Dolphins ask NFL to investigate “player misconduct” involving Jonathan Martin


Early on Sunday, the Dolphins issued a statement saying that they took allegations of player misconduct seriously and that they had not received any from tackle Jonathan Martin, leading them to call reports of its existence “speculation.”

They’ve now received allegations from Martin’s representatives and they’ve issued another statement.

“We received notification today from Jonathan’s representation about allegations of player misconduct. We are taking these allegations very seriously and plan to review the matter further. We have also reached out to the NFL and asked them to conduct an objective and thorough review. As an organization, we are committed to a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another.”

In an email to PFT, NFL vice president of communications Brian McCarthy says the league has been in contact with the Dolphins since last week and that they will conduct a thorough review.

Martin is reportedly headed to the non-football injury list after leaving the Dolphins amid reports of bullying and hazing by older teammates this week. There have been a lot of reports about which players may be involved and whether or not the NFLPA is conducting an investigation, but this latest development guarantees there will be more investigation into just what happened in Miami.

What it means for Martin’s future in Miami otherwise remains to be seen, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be returning to the fold anytime soon.

44 responses to “Dolphins ask NFL to investigate “player misconduct” involving Jonathan Martin

  1. They should address his concerns to the point of which would allow him to be able to come back to the team asap.

    They could manage to resolve outstanding issues as the season progresses, hopefully.

    Wishing a speedy resolution to this unfortunate situation.

  2. No matter what industry it is, there should never be a situation where co-workers make it too difficult for someone to come to work.

  3. At first I was very skeptical and thought that Martin overreacted to stuff that happens to many players on each team every year. There have been other reports about social intimidation of younger players that, if true, cast a very bad light on my favorite teams’ players, team leaders and coaching staff. I still think Martin should have stood up earlier/stronger but the larger problem may very well be systemic among some of the veterans on this club. If so, clean house without regard to player status or contract.

  4. I never minded Incognito’s dirty play. Almost every team has guys like that and usually their teammates respect them. If what were hearing is true he’s worthless. I’d say let him go. If the Dolphins respect their other players they’d better make a choice.

  5. Here’s what Tom Jackson said on Countdown this morning regarding Martin: “We in the media are sometimes privy to information that the public is not”….he was dying to come out and say it but it wasn’t his place to. Anyone with half a brain can connect the dots here and it’s silly watching these talking heads having to tiptoe around the issue at the risk of being crucified if they dare to state the obvious.

  6. Does Martin still get paid being on the non-football injury list? I think this could be one of those defining moments that change things forever. No more duct taping players to the goal boast. No more rookie “haircuts”, or rookies carrying veterans’ bags/pags, etc.

  7. If Martin was simply hazed a little I don’t see much of big deal here. Good natured joking happens in many workplaces. If he was coerced into paying 15K for other players’ parties as is being reported… heads are gonna roll. I get that this is a locker room culture, but it is also PROFESSIONAL football. I don’t think it is too much to ask for a professional atmosphere. I get there will be jokes and locker room stuff. But if guys are getting taken for thousands of dollars and running away from the team because of it there is a problem in your workplace. Glad the Dolphins seem to be going after this instead of just brushing it off as one sensitive guy overreacting to an NFL locker room.

  8. Theres no such thing as bullying when your a grown man. When you turn about 15 you replace the word bullying with stand up for yourself.

  9. So much speculation by people who have made “bullying” lose it’s definition. Interesting how getting up from the lunch table is “bullying” Specially since Martin did it himself just a week earlier to Nate Garner.

  10. Someone needs to bully the bully(s). No bully should have their “feelings spared” in in any case in which they bully another person or persons.

    IMO it should be open season on bullies. THAT WILL put an end to bullying. It continues solely because people try to compromise and find out “why” the bully behaved badly. All that does is enable the bully and that is what school administrators do.

  11. Is this like when Tampa Bay asked the NFL to investigate the schiano/glazer leaks of Freeman’s medical private information?!?

    Whatever happened with that investigation???


  12. When the bully gets body slammed into the locker ,head first, and passes out, the problem magically goes away.

    Sometimes you just gotta be crazier then the next guy and not be afraid to let that guy know it.

  13. “bullying” takes both physical and psychological forms. in this case he was intimidated into forking over $15K .. that sounds like bullying to me.

  14. If my old man were still alive, the football fanatic he was…

    He’d be shaking his head at what the NFL has become.

  15. We have always heard stories about the vets sticking the rooks with dinner tabs.

    We laugh about it, as they make sane amounts of money to play a game.

  16. The use of the word “bullying” is driving this story. I get that. It’s sensational to use that word in relation to professional football.

    But this is really about a guy not wanting to drop $15,000 on a weekend in Vegas. I’m sure for some guys hanging out with dirty strippers and random skanks is the meaning of life, but the truth is that it isn’t everyone’s thing. Sounds like a waste of money to me.

    The real story is that some organizations fill their rosters with immature players who use things like full participation in trips to Vegas as a means of being a “team player.” Such organizations—like the Dolphins—are normally losing organizations.

  17. Sounds to me like a lot of Public relations by the Dolphins – turning everything over to the NFL (who have an abysmal record of discipline) allows them to claim they are taking the matter seriously and handling the problem while simultaneously doing nothing of the sort.

  18. If anyone doesn’t like the word bullying then try the word “extortion”. When you threaten and harrass a guy to pay for a trip he doesn’t even go then you’ve committed a felony…

  19. Somebody call the whahhhhbulance for this guy and all you bleeding hearts out there. Our grandfathers are throwing up in their graves right now wondering how we became a society of we sissies.

  20. This whole thing is beyond ridiculous. Martin has no hope of playing football anywhere. Hope he saved the rest of his cash.

  21. I have not yet heard what spicific incident happened to Martin except for the players getting up from the lunch table as he sat down. If it was so bad why not make a complaint 1st before walking out on everyone so that at least the coach could do something? His feeling are hurt but his actions of walking out are selfish.

  22. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Imagine how awful the environment must have been for Martin to take the drastic step of walking away from his team. I’m sure this was a long, ongoing situation. This shines a terrible light on the leadership on the team–players and coaches. If I was a dolphins fan I wouldn’t be positive about this team becoming good anytime soon.

  23. As far as the 15k goes..Does he jump off the Empire State Building because they said to do it? If he dosen’t play for the Dolphins again I don’t see any team taking a chance him after this. Just not worth it.

  24. vaphinfan says: Nov 3, 2013 5:30 PM

    Theres no such thing as bullying when your a grown man. When you turn about 15 you replace the word bullying with stand up for yourself.

    Ah, so the dolphin players were stand up for yourselfing Jonathan Martin?

    Maybe people should learn how to act like adults and conduct themselves like one while at the work place.

  25. @theamishrifle

    I agree with you about people need to act like adults at the workplace. But you have to be thicker skinned if your going to be around a bunch of guys in pro sports. And I would bet Martin played a fair share of jokes as well.

  26. Well, obviously someone dropped the ball , in leadership and veteran presence. Treat me like a punk and lean on me for 15K? Kiss me where the sun don’ t shine Richie. For the man to be a starter on a team, for this to happen, well, heads should roll.

  27. keepingitrealdumb says:
    Nov 3, 2013 5:50 PM
    “bullying” takes both physical and psychological forms. in this case he was intimidated into forking over $15K .. that sounds like bullying to me.

    Sounds like robbery to me. Whats the difference between intimidated out of money with threats or having a gun pointed at you.

  28. It’s pathetic that it has come to this. These are grown men, not children. If you can’t take the locker room, get out and do something else. Obviously something has happened, but it takes “2 to tango”.

  29. As a Phin fan, this is a lose-lose.

    On one hand, there is clearly an ugly group within the Dolphin locker room. This is a team sport, and you should always have your teammate’s back. When your treatment of a peer hurts your team…you are a bad teammate…period. I’m not pointing a finger at Incognito, as I don’t know the real story, but the team should dump whomever it is…regardless of how it hurts the season.

    On the other hand, that Martin lacked the strength of character to handle this without fleeing is not a red flag…it’s a while flag. You have to wonder if he has the constitution to play football at the NFL level. Even if he WAS wronger, he LEFT THE TEAM. Sorry…that’s not a good sign he’s destined for a great career.

    Finally, I’m really disappointed that Philban and the coaches weren’t aware of the issues…and more proactive handling them. While I’ve largely been impressed by Philban, he sometimes seems somewhat detached from the players. I wonder how in control of the team is if something this could develop in the first place.

    Still have hopes for this season, but also concerns…for this season and beyond.

  30. This is all on Goodell and his wussification of the game. Martin should never play another down in this league. Give the big baby some money and let him go work with mommy and daddy.

  31. I think the Dolphins are on the right path in requesting a review of what occurred. But I also think there is something more insidious going on here. It does sound more like workplace harassment than bullying which has legal ramifications attached and it’s not limited to this one locker room.

    So this allegation true or not will affect Martin’s ability to return to football, any locker room. I don’t care how conciliatory the players seem. The issue is further compounded for the GM who has to evaluate his performance which has been subpar. What are the chances his team mates were beating on him over that.

    It would have been better had a process been in place at the Dolphin organization for Martin to use so he could take his complaint to. Instead, he went to social media and the press while denying anything occurred. Can’t have it both way because a team mate now stands accused and it sounds terrible, the organization worse for its ineptness.

    This issue further exposes the locker room environment; that it does not run parallel to the charmin up in the cloud social world we live in. How rookies are treated (the hazing thing) to how young player and veterans interact, and how certain players may be treated, etc. How about players who come to other players for financial schemes and ventures and end up losing the money etc. If you say ‘no’ you are not one of them. Is this not extortion??? It’s like buying girl scouts cookies to get your co-worker off your back even though you have no intention of eating them.

    The is why NE is so obsessive about keeping things in house no matter what. Get to the issue and nip it in the bud.

  32. Any good OLine in the NFL relies on the guy alongside of him to keep the QB protected.

    If this story is true, it’s a pretty good indication of what’s ailing Tannehill and the Miami Offense.

    How do you foster chemistry as an Offense when the OLine can’t function together?

    There’s a cancer in the Clubhouse and it’s claimed it’s first victim.

  33. Richie Incognito is not a good guy. People in NFL circles seem to be well aware of this, per Scott Pioli on FNIA earlier:

    “Pioli on Incognito: “If he’s a leader in your locker room, that’s a problem because he has a long history of issues going back to Nebraska when he was kicked out of school. What this shows me is that there is some void of leadership somewhere within the Miami Dolphins locker room, because, if there are issues like this, generally the head coach or the general manager is going to know something about this. They’re going to be able to fix the problem before it manifests itself into this disaster that they have right now.”

    Dan Patrick: “Would you want Richie Incognito in your locker room?”

    Pioli: “I didn’t want him coming out and I don’t want him now.””

    The Dolphins organization has a lot to answer for.

  34. Let the investigation take place and if bullying is discovered…suspend bully for the season. No exceptions. The NFL and other professional sports need to set the example that bullying is unacceptable.

  35. I played football at the college level and let me tell ya there is hazing that happens to all incoming “Rookies” Freshemen coming in. It happens in every sport, any NFL or college football player will tell you that. There is definitely a line you can cross and players do it all the time. It’s up to the veteran players to step in control what’s going on. If it wasn’t for him walking out and telling the Dolphin’s management, the sad thing is this would have continued and something bad could have happened. I never liked to see anyone get hazed, you need leadership to stop it. It’s a distraction in the locker and a distraction for the player who is trying to do his job. Not condoning what happened I was hazed myself. It’s a shame that no one stopped it when it got to be to much. We’re talking about grown men here. shame the dolphin’s don’t have more leaders and explains their season and season’s past.

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