Freeman on track to be inactive today for the Vikings


Four weeks after joining the Vikings, quarterback Josh Freeman hasn’t become the full-time starter.  He also hasn’t become the full-time backup.

Per a league source, the plan as of Saturday was that Freeman will be inactive on Sunday.

Last week, Freeman had a concussion.  This week, he is healthy.

Unless the plan changes, Matt Cassel will serve as the backup to starter Christian Ponder on Sunday in Dallas.

Whether it’s because Freeman has lost his fastball or hasn’t learned the offense or doesn’t really care, the first month of the $2 million Josh Freeman experiment should lead the Vikings to conclude that he’s not their potential franchise quarterback.

And if the other two guys already deemed to not be the team’s potential franchise quarterbacks continue to lead to team to far more losses than wins, the Vikings will be in position to try to draft their next potential franchise quarterback.

And if that doesn’t work, they’ll inevitably be in position again to draft another potential franchise quarterback soon.

That’s one of the benefits of the new rookie wage scale.  By eliminating the gigantic windfall that previously went to top-10 picks, teams can keep swinging (flailing) for the fences at the top of the draft until they find the guy who’ll stabilize the position for the next decade or beyond.

UPDATE 10:38 a.m. ET:  The plan hasn’t changed.  Freeman will be inactive on Sunday, despite being healthy.

21 responses to “Freeman on track to be inactive today for the Vikings

  1. We were all quick to blame the Tampa coach for the problems with Josh Freeman. Just maybe we should have taken the time and looked at the quarterback.

  2. Freeman not being able to be active when Cassell and Ponder are ahead of you is not a good look for your career, those guys are ranked even worse than back ups playing. I was hopeful for the guy guess he doesn’t have what it takes.

  3. The Vikings aren’t embarrassing. This started with the Colts and the suck for Luck sweepstakes. It continues with the Jaguars, Bucs and Vikings. When you have an organization that cannot evaluate QBs this is what happens. Luckily for Indianapolis the eccentric owner of the Colts pretty much took control of the situation and ensured they would get Luck. Wise up Zygi.

  4. Sometime it’s the QB; GM and Head Coach that aren’t qualified to fill the positions the owner wants them to.

  5. 3 million to sit as inactive? Over and above the Money Tampa Bay is paying him? Freeman isn’t as bone headed as I once thought.

    If the guy can’t out play Cassel and Ponder, he is dreaming if he thinks he has a future as a starter in this league. Watch his boy Morris gets him a 3rd string gig in DC.

  6. Seems sensible to me.

    Firstly, the season is a lost cause, so why risk bringing Freeman back so soon after the concussion.

    Secondly, the Vikings need to know what they have in Ponder, without him looking over his shoulder during the game. Having Freeman on the sideline as active backup for this game would probably be counter-productive! If Ponder plays ‘ok’ rather than good, then the team may decide to keep him around next year as a backup, or use this performance to up any trade value (if he has any).

    Thirdly, with another week to rest that concussion, plus more time to assimilate the Vikings play book, look for Freeman to have a much better chance of starting next week. Having watched Freeman throw the ball during practice, he seems to be much more at ease within the system, and he certainly has better controlled velocity than Ponder has ever displayed.

    If Freeman does start, and if Ponder implodes again, don’t be surprised if Cassell is once again the back up next week.

    And hey… if you’re going to choose any year to suck it up, then with the expected quality of next years draft, 1-15 or 2-14 may be a huge blessing in disguise (see Indianapolis).

  7. There is something very strange about this guy. Suddenly a concussion a day after the worst QB performance in history? Now still inactive and being tested for PED use. Someday the complete story will come out, but for now we just wonder. Just a BUCS and now Viking Life.

  8. Well speilman must no he is improving an could give us best shot to win an lose out on the draft again. Least we no ther playing for next year!! Sux for us fans this year!!!!

  9. Gb has no chance of a super bowl anytime soon.
    how can they put together a playoff run against the Seahawks when the 49ers own ’em?
    oh, look at me. Im prematurely talking about another teams misfortunes. filthmcnasty, keep running your mouth about the Vikings. it shows that the fans & team really get to you.

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