Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito


The Dolphins announced Sunday night that they had suspended guard Richie Incognito for detrimental conduct.

Earlier Sunday, the Dolphins announced they would be investigating “allegations of player misconduct” made by the representatives of tackle Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week. The Dolphins also said they had asked the NFL to investigate, too.

Incognito’s name has been at the center of some speculation about Martin’s departure.

“We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time,” the club said in its statement upon suspending Incognito. “As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter.”

53 responses to “Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

  1. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
    Winston Churchill” – Richie Incognito

    Looks like we are finally hearing the truth, loser.

  2. THATS how you deal with a bully…12 years old or 24 years old.
    Punch him in the nose in front of everyone when he doesn’t expect it.
    Good move by the Fins FO.

  3. Good move, there is NO room for bullying. It doesn’t matter if its in school, at the workplace, or on an NFL team.

    As someone who was constantly bullied and got very little help from the school, I can fully relate.

  4. Incognito plans to spend his suspension volunteering at local schools. He’ll be teaching the bullies of tomorrow the finer points of being a complete a-hole.

  5. Oh my, wait until Cognito’s roid rage kicks in and he drives his Hummer thru the doors of the practice facility!

  6. The word incognito literally means ‘with one’s identity disguised or concealed’.

    So I guess that Richie went against what his last name means, as he got caught be too indiscreet with this whole bullying thing.

  7. For Martin to walk away from an NFL paycheck (even though the team has the option to continue paying him while on NFI), this had to be something serious. For the Dolphins to follow with a suspension, that tends to validate Martin’s claims of something above and beyond typical locker room horseplay.

  8. Very happy to hear that the Dolphins org has a strong belief in not allowing this type of childish, unacceptable behavior. I’m not a Dolphins fan but believe this is a great org!

  9. The cynic in me wonders if the fact that Martin has lawyer parents made the Dolphins (or rather the NFL advise them to) do this.

  10. The actual misdeeds by Richie Incognito better be effing doozies like physical harm actually coming to Mr. Martin or some type of hatred/racism being extolled upon him or this lefty PC bulldink has gotten way out of hand just like this whole “Rename The Redskins something more respectful” campaign by the lib media with way too much free time on their hands. I guess George Zimmerman hasn’t been doing 72 in a 65 lately.

  11. So wait a second. The Dolphins said there was no bullying, and then suspend Incognito (who was suspected of bullying)? Anybody else calling BS on this one?

  12. Incognito was a jerk in high school, college, and now the pros. Regarded as the league’s dirtiest player. He’s an awful person.

  13. Good! Whether you think that bullying is at fault or if you think that people need to “man up,” the bottom line is that Incognito is doing something (allegedly) that ultimately hurt his own team. If that is true, he needs to be suspended for pure stupidity for damaging his teams chances at winning games.

  14. Rumor has it that Fathead was going to sell a Richie Incognito line but were prevented from doing so because his actions over the years showed that he was and continues to be the original Fathead.

  15. Wants his name cleared by everyone, then gets suspended by the team (aka people who know him better than most)

    Boy Howdy Richie looks some stupid, again, as usual

    Your classic Oaf

  16. Yeah , yeah , yada , yada . . . I get it — everyone is now going to say: “The team should have known about it and done something sooner . . .” , but this kind of thing has been going on across the league for a long time. It’s unfortunate that the situation blew up in Miami , but please — spare us the drivel about how “This would NEVER happen to my team , only to the Dolphins.” , because that’s just baloney , fellows.

  17. Bullying grown men in the NFL is unacceptable! If you get bullied as a grown NFL player, do what Martin did! Run away crying and hide for a while, then go tell on that bully and get him in trouble! That’s what a real man does these days!

  18. I think the whole national bullying thing has gone overboard. Kids need to grow up and have the ability to cope with like and dislike. Life isn’t always fair, but there is a creeping movie mentality where things are just expected to go your way and you overcome by just existing. There are better ways to defeat “bullying” than avoiding it or turning it into violence, but those are lessons that will not be learned the way this campaign is headed. I, for one, take comfort in knowing that people that were mean to me in school are less successful and/or have gotten really ugly. Patience my friends!

    That said, Rich Icognito is an ass and if there are racial undertones to this, he should be suspended. I don’t like that this is being characterized as “bullying”, whatever happened to good old fashioned harassment?

  19. sabatimus says:
    Nov 4, 2013 12:06 AM
    “So wait a second. The Dolphins said there was no bullying, and then suspend Incognito (who was suspected of bullying)? Anybody else calling BS on this one?”

    The Dolphins never said there was no bullying. They said Jonathan Martin had not come forward alleging bullying, which is congruent with reports from his camp.

    Once Martin presented evidence of bullying (earlier today), they acted, and swiftly. Seems pretty cut and dry.

  20. 3 Finger Lenny says:
    Nov 4, 2013 12:21 AM
    Richie might be a WT tattoo bully but Martin is a cream puff for ratting
    I agree, but I do think that a chair up side the head would ajusted Richies attude.

  21. I am as flabbergasted as Drew Brees. Teams NEVER suspend players when they do something wrong, no matter how egregious or deserved – unless they are practice squad or 3rd string guys no on has ever heard of but their mamas.

  22. Incognito is a cancer on any team. Like many cancers, it needs to be cut out. He has been trouble everywhere he has been starting with his college career.

  23. I’m grabbing popcorn too, this is likely to be a doozy. One of the NFL’s worst actors vs a Stanford grad. The text messages and voice recordings should be pretty entertaining.

    Open and shut case. So long, Richie.

  24. mental or physical harassment has no place in the school, home, or workplace. If Martin had come to the Dolphins earlier(as has been reported), then management let this employee down in a big way. He wasn’t “running to mama”. He was reporting a crime. If kids can see an NFL player do this, maybe it will help them to come forward when they are being bullied in school.

  25. Martin will never be trusted by any teammate ever again.

    He needs to be in an office sending memos and preparing TPS reports.

    The locker room is a place you basically live with another guy. So there needs to be that trust that level there, Martin probably told his mommy if any of his friends were mean to him. I’m do glad this softie isn’t on my team. Sorry Dolphins fan, you deserve better than this.

  26. The only other thing Martin could have done is break the scumbags face. Of course, then Martin would be suspended and not getting paid, and Baby Ritchie would still be getting paid and looking like a victim.

    This is better.

    Kudos to both Martin and the Fins for doing the right thing.

  27. He hurt his neck on Thursday. If he were healthy, he wouldn’t have been suspended. Winning football games is more important then some cry babies feelings. Martin was a turnstile, no loss. Philbin can hang out with Martin and have a pity party after the season if he gets the axe.

  28. To all those who called Martin a rat and snitch, consider this: What if YOUR kid was bullied in school? Would you prefer he/she kept it inside and continue suffering in silence or would you feel proud if he/she told what was going on?

    Think about that one…

  29. Sounds like border line extortion, what the Miami veterans are making the rookies pay for. $30k dinners, $15k trips to Vegas, $10k for strippers

    Stay classy Miami, great way to build team unity…no wonder you suck!

  30. This is actually a tough one, everyone takes one side and there seems to be bias with some (lol I KNEW Incognito was a bully!!!!) but I think a few things need to be looked at.

    We need to find out what exactly happened. This stuff happens, I believe another Miami rookie even joked about it after like a $30,000 dinner or something “eh rookie life” and at first I really thought Martin was being over sensitive. I mean cmon, get over it, take your lumps and improve play to show em.

    However, now we hear supposedly he was sending racist texts? Also it clearly has continued beyond the rookie year now…Nothing definitive can be said about Incognito but perhaps he’s singled out Martin for whatever reason. If he has some personal beef, or is a bit racist, obviously that’s crap and he needs to knock it off.

    In the end I DO applaud the Dolphins. With all the focus on player mental health, and these suicides we’ve seen, they could not let this escalate. They play under great stress, maybe Martin is naturally a bit more sensitive, imagine the worst case: Martin tries to hurt himself.
    Hazing is dumb anyway, even in life in general whether it be a club, class, work whatever…I hated when people would make “take my lumps” I got it, and it’s all harmless, but I did hate it…I already knew I was a “rookie” so maybe we can just end hazing in general.

    Also didn’t Incognito have a bad rep in St Louis and in general? Dude just sounds like scum, who was a pretty good player but just cost himself and thus his team. Moron.

  31. Martin should have just left the team and quit. What does he think, he is so good another team will want him. All we have is here say & BS. The NFL famous blame game. Talk about distractions, if he’s gay, come out and be a man no one cares, if he is that weak he needs to find a new profession.
    He has taken an entire team to it’s knees, what has happened to him has been going on since sports were invented.
    He filed a misconduct doc, what is the misconduct top secret?

  32. I knew something was off when Incognito strung off about a dozen tweets claiming his innocence. If you didn’t do anything, why act so defensively?

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