ESPN: Martin fears retribution from Incognito


Yep, the Jonathan Martin situation keeps getting weirder.

At a time when the Dolphins claim that tackle Jonathan Martin hasn’t alleged that he was bullied or harassed by any teammates and Incognito has demanded on Twitter that his name be cleared, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN report that Martin hasn’t formally accused anyone of bullying or harassment because he fears retribution.

Per the report, Martin specifically fears retribution from guard Richie Incognito (pictured).

Schefter detailed a situation in which Martin was intimidated by Incognito to contribute $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas by the team’s offensive lineman.  Martin, according to Schefter, didn’t want to go and ultimately didn’t go — but he surrendered the money anyway.

If true, it’s the really rich guy example of someone stealing someone else’s lunch money.

Schefter also explained that there are text messages and at least one voice message proving harassment and justifying Martin’s fears for retribution.  Schefter added that Martin’s recent comments to Incognito explaining that Martin doesn’t blame his teammates for harassment also arose from concerns by Martin that he’ll face retaliation if he accuses Incognito of doing anything wrong.

Until Martin makes a formal complaint of bullying, the Dolphins will be able to declare that everything is fine.  Even if the truth is that everything is far from it.

39 responses to “ESPN: Martin fears retribution from Incognito

  1. Martin has to do one of two things here. First one, file the grievance on Incognito, get it in the open to show that nobody has to deal with this. Or…. Stand up to him. There is absolutely no other way around it. Time to man up. He might not like it, but there are thousands of people, including kids, watching his actions here. Time to set an example.

  2. Dating back to his St. Louis Ram days, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Richie Incognito’s name ever referenced in a positive way. Some people are simply bad people.

  3. It should be pretty easy to squash this part of it if there is truth to it. The Dolphins warn Incognito that any retaliation will result in a suspension. My feeling is though that the Dolphins will completely mishandle this and keep their innocent act going.

  4. Guilty until proven innocent, but smoke has been around Incognito for various issues his whole career. If nothing else, he seems to be a magnet for trouble.

  5. Martin is MUCH bigger than Incognito. He needs to stand up for himself, give this prick the beating of his life, and move on.

    If you can’t stand up for yourself, who’s going to do it for you?

  6. He took his money even though he didn’t want to go? The rest of the Dolphin lineman should be ashamed for their play on/off the field. Is there not one stand up guy there that says they won’t take his money?

    I still can’t believe some people can’t understand how workplace harassment can exist. If this is all true they need to discipline Incognito in a big way.

  7. Look at that Take that uniform off and you can just see the oversized bully that has facial hair in the 5th grade….standing there waiting for the next kid he can pick on and beat up so he can feel “cool” in front of his other fat friends.
    Yeah, it’s kind of silly that we are seeing this played out at this level of life…..but, I will almost assure you that this clown ends up in jail before he is 45 years old….he has been a head case since his years in Nebraska.

  8. Being as the NFL just had a workplace shooting last year do to emotional issues Im surprised the dolphins and the league are not trying harder to get in front of this thing. Just sad.

  9. Give Incognito some credit: He obviously isn’t afraid to pick on someone his own size.
    This entire episode is odd. A 300-pounder “bullying” another 300-pounder. Strange. Welcome to band camp.

  10. I really like all the “tough guys” commenting from their armchairs about how big a chicken Martin is, how he needs to man up and confront the bullies and that he is a large pro football player. Well, just exactly what do they think he is up against, a locker room full of Barney Fifes? Seems reasonable to me that ANY player could be afraid of some fifty or so HUGE BRUTES!

  11. Incognito has ALWAYS been a mental midget, From his days in St. Louis until now. People have got tired of his relentless bull*hit towards opponents. He’s verbally abusive, mouthy, and a dirty player who’s verbal skills always outweigh his field skill. Dolphins should dump him and don’t even glance back.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks Martin just doesn’t want to play anymore for whatever reason and he’s using this bully victim thing as an excuse? I have a hard time believing that a guy who has played football his whole life and is good enough to be a pro has a big enough problem with being bullied by teammates that the only solution for him is to quit. Something’s just isn’t passing the smell test. Whatever the situation is, it’s definitely weird and kind of annoying.

  13. He needs stand up for himself,I’ve seen a lot bullies talk smack until they get punched in the mouth one good time

  14. Why do I get the feeling at some point we will hear that Jonathan Martin is gay? There is just something missing here. We all know how this is going to play out. Due to the pressure the Fins will experience, they will cut ties with Incognito at some point. But before that Martin will go on some form of inactive list. The worst part is Martin loses mad respect throughout the league and labeled “soft”. No player in the NFL wants to be labeled soft. Regardless this is not going to play out for Martin. Incognito will rebound from all of this because fans can say what hate opposing dirty player. Not so much if that guy is on your team and is productive.

  15. Obviously, Joe Philbin does not have control of his clubhouse, and should be fired. There is no excuse for this mess.

  16. Incognito is truly a dirtbag if this is true. Can’t understand why a team would show preference of any kind to a guy like incognito over a promising young player like Martin? The Dolphins have to dig into this and find out what happened and punish those responsible.

  17. incognito’s contract is up at the end of this season.

    This is his final year in the NFL.

  18. Wow, Martin needs somebody to help him figure out how to fit in. No matter where I’ve been in life I’ve been expected to pay my dues. Is this just a younger generation thing or is he that helpless?

  19. Curious if this would qualify as extortion? Either way, Martin should file a grievance against Incognito and expose this behavior. It’s extremely unprofessional as an athlete and unbecoming of a human being.

  20. And now we’ve officially opened the door to how to get mo money, fame and notoriety by being a victim in the NFL. Welcome to the rest of the USA guys.

  21. BTW, Sheftler, tell everyone how you reported Incognito beat up some bouncer and the Miami Herald published the police report showing everything you said was a lie

  22. Tom Jackson said on Countdown this morning regarding Jonathan Martin: “We in the media are sometimes privy to information that the public is not”….he was dying to come out and say it but it wasn’t his place to. Anyone with half a brain can connect the dots here. It’s silly watching these talking heads having to tiptoe around the issue at the risk of being crucified if they dare to state the obvious.

  23. Couldn’t be me. If they insisted, my dudes from the hood would have paid them a visit and landed them on IR with injuries, then we’ll see how gets in someone’s face and takes cheap shots in practice.

  24. So Martin is a litigious drama queen and it makes the news. If the team walked out on any other player who wasn’t ‘ahem’ for lunch it wouldn’t have made the news.

  25. The team and the players’ association needs to have Martin’s back here. I believe that the Dolphins and the players’ association believe that everything is fine. Until Martin reports the who and what of what happened, speaks up, they can’t do anything for him. And the sad thing is if he speaks up, what would they do? This is a culture full of bullies and kids who pick on each other.

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