Elway, Fox working toward naming interim coach


With the news that Broncos coach John Fox needs surgery to replace a heart valve, the first order of business will be to name an interim coach.

Per a league source, Fox and executive V.P. of football operations John Elway currently are working toward making the decision.  While it could be finalized today, we’re told there’s a chance the decision won’t be announced until Monday morning.

Either way, it’s expected that an interim coach will be named before a Monday morning team meeting set for 10:05 a.m. ET.

The signs currently point to defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio getting the assignment.  Other possibilities include running backs coach Eric Studesville and offensive coordinator Adam Gase.  Before the decision can be made and announced, however, Fox and Elway will need to communicate with other coaches and coordinate with team captains.

There’s also a contractual issue to be addressed.  The interim coach will have enhanced duties, and he’ll need to be paid accordingly.

22 responses to “Elway, Fox working toward naming interim coach

  1. It should be Studesville. Let Del Rio remain focused on the defense – it needs it!

    Studesville took over for McDaniels when he got canned so he has tenure, experience and – seemingly – the respect of the players.

  2. As opposed to the guy who was a head coach for many seasons. Good call Gordon.

    Del Rio is the obvious choice. Not much will change except Del Rio will deal with the press and make decisions. Let the guy with a lot of experience do it so someone with little to no experience doesn’t make a rookie mistake late in the year that costs them a seed in the playoffs.

  3. tough break when they are contenders this year… hopefully they’ll get a guy that can keep it going….

    regardless of the Peyton Coahing effect, they need to keep the team stable to make a run

  4. Anybody remember a year ago when a Super Bowl contender lost their Head Coach? Everyone said the veteran QB could keep the team together and that team wouldn’t miss a beat.

    Well that team missed a lot of beats.

  5. My mother had this surgery. The attending surgeons replace the valve with one from a pig, a cow or use and artificial one. It’s scary and serious business. And hundreds of complications can arise. My mother had a few. I won’t list them all.

    I don’t believe John Fox will be on the sideline before next year. It takes some significant time to recover. I wish him the best and hope the procedure occurs in flawless and successful fashion.

    God speed and best wishes, John.

  6. 8man:

    I don’t know what happened with your mom, but my father-inlaw got the mechanical valve and was walking the next day.

    He was as good as new within a week.

  7. Kind of an odd question, but whoever is named interm HC does the record they accumulate while Fox is out count as the interm’s win/loss record or does it go to Fox’s record? I would think it would go on to interm’s record, but you know some of these things that should be simple are way over complicated.

  8. this could be just what the team needs….a cause!
    I know they are all pro’s etc…
    But, something like this has been known to solidify a team and give them that “extra spark”
    for a push to a championship.
    the ole’ win one for the coach theory

  9. “There’s also a contractual issue to be addressed. The interim coach will have enhanced duties, and he’ll need to be paid accordingly.”

    Really? All of my employment contracts have stated “and other duties, as required.”

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