Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady off to fast starts for Patriots

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News item No. 1: The Steelers are struggling to cover Rob Gronkowski.

News item No. 2: Tom Brady is having a huge first half against Pittsburgh.

Breaking news: the Steelers are losing the game.

Gronkowski, the Patriots’ star tight end, has caught seven passes for 119 yards and a touchdown as New England has built a 17-3 second-quarter lead against the visiting Steelers.

Brady, meanwhile, has completed 11-of-13 passes for 230 yards and two scores.

Gronkowski scored the game’s second touchdown, beating two Steelers defenders on a 19-yard catch. As you might have expected, he punctuated the play with a thunderous spike.

The Red Sox won the World Series, and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski look to be rounding into form.

There have been worse weeks to be a Boston sports fan.

16 responses to “Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady off to fast starts for Patriots

  1. Well the obnoxious Steelers’ fan did guarantee a 10-2 run, this will mark loss number 2 so I guess they’ll be 8-0 from this point on? Or maybe he’ll downgrade again “6-2 run starting…now…”

  2. Big Bum strikes again. Also, he is well on his way to scoring his perfunctory 13 points or less through three quarters before any meaningless 4th quarter garbage yards and garbage points against prevent defenses.

    Big Bum gets beat by the likes of Locker and Cassel and Pryor (and of course Tebow in a playoff game) but when he goes against a good quarterback it is a guaranteed 20 point blowout.

    But just remember that Tomlin blew the Rooney’s away in his interview with all the talk of blades of grass in stadiums in the fall.

  3. Why even play the game when the refs are going to just handicap it in New England’s favor? Another TD drive set up by a bogus pass interference call on the Steelers.

  4. Me wright, the refs are the least of the problems for the steelers, bad coverage, turnovers, and poor running. A few bad passes by Ben as well. Citizen it’s easy to hate Ben when they can’t run the ball. Gotta blame the run game as much as Ben for the lack of points.

  5. Gronk deserves any criticism he gets for his durability, but WHEN he plays he is the best TE in football. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have Graham, but he’s nowhere close to being the blocker Gronk is.

  6. tedmurph: the Pats are going against one of the worst teams in the nfl, let’s pump the brakes before we proclaim the offense back, Amendola has barely had a chance to get his next injury.

  7. well at least he obnoxious Steelers fans also have to watch some really bad officiating. I know NE fans won’t say it but they have to give the officials the thumbs up just as Gronk. The Steelers are a bad team but the officiating has been just as bad. By the way I’m a Seattle fan and we had it handed to us.

  8. atwater, you may want to check the steelers defensive rankings. The D is not the reason they’re one of the worst teams in the NFL(which they’re not). Pats had 318 yrd of offense at halftime, and lost the time of possession battle. And Vereen comes back after the bye.

  9. Troy was probably praying the Pats stopped abusing him. He’s been a great player during his career, but the Pats have always taken advantage of his freelancing and gambling approach. They game planned against him tonight.

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