down by two scores they’re done. That INT return for a TD was quite possibly one of the most boneheaded plays calls of the year, and made me think of Brian Schottenheimer *shudders*.

    Now, I’d love for The Show Me State’s eastern team to be 9-0 and wouldn’t care how it was accomplished. You are what your record says you are.

  3. 19 completions for 124 yards is the ultimate dink and dunk offense. That’s like 5 yards a pass. It’s even less than that because Alex Smith had one 20 yard completion. No 100 yard rusher, no TD passes, and no rushing TD. No picks or fumbles either. The Bills turned it over three times.

    Yes the Chiefs defense is pretty awesome, but whether or not it can carry them for the rest of the season remains to be seen. It’s okay when you’re playing the Bills, but they better be able to get chunks of yards against better competition. It’s still 9-0 though.

  4. Before the haters start: We’ve always struggled in Buffalo, don’t know why. But they STILL haven’t given up more than 17pts in a game. So explain to me how a team that’s 9-0 with a great Defense sucks but a team that has God as their QB (aka Peyton) and has to outscore everyone because they have no defense is amazing?
    In the playoffs, I’ll take Defense…..

  5. Trollonto your Silver & Black bias is laughable at this point. 10-6 is going to get this team in the playoffs, that’s one more win. The way your Raiders are getting rolled right now, that one win may very well happen in Oakland.

  6. Ugly win but a win is a win. Buffs D line dominated today. That D in general looks really good. Alex Smith and the O line need to be a lot better. Too many missed blocks/assignments, dropped passes, etc. Thought the D played decent at times but way too many missed tackles and open receivers and not much pressure either. Hopefully some of these things can be fixed during bye week…schedule gets much tougher

  7. Defense looked good? Since when has giving up 470 yards to a 3-5 team with an undrafted rookie making his first start looking good. their last 5 wins have come against Fitzpatrick, Pryor, Keenum,Campbell and Tuel and all of those games have been close.

  8. The score was 23-13 but that’s OK. The extra point you gave the Chiefs is the only love PFT will give them until they win the Super Bowl

  9. Majority of the Chiefs points this season have come from their defense and special teams. Cant wait for Denver to play this team! Going to be a world of hurt in two weeks. Remember, remember the 17th of November.

  10. Foles throws 7 TD passes!! Torontojoe I now understand why your on every other teams stories. I wouldn’t want to read about the Raiders either…………..

  11. jrebar88 says:
    Nov 3, 2013 7:16 PM
    Majority of the Chiefs points this season have come from their defense and special teams. Cant wait for Denver to play this team! Going to be a world of hurt in two weeks. Remember, remember the 17th of November.
    We can’t either, should be a great game. Here’s my question: If we win this game will we still be garbage and the luckiest team in league? Just curious what responses to look forward to in 2 weeks.

  12. This is how the Chiefs play. We play a true smart WESTCOAST offense, dink and dunks with the opportunity to get YAC, yeah I know with this being a pass heavy league, the fans and media are flabbergasted that the Chiefs continue winning games in unorthodox ways. So continue to hate, we’ll just keep winning until you stop calling us lucky….

    GO CHIEFS 9-0

    We’re tired of losing!

  13. Some of these other teams “fans” are hilarious right now. Their teams are all but done, so what’s the obvious choice after that? Hate on other teams.

    If half of you spent 1/4 the amount of time being fans to your own team, there wouldn’t be so many empty seats in your stadiums. I live close to Oakland, the Raiders have to give away tickets to avoid blackouts. Chargers are the same way. Which is a damn sin considering how nice the weather is in those areas.

    Chiefs and Broncos are the only two teams I see in the AFC West that fill seats through the bad years and good. I look forward to the Chiefs playing the Broncos, should be a good game. Guess what no excuses now or then, the better team will walk away with the W, no matter the injuries, or what ever else happens in the game.

  14. Chiefs are a FRAUD, pure and simple. If not for the fact Buffalo was starting a rookie third stringer in his first NFL start, they would have lost and it wouldn’t have been that close.

    Look, I know the Chiefs are much improved from last year’s horror show, even though the talent then was much better than their record. But this team isn’t a legitimate contender. They are the team that every other playoff team in the AFC wants to face in the first round.

  15. jjackwagon says: Nov 3, 2013 6:40 PM

    Trollonto your Silver & Black bias is laughable at this point. 10-6 is going to get this team in the playoffs, that’s one more win. The way your Raiders are getting rolled right now, that one win may very well happen in Oakland.
    The Chiefs went 10-6 in 2010 and made the playoffs. What they need to do is win a playoff game. I won’t pretend I don’t hate the Chiefs, but winning in this league is hard, and winning 9 straight after going 2-14 is a remarkable feat that nobody will remember in January if KC can’t win in the postseason.

  16. Basically you went against a team without a QB. Yes he did some good things against your D. If your offense don’t pick it up the losing will start. I personally think that the rest of your schedule is the toughest. Maybe 2 or 3 more wins. It gets you to the playoffs(maybe)but you won’t go very far without being able to score TD’s..

  17. Here is a fun little fact: As of the 2008 season, only 9 of the 43 Super Bowl champions had a strength of schedule over .500 based on wins and losses. I’m not trying to say the Chiefs are going to win a Super Bowl but this “they haven’t played anyone” rhetoric needs to stop. It’s the NFL, they are all professionals. There aren’t FCS and FBS teams going against each other and the difference in talent is very small. Many of the teams the Chiefs have played would be at .500 or above if they didn’t lose to them. However, none of that matters if they can’t beat teams like they will be facing in the next 7 games and into the playoffs. Time will tell.

  18. If I were a Chiefs fan, I would be very nervous with the offense. There would come a time when they could fall early behind (their hopefully for them it is not the playoffs), and they won’t be able to come back.
    At least they play the Broncos twice; should they fall behind in those two games, it would be a blessing in disguise. That should get their offense the pinch they so desperately need now; right now it’s all getting swept under the rug.

  19. The haters on here have me laughing. Last I checked defense and offense are both part of the team, so if we win a game with defense than the TEAM won.

    And I a curious, what teams would you like us to beat? The Texans, who it took Indy overtime to beat AFTER the Texans had to deal with losing their head coach at halftime? Did that in regulation.

    How about needing overtime to beat a winless team like Tampa Bay, the week after coming 2 yards away from losing to a 3-6 team?

    I would say something about The Saints losing their second game, but they did lose to a team with a winning record. Of course, the Jets only have a winning record because the beat the Saints.

    As far as teams wanting to play Kansas City in the playoffs. That is a joke, we are the last team Denver wants to see. Manning is not the same guy after he gets sacked a couple of times. Just look at the Indy game. After Manning got sacked for a safety, I felt like pulling out my old Nintendo light gun and playing Duck Hunt every time Manning threw the ball. FYI the Chiefs lead the league in sacks. Then add to that, the Chiefs Vs. the Broncos is going to be kinda a big game. With Manning’s history in big games, you might want to make sure the medical staff is fully trained in the Heimlich.

  20. People talk about how the Chiefs aren’t that great of an undefeated team, the Chiefs goal this year was to improve on a 2 win season and get the team headed in the right direction. 9 games in a row the defense has kept teams 17pts or less. They can’t get credit for anything good

  21. There are “take aways” and then there are “give aways”. The Bills gave the game away on turnovers, two of which were the result of the worst QB play this season. The KC interception return was not the result of ball hawking. Tuel threw the ball right at him – basically a 14 point swing. Bills would’ve won this game with even a Trent Dilfer like QB. Given that KC can’t seem to lose even when they play badly, the stars may be aligned for them.

  22. BUF fans/KC haters,

    Yards are meaningless. It’s what you do INSIDE the 20’s that matters. KC was able to hold BUF to 13 points, that’s all that counts.

    Look at the Chiefs in 2012. J. Charles ran for over 1,500 yards on a two win team but had 5 TD’s. In the game against the Colts in KC last year, Charles had over 200 yards, KC ran for 300 as a team and the Cheifs still lost by 7.

    Last year, KC lost to BUF in BUF 35-17. In one off-season, with a new HC, QB and GM, KC won against the same team by 10 on the road.

    No one should apologize for winning.

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