Panthers letting Falcons hang around, up 14-10 at half


The Panthers were able to build a halftime lead by relying on some new habits.

But some old ones reared their head to keep it from being bigger.

The Panthers went up 14-3 on a sharp fourth-and-1 touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Greg Olsen, but then allowed the Falcons to drive the length of the field to cut it to 14-10 just before halftime.

The Panthers are largely controlling the game, but Cam Newton has thrown a pair of interceptions (his first turnovers since Week Five). The Falcons haven’t found much offensively that works other than throwing it to Tony Gonzalez (six catches for 77 yards and a touchdown in the first half), but they’re still very much in the game.

Newton’s second interception kept them from adding at least a field goal just before halftime (such that the new Ron Rivera kicks field goals), leaving the Falcons with a puncher’s chance.