Jets roller coaster continues with 26-20 win over Saints


Anyone who can figure out the Jets might want to apply for a job sorting out the messes in Washington or the Middle East because they are pretty confounding to the rest of us.

A week after barely competing in a 49-9 loss to the Bengals, the Jets rallied from an early 14-6 hole and knocked off the Saints to improve to 5-4 on the season. The 26-20 win continues the Jets’ run of alternating wins and losses, a formula that’s maddening but also keeps a team in the Wild Card hunt well past the point that many thought they’d be starting to make a list of head coaching candidates to replace Rex Ryan.

Seven games remain, but it is hard to see Ryan going anywhere. The team veers wildly in performance from one week to another, but the good version features a defense that made Drew Brees look ordinary for most of Sunday and plays hard enough on offense to make up for the fact that there’s very little talent at skill positions other than running back. The Jets lost Jeremy Kerley on Sunday, causing their passing offense to pretty much disappear,  but Chris Ivory ran for 139 yards and a touchdown and the Jets avoided turnovers all afternoon.

The Saints got plenty of time with the ball in the second half, but scored just two field goals as they failed time and again on key downs. Facing third-and-inches early in the fourth quarter, Sean Payton opted for a pass to fullback Jed Collins that fell incomplete and an end around to tight end Josh Hill that was blown up in the backfield by Jets defensive end Quinton Coples. Coples then thwarted the Saints’ last stand as he broke through and forced Brees to throw incomplete on 4th-and-19 with just over a minute to play.

Shortly before the Saints failed on the two short yardage plays, they got a gift call from referee Clete Blakeman who called a personal foul on Jets safety Josh Bush for a form tackle around Brees’ waist as Brees delivered a pass. The call was actually for diving at Brees’ knees, which suggests Blackman’s loved ones buy him an anatomy book for the holidays because Bush was as close to Brees’ knees as one’s elbow is to his…

The call thankfully had no bearing on the outcome, but the NFL’s attempt to make the game safer only cheapens it if players are penalized for wrapping up even star quarterbacks with perfectly legal hits that should be on the league’s teaching videos.

It will be a bit before we find out if the Jets can actually string together a winning streak because of the bye week, but a spot in the playoff chase is theirs for the taking if they can win in Buffalo in a couple of weeks. That would be two weeks from now, so that might mean the good Jets show up once again.

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  1. Ok Hater Geniues.
    Blown out by the now 5-3 Bengals last week.
    Soundly Beat the now 6-2 Saints this week !

    What does this exactly mean now? [que cricket sound].

    5-4… Bye Week… Go Jets… To Be Continued

  2. Although Jets D was the story today. Rob Ryan’s defense stinks. He chocked at New England, and gave up 26 points today to that Jets juggernaut of an offense.

  3. Wait, how did the team the “experts” ranked 32nd before the season just manhandle the Saints?

  4. To all Saints fans mad about the loss. Read logical’s profile and your day will be made much better. Seriously, he can’t be older than 14.

    As for the game the Jets have a dominant D-line. Looking back now it’s pretty dumb of me to think the Jets would be worse than the Jags. Rex Ryan is a hell of a defensive coach and if your team brings it on D you will always have a shot.

    By the way, that call for hitting Brees low was one of, if not the, worst calls of the year. Absolutely terrible. Bring back the replacement refs!!

  5. Gang Greens defensive line is looking mighty vicious. Wilkerson is just a psycho. Get some offensive talent and the next five years are looking good. And Rex isn’t going anywhere….bet the ranch on that.

  6. The Jets physically dominated the Saints today, which has to be disturbing to say the least for any of their fans to accept considering San Francisco and Seattle are waiting as of right now with home playoff games. Not to mention with that loss, they’re only a game up on Carolina now.

  7. Brees got mad and yelled at bush for that hit. Ref had no choice to throw a flag. Can’t have Brees/Brady/Peyton mad. Just not allowed.

  8. Say what you want about Rex but I love how he plays with the lead. Aggressive, blitzing every other play. In other words playing to win the game. Nothing bothers me more than when teams play the prevent at the end of games.

    I look no further than Minny/Dallas today. Leslie Frazier punted on a 4th & 5 from no man’s land with a 3 point lead instead of trying to pick up the 1st down & win the game. Minnesota was a 1-6 team. They then proceeded to play the prevent & promptly lost. Frazier played the end of that game scared, hoping to not lose but not playing to win.

    Prevent prevents winning.

  9. That d line is no joke, the secondary is though. Jets are very similar to the Seahawks, let the d do all the work and just ask your qb not to lose the game. I’d hate to see this team with a half decent qb under center.

  10. OK, I’ll admit I was wrong. I thought the Jets would struggle for 4 wins this year. Good win Jets. Getting the Saints away from the dome seems to be the best way to beat them. Phins weren’t so lucky but you play the games that are scheduled. The Jets/Dolphins games look to be competitive again this year.

  11. Where is…..

    the circus?
    2-14 record?

    Most of all….where are the trolls from the off -season???????????

  12. Another lucky win for the Jets …….4 more Lucky wins and Jets are a lucky team in the playoffs….SNAP!

  13. That one hurt so bad, Sean Payton needs to reevaluate his gameplanning. We didnt run the ball but like 15 times the whole game. Even if we only got 2.5 a carry we coulda owned the t.o.p. with like 25 30 carries.
    We woulda beat the pats for sure if wed ran the ball, and our chances woulda been a lot better today if we had tried harder. Sean Payton, smh! U cuttin up!

  14. Saints can’t run the ball against a high school team and their o line is just as bad. Makes it easy for opposing defenses to game plan when there is zero threat of a run game. On the bright side trading Ivory worked out great for the Saints, SMH….. They had a beast for a rb and let him go. Carolina is blowing teams out and the Saints are fading.

  15. Why being physically dominated again is a huge problem for the Saints is that the team in their rear view (Carolina) is physical, they had problems with the Bucs who are horrible who are physical, and as of right now, they will have to win on the road in the playoffs in either Seattle or SF who are very physical. So yeah, it’s a problem for them that they need to address.

  16. @bengalskuta82

    HC. Barring a complete meltdown of embarrassing proportions Rex Ryan will remain HC of the NYJ for the 2014 season, and anything else would be the definition of absurd.

  17. What I think is funny is that Rob still can’t beat Rex. Good game Jets. You earned the win. Signed, Dolphin Fan…

  18. Dear Mr Johnson: Please fire Rex ASAP. He really hasn’t lived to expectations and we all know he’s not Idzik’s man.

    Dear Ted: Please fire Capers as soon as Rex is fired and hire him as our new DC.

    Signed – Green Bay Fans/Owners Everywhere

  19. Saints fan here.

    The Jets won fair and square.

    The Jets D is for real. The Saints did execute against it, but dropped and bobbled passes resulted in a few stalled drives and interceptions. The Saints also had a few very uncharacteristic delay of game calls.

    Looks like Sproles and Graham got hurt as well.

    Good win Jets. You didn’t play a perfect game, but you played good enough to win, and that’s what matters.

  20. Dalton lights up the Jets and all the “experts” say “imagine what Drew Brees will do to the Jets” LOL!

  21. Thank you to all the classy Saints and Dolphins fans for the congrats. And also, yes, goodbye to all the offseason trolls and haters.

  22. Tough game! The Jets beat the Saints plain and simple. They were the better team today hands down.

    I don’t care about the penalty for the hit on Brees. It’s stupid to single out such plays when calls of similar error have happened and will continue to happen in the future. Get over it.

    I also don’t jump to conclusions over one game. The saints got beat by the run game today and a superior defensive unit, but it won’t happen every week.
    The saints will still win many games with this defense and Brees.
    It is what it is. A tough game that the Jets came out on top.

  23. jro4513: How about no Holmes, no Cumberland, no Kerley, no Allen and no MacIntyre…maybe the Falcons can use the “injuries” rationale, but the Jets were more banged up than the Saints…Jets ran the ball right through 8 and 9 in the box, without giving New Orleans anything to worry about from the passing game…

    backdapack4ever: you have our permission to crawl back below whatever rock you live under, after you admit that all those nonsensical posts about the Jets over the last two months prove you know nothing about football…

  24. This team has no offense. The secondary has been playing poorly all season. And we can’t expect to run the ball for 150 yards every game and win. At some point, 115 yards by the QB is going to hurt us. Geno’s a rookie, but in this day-and-age of pass-happy rules and general favoritism towards the offensive side of the ball, he needs to pass the ball more.

    Let’s be honest, the Saints run defense is not that great. We probably have the easiest schedule of all the teams competing for the 2nd wildcard spot, but, again, we won’t be able to run the ball for a billion yards every game and win like that.

    Now, our defense is not great. It’s fine. We have some good defensive players, but that’s about it. The Panthers and Chiefs have amazing defenses. Their opponents have scored 106 and 111 points through 8 and 9 games, respectively (I don’t care about yardage, points matter most) (The 2000 Ravens had 165 points against them). With the rules of today, that is amazing! Our defense is nowhere close to that.

    I can only imagine what our defense would be like if we had Revis back.

  25. jro4513 says:
    Nov 3, 2013 6:19 PM
    No Sproles, No Colston. Chris Ivory was highly motivated. There’s your explanation. Saints still had a chance at the end however

    The Jets lost their two best players last year in Holmes and Revis, yet they were attacked merciless, both on the field and by pimply trolls.

    “Well I need two pair of shoes, when I get through walking these blues, I’m walking to New Orleans.”
    Fats Domino

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