Redskins beef up security behind their bench . . . at home

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The ongoing objection to the Redskins name has taken a strange turn.

According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, security has been beefed up behind the Redskins bench.

For a home game.

The obvious question becomes whether the goal will be to prevent actual security risks or to silence legitimate protests.  On many occasions in many stadiums, pro and college, accounts have emerged regarding proper exercises of free speech being silenced by a team that wants to minimize dissent from the paying customers.

Either way, the situation continues to grow and expand — and the team’s reaction to the possibility of protests in their home stadium will do little to quiet potential protests for road games, continuing Thursday night when Washington plays in prime time for the last time in the Metrodome, the last place where the team won a Super Bowl.

15 responses to “Redskins beef up security behind their bench . . . at home

  1. do you really think any protests in visitor stadiums against the redskins would be welcomed by by true football fans…..the fans from the local team will join hands with redskin fan to make sure that protestor does not have any fun that day

  2. I’m not an overly PC person, but “Redskins” does sound offensive to me. If the mascot were Chinese and the team were called the “Yellowskins”, that would sound a bit off, right? That’s the equivalent. I do think it sounds worse than the “Cleveland Indians” etc.

  3. Proving yet again, you don’t have to be wrong to be in the minority, thumbs up/thumbs down tallies.

  4. they are going to lose this name fight eventually….

    they need to announce a name change at season end and start worrying about RG3s knees, his maturity to avoid hits, and whether or not they are going to even put up a fight this season

  5. I have been stumped for a while on how Snyder and his football fans might save face on this matter and still change the name of their team.

    One option is to change the name to the Washington Scalp Takers. The name is historically authentic, according to authorities Haines and Steckel, not racist (ancient Iranians and Visigoths performed the practice) and it would still convey a fierce, warrior image, even more so.

    We could then imagine a German soccer team changing their name to the Berliner Ausrotter (exterminators) and a certain New England baseball team renaming themselves the Boston Napalmers.
    No offence intended, of course, to the people of Germany and the cities of Berlin and Boston, and certainly no offence intended to the estimable Harvard University, where in 1943 the incendiary war chemical was developed.

  6. @federmattingly

    That would be true if Redskins was referencing skin color. As it’s been said several times. It refers to the red warpaint Native Americans wore into battle.

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