Incognito says Martin doesn’t blame his teammates


As the bizarre situation involving Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin continues to unfold, the man who reportedly was being investigated for harassing Martin says that Martin has no complaints about Incognito.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network reports that Incognito said he spoke to Martin on Friday, and that Martin said he doesn’t blame his teammates for what happened, and that the “culture of the NFL locker room” finally got to the second-year second-round pick from Stanford.

While that would appear to be a convenient explanation if the NFLPA were still focused on Incognito, the NFLPA announced on Saturday that the union is not investigating the circumstances regarding Martin’s departure.

It’s odd that someone would have reported that NFLPA was investigating the situation and specifically Incognito if that wasn’t happening.  Either way, it appears that the NFLPA has decided not to get in the middle of a potential dispute among multiple members of its rank and file.

14 responses to “Incognito says Martin doesn’t blame his teammates

  1. Incognito tweeted some great stuff today. My favorite was a Winston Churchill quote. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it’s pants on”.

  2. The more important Dolphins news today is that no team other than Sesttle (who had no 1st round picks) has had their 1-4 round picks play fewer offensive/defensive snaps than our beloved Miami Dolphins.

  3. Classic bully behavior. Ol’ Richie told Jon to clear him or he wouldn’t see the worst of it.

  4. The less we hear from Incognito the better off we are as fans. I wish he would just shutup and play football…..

  5. The Dolphins organization have heard from Martin, but why would they broadcast it? It’s no one’s business except the organization and players there.

  6. I agree with the comment about the draft picks not playing and it’s very disappointing. Most teams not only have their top picks playing but a few later round picks and even underrated fa’s. This comes back to Ireland’s inability to evaluate talent that can step in and contribute right away. The dolphins scheme on both o and d is not that complicated so it can’t be a “they don’t understand the schemes” excuse, it’s just that the other guys who we have been trying to replace are just better, pathetic.

  7. Incognito is one of the most disliked O-lineman in the game.. The guy does so many idiotic things on the field, dirty plays, gouging players eyes late hits after the whistle. Not to mention when he got into it with Spagnuolo when he was with the Rams that earned him a trip to FA. And lets not forget the Antonio Smith incident where RI tried to rip his head off before Smith pulled off his helmet and almost hit him with it. Smith knew more about this guy then we do.

    He’s known more for his mouth and foul play then being a good player..

  8. Incognito probably threatened Martin if he squealed, which is why Martin is saying Incognito didn’t do anything.

    The other thought this is similar to bountygate. Everyone does it, but some teams are better at concealing it than others and the Saints kinda ruined it for everybody else, at least in the short-term.

    Translation: EVERY NFL locker room is full of grown men who act like kids. It’s a bully mentality. Either you’re the bear or the fish. Martin is a fish. However, if Martin were a pro-bowl veteran, they’d leave him alone.

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