Report: Martin’s not the only Dolphin feeling pressured

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The Dolphins have a mess on their hands with the Jonathan Martin situation.

And that may not be the only thing they need to clean up before things return to normal.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald said there have been multiple issues, that if not exactly like the reported bullying and/or harrassment of Martin, are creating problems in the locker room.

He describes a culture of older players forcing younger teammates to pick up the tab, with one player being handed a bill for a $30,000 team dinner. “The veterans are using the younger players as an ATM, I’m told,” he reported.

He then retweeted a message from defensive tackle Jared Odrick which had a picture of a large dinner, with the message: “Everything tastes better when rookies pay for it.”

That dovetails with reports that Martin was somehow coerced into paying $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas that he didn’t attend.

To some degree, this kind of behavior is normal. Rookies have been buying doughnuts on Saturday mornings or lunch on Fridays or an end-of-year dinner for their position groups as long as there have been teams and rookies.

But if some players are getting carried away with the South Beach lifestyle, as Beasley suggests, then it’s clearly an issue the Dolphins need to address.

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  1. if you’re man enough to play football in the NFL, you should be man enough to tell someone to go screw if they’re trying to abuse your rookie status…

    MAN UP!!!

  2. Forced to pay $30,000? I don’t see the fun of it. Some players are looking to be part of a professional career, not a fraternity of jerks.

  3. I was watching a few weeks back, before this whole ordeal, on csn Bay Area a reporter asked Navarro Bowman if they haze Eric Reid or the other rookies. Bowman said that Justin Smith, Takeo Spikes and Willis did not haze him when he was a rookie, so he said that they do not do the same to rookies after (at least on the defensive side.) Bowman went on to say that they feel that they have more important things to worry about.

    Also, before someone says it’s because Bowman and Reid are starters, Navarro was on the bench behind Takeo Spikes when he came into the league.

    Not saying some kind of hazing is bad (the Tebow haircut was hilarious) just saying it may not happen as much as it used to. Plus now when player are more aware that money does not always come back once you stop playing, they do not feel comfortable blowing through their contract.

  4. They did address the issue. They went out a got Bryant McKinnie. Mr. South Beach, Party Bus, Party Boat himself to really get those dinner bills bigger. No wonder the guys paying for it have had enough.

  5. That said… any high priced quarterback/running back who isn’t picking up his O-Line’s dinner tabs is an idiot.

    Unless…. it is Miami’s O-Line (who has given up the most sacks in the NFL).

    Miami’s O-Line should pay for dinner, surgery, physical therapy, and dinner.

  6. Tnis is what happens when you dress our warriors in pink for a month, they turn soft. What a bunch of whiners the young ones have become.

  7. Absolutely ridiculous! The Dolphins aren’t the only team that deserves blame. NFLPA needs to do a better job preventing extortion tactics like this from the veterans. Extremely unprofessional and unbecoming of human beings.

  8. obviously Philbin has no control over the team and the players dont fear him at all. Anyone who watched Hard Knocks last year could see that he might be good with xs and os but wasnt exactly George Patton when it came to leadership.

  9. Post of the Week!

    abninf says:
    Nov 3, 2013 1:33 PM
    “Bullying, number 54, defense. 15 yard penalty, still first down”

    – NFL 2018

  10. It doesn’t matter what locker room it is. Veterans using rookies like this is absolutely pathetic. The rookies are the ones coming in that will eventually replace the vets. Making anyone do something against their will is completely disrespectful and not the kind of people I would want to be associated with.

    I realize that rookie hazing has carried on forever, but but it shouldn’t. How freaking hard is it to just pay for your own dinner and carry your own pads??? And the “I had to do it as a rookie” excuse should NOT be a reason. I’m sure the vets didn’t enjoy it when they were rookies, so why force that upon other rookies?? Smh.

  11. Who the hell is Adam Beasley? Did he pop into the world fully formed, with sources inside the Dolphins locker room?

    Just when Armando gets past this crap and starts being a decent reporter, we get this guy. Christ.

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